Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers Demo

just give me a really quick video today
we’re gonna be looking at the focal 986
bookshelf speakers which are the second
from the bottom range in three cars
series you know you’ve got the chorus
the areas the Cantor’s the chakras and
then utopia’s but by no means these low
country low level speakers they reach
other roughly a hundred pounds just
gonna quickly explain them I think
they’re the best values bees in a series
and make quick quickfire basically today
try and get it over and done with
quickly as possible for you I know you
could be wasting wanting to waste 40
minutes tonight let me know you think
any questions like I said drop them in
the link below I’ve only got these for a
few more weeks so a few more days I’ve
got some new dollies on the way some
epic on twos which retail about 4 grand
to 4,000 pounds I’m going to compare the
two them together and they should be
arriving early this week so next 3 or 4
days I’ll make sure you get the unboxing
video done and make sure I get review of
them really quickly for you guys because
I know there’s not a lot out there at
the moment and we’ve also got a new
Roxanne black
amplifier coming 2800 pounds and we’ll
be comparing that as well and seeing the
Turing’s live and the combination is a
speaker more than five times the price
of these worth it is there that much
benefit to them we’re going to compare
it but for the money so far these are
the best butcher aisle speakers I’ve
heard four hundred thousand pounds and
stay tuned some quickfire facts details
and opinion about them if you have any
questions drop it below make sure you
like and subscribe enjoy the video guys
so firstly they come in two finishes the
vinyl piano wood or a black on the sides
I went for the wood because they’re
leaving the wood finish looks really
smart with the glass top it does collect
dust quite easily so you do have to make
sure to keep it clean otherwise you’ll
would be as smart and obviously you’ve
got most importantly I’ll give me the
ported bass reflex obviously that means
you can put it as close to the real wall
as you want without any distortion from
refracting air and vibration second
things to note is the TNF tweeter so
this is a magnesium aluminium composite
it is actually if you can see an
inverted dome I’m not sure the kind of
Braille imprints are here I’m not sure
if that’s to grip the tweeter better or
if it’s to do the more of a balanced
sound signature it can be quite bright
and quite sharp I think it’s because
it’s a metal dome it might because of
the fact is a brick so inverted it can
be cut sharp especially of classical and
kind of bright instruments maybe even
like acoustic guitar and stuff like that
you can can be a bit sharp bit too high
too high if we can’t see and it can give
us a bit fatiguing to listen to if you
balance it with nice copper cables or a
nice warm amp it’s a perfect match you
know really do they counteract each
other quite well
you get very open detailed speakers
they’re very open detailed sound and
neither too warm never too bright but a
big big range in frequencies here quite
a warm bass driver so this is the 906
the bookshelf version there is a 9 to 6
and a 9 for 8 so then the one the speak
is finishing in six are the six is
because they have a six-inch bass driver
the whole range is made of flax which is
actually like a crop that’s woven the
good things about this is it they last a
lot longer
so when paper cones do get damaged and
after hours and hours of obviously
reflecting bit in and out and vibrating
in and out they do start to damage and
the paper just start to wear thin so you
do lose sound quality over time they do
start to deteriorate
however the flax the organic materials
are a lot better and you can see it’s
almost like a weave it’s almost
by ferry to touch you’re gonna be really
gentle it’s really wafer thin which
gives you the ease to drive so being a
Tim speakers they are really easy to
drive the resistance is quite low so
you’d need a powerful amp drive them
even something like a a psalmist power
amp or connect amp or a bluesound power
node they work really well they don’t
need to be significantly power powerful
amp to drive them yeah and like I said
the front port is brilliant that’s
across all the ranges some of them have
a bottom port as well so down facing
port which was the improved sound
dynamics a lot more but yeah front put
speakers are great they have magnetic
grilles which fit over the top looks
quite smart they come out vey said
lightly I think they look beautiful
without them so I tend not to use them
and obviously grilles do have a small
influence on the sound quality as well
as always a focal speakers they are made
in France and designed in France even
though now they are part whatever
they’ve got a partnership of name I have
mine on quite high stands just because I
like them being it ear height when I’m
sat down listening to them they are
really exciting enjoyable speakers you
know I think they sell roughly around
700 pounds now 7800 pounds and for that
price there’s nothing close to them
after that you do jump up to like the
dolly Rubicon’s and the monitor audio
golds but I mean they’re even well over
a grand and for that money I think these
are the best value for money out of the
range the nine to the nine two sixes in
the nine four eight I think these are
the best value for many speakers the
nine four eights of the eight inch bass
driver can be quite almost a bit too
base a bit too overwhelming you do lose
the detail at the top end obviously only
having the single tweeter on them but
the ninth weights are kind of a good
balance but fo for money-wise bookshelf
speakers under a thousand pounds
you wouldn’t it go no you’d make no bad
decision game for these honestly they’re
probably the best speakers I’ve heard
under that price range I’ve driven them
I’ve driven them while in now I mean
I’ve had them for pushing eight months
and I’m in the real exciting really you
know inviting to listen to they can be
quite sharp with a sharp amp if you
woman up copper cabling and a warm amp
they work really well and it’s
beautifully beautifully done really
stand out in a room and they just very
smart speakers and I would wouldn’t do
any further than recommending them to be
able to have no faults of them for the
money and I yeah
really really really impressive exciting
speakers not to Basie not to not do a
bright perfectly bounce perfectly to
find tons and tons of detail I mean
guitar guitar cities and people Saudia
sound amazing on them and with a nice
tight bass so that they’re not loose I
mean it maintains its control the range
in frequencies as well
whilst playing at the same same time
very well kept and very well held you
know they’re doing they didn’t really
fight they not trying to fight with each
the tweeter in the bass and the bass
driver work really well you know in
tandem together there’s no kind of
issues of crossover yeah I think the
flax is a great idea this is the range
below the Cantor’s it doesn’t have the
brilliant creature is the argument I’m
Mike aluminium and magnesium composite
that yeah brilliant speakers wouldn’t go
wrong I’m actually upgrading to epic on
twos soon so they’re some 4,000 pound
bookshelf speakers which should be
arriving the next coming days so I’ll do
a video for the accessories and what you
get in the box of those and also my
first impressions so stay tuned make
sure you like and subscribe and if you
have any questions regarding the
speakers or any both is that whether
that specification or
sound quality wouldn’t do my best to
describe but they sound like to drop a
comment in the description below guys
and these fine French speakers just like
a fine French sandwich are stuffed full
of detail texture flavors and emotions
and basically just brilliant really fun
speakers and at a really competitive
price range you ain’t go wrong tons of
detail guys stay tuned

Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers Specs

TypeTwo-way bass-reflex bookshelf loudspeaker
Speaker drivers61/2″ (16.5cm) Flax bass – Midrange
1″ (25mm) Al/Mg TNF inverted dome tweeter
Frequency response (+/- 3dB)55Hz – 28kHz
Low frequency point – 6dB47Hz
Sensitivity (2.83V / 1m)89.5dB
Nominal impedance8 Ohms
Minimum impedance4.6 Ohms
Recommended amplifier power25 – 120W
Crossover frequency2800Hz
Dimensions (H x W x D)153/8x 87/8x 111/32″ (390x225x280mm)
Weight19lbs (8.5kg)

Focal Aria 906 Bookshelf Speakers

Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers combine audio and power together in a simple design. They are perfect for those who do not want to spend their hard-earned money on a speaker system. You can get this great item at the lowest price online. It is made from solid bamboo and features two powerful magnetized speakers.

These are bookshelf speakers that will make you hear your favorite audio book crystal clear without having any distortion. The built-in tuner lets you easily tune your speakers to the perfect sound for any room in your home. It is an all in one system that will bring your audio books to life. It has a high-fidelity speaker, so you get clear, great sound.

This book can be yours today. Just shop around and compare prices online. There is even a discount price available right now! Focal Aria 906 speakers are a great way to improve your listening pleasure. They come with a twelve month warranty. When you buy these speakers you get superior audio quality, extraordinary durability, attractive designs, and great customer service.

You should discover how listening to your favorite audio book can change your life. Books, in audio form, are a wonderful escape from the troubles of the world. Reading promotes a state of well-being, a state of peace and clarity. Audio books fill your brain with stimulating and motivational ideas.

Focal Aria bookshelf speakers make great accents to your home stereo system. Your music will boom out of your stereo when you plug them into your Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers. Every time you play your favorite audio book, you will enjoy the crisp sound of your speakers. You will hear every word clearly and you will have the most enjoyable listening experience.

Focal is committed to exceeding all customer expectations. Their bookshelf speakers have superb acoustics, but they don’t make your eyes water either. The top-end technology used in the production of their bookshelf speakers is top notch. That is why these speakers continue to be the most popular audio bookshelf speakers on the market. So if you love books, audio books, or just talking to yourself, try a Focal Aria bookshelf speaker today!

The Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers produce a deep and rich sound. Each voice sounds clean and clear. If you have ever left a loved one listening to a book, only to find that the sounds had left you confused, Focal Aria bookshelf speakers can help you overcome this problem. This is because you will find a level of sound resolution that leaves no need for subtitles.

Another benefit of Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers is the ability to move the speakers around. When you sit on a couch, you may not be able to read where you want. However, when you listen to your favorite book lying on your bookshelf, you can play it anywhere that you want. You will be able to move the speakers to a spot that you prefer.

In addition, Focal Aria 906 bookshelf speakers are lightweight and small enough to be easily stored. You may be working at home and need to take your books with you on trips. With a Focal Aria bookshelf speaker, you won’t have to carry a large tower behind youtoo get great sound. With these speakers, you will be able to enjoy your favorite book while traveling or simply enjoying quiet times at home.

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1 verified buyer review
  1. I purchased a pair of these Focal Aria 906s from a classy musician who had upgraded to Magnepan 1.7i, and I performed a mini comparison in my living room. As shown in the picture, I compared these to my Paradigm Signature S1s with beryllium dome tweeters and my KEF LS50s. Since Focals are larger than any other bookshelves I’ve ever owned, I was taken aback by the massive amount of bass they make, despite the fact that I own two Dynamo 700 subwoofers myself! With these, you’ll seldom, if ever, need a sub. Since this is a subjective study, I compare these speakers to my Marantz 5011 receiver for music, television, and movies:

    Focals is the worst of the three for TV. The dialogue has a boominess to it that I didn’t like. If you don’t have a center channel speaker, these aren’t the best for watching TV on their own. In my view, KEFs were the most straightforward on dialogs, followed by Paradigms. However, since KEFs have a directional tone, you may want to consider more open speakers if you have a big living space.

    For movies, I favored Focals over KEFs, and Paradigms were my first choice. The transparency of the dims is something you would lack if you used the other two.

    For music, which was the most significant to me, I concluded that they are all good at different styles of music. KEF is the clear winner of everything involving male or female vocals. Paradigms work well in complex multi-instrument music and classical, so I suppose they have stronger separation. Focals have a nice soundstage and are the best in pop, alternative, and rock. In a blind test, my friend and I chose different speakers as the best choice for different songs.

    I’d read that the Focal Aria 906s have a bright voice, but I didn’t find them harsh or bright at all. They are, in reality, really buttery! KEF and Paradigm are also much lighter and have less bass. I felt the bass on the Focals was a little too strong at times, but this is easily remedied with proper tuning. In fact, I liked the Focals so much that I ordered a refurbished pair of 905s to compare to see if they are stronger with vocals but have less bass. I’ll write a summary for the 905s once I get them.

    These Focals are excellent speakers, and with the occasional selling price or the used market, you can’t go wrong with them. They are fantastic for music with a ton of bass, and their only drawback seems to be their enormous size for me. With the three speakers I reviewed, I concluded that all speakers in the sub 2K group should perform extremely well with slight variations, and each performs better in one area or another. People like different sound signatures in music, so give these Focals a try on your next audition.

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