Edifier S2000 Pro Bookshelf Speakers Demo

this is Alan here at CES for personal
view and I’m with tq4 in at the Edifier
company who makes wonderful speakers I
can say that from experience because I
own a pair of the S 1000s and what we’re
going to talk about today is the s2000
and how its improved over the S 1000 so
tell me about yeah is 1000 AD PE as the
first launch I think it’s three years
ago has a good result in market actually
you a person like your user you know how
the sounds that’s why you come here to
visit us and we’re very happy to receive
you and introduce you the new creation
as a little creation of one year before
then we have more exclusive more Haggar
line ice to 3,000 days already out of
the or the ovens
let’s see s2000 Pro a come of the idea
about some certain situations when you
feel the s1000 have the natural tribal
songs but it’s not clear enough or crisp
enough in this just like you were you
listen to the music in the bedroom in
the afternoon you feel very comfortable
the music very soft we tend and after
you need to go to the leaving us see the
birds or train yard are more 50 more
more living things then come up idea to
enhance the tweeter basically rather
than d amplifier enhancement by H the
each year we help more newer chipset so
maybe this tiny small upgrade while as
what songs on – as mm with the new
chipset a little bit more power from 100
to 120 224 and now you also told me you
have a new Twitter this is the most
amazing part that this Twitter is much
more clear crypts and detail about their
natural the resolution of this sweeter
is far beyond the other one the other
one is silk dome tweeter with titanium
Cote this one is kleiner dome Twitter
it’s a middle silk but instead of dome
is a square sheet of silk this house
better wider camp totally new kind of
Twitter they are really only one has 16
ology because the owner of nama sorry
they design original designer of this
speaker has the pattern is the inventor
of this kind of teacher 20 years ago and
20 years after the first time to use to
build our own speaker so this is quite
unique part anyway the sound you have to
prove by yourself you listen to it and
you clear among you got all you can make
your own conclusion that’s why it is so
amazing things well the reason I like
these speakers and why I’m proud I have
a pair is that wood cabinet gives you
that nice warm sound that we used to get
from our stereo speakers years ago when
they were separates so I’m really glad
to see that they’ve made a Bluetooth
speaker with self-powering that has that
beautiful warm sound yes
Blastoise twitter difference amplifier
different more power we’ve got
XLR input in original yeah that’s why
the make the pro version allows the
package with the same size of a cabinet
the same quality even better we are
increasing the MSRP price about fifty
dollars and the thing is that these
speakers because you’ve added that XLR
is appropriate for recording studios yes
as studio monitors yes is born to come
to it this speaker is born to suit for
conditions or situations the monitor
situations the audiophile situation
classic music the other is if you prefer
the human voice come front from the
stage to get closer to you we have a
vocal mode but then you have another is
a more than popular music mode so this
is one speaker for everything
for the whole life and I totally agree
view I mean I just was so impressed when
I got mine and I’m just a real happy
camper and
I’m great to see that they’re working on
making improvements even to what I have
yeah 25 years it’s not be the way we can
till continuously developing new and
better things each year
maybe not each year he’s a 5-10 years
handcrafting we need to be sure his wise
way better than come off another new
level thank you so much for telling me
about that and showing me this these
pair of these lovely speakers this is
Alan here at CES subscribe to personal
views YouTube channel and we will see
you later

Edifier S2000 Pro Bookshelf Speakers Specs

Speaker Configuration2-Way
Amplifier Power Rating124 W RMS
Drivers1 x Planar Diaphragm Tweeter (per Speaker)
1 x 5.5″ / 139.7 mm Aluminum Cone Mid-Woofer (per Speaker)
Enclosure TypeBass-Reflex
Ports1 x Rear-Firing (per Speaker)
Frequency Response48 Hz to 20 kHz
Wired Connectivity Right1 x Optical TOSLINK Input (Audio)
1 x Digital Coaxial Input (Audio)
1 x Stereo XLR Input (Audio)
1 x Stereo RCA Input (Audio)
1 x Proprietary Output (to Other Speaker)
Wired Connectivity Left1 x Proprietary Input (from Other Speaker)
SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio)94 dBA
Wireless Connection ProtocolsBluetooth
Supported Audio CodecsaptX
AC Input Power100 to 240 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz at 500 mA
Placement & Mounting OptionsTabletop/Bookshelf
Cabinet MaterialWood
Dimensions8 x 13.5 x 10.5″ / 203.2 x 342.9 x 266.7 mm

Edifier S2000 Pro Bookshelf Speakers

Edifier S2000 Pro bookshelf speakers are the perfect addition to any home entertainment system. With the built in equalizer, the S2000 Pro enhances the performance of all music that is played from your home entertainment unit. With the S2000 Pro bookshelf speakers, you will have better sound clarity as well as better sound quality when listening to your favorite songs and audio tapes. It is also great for watching videos. It comes complete with Metronome control knobs.

The prices of the Edifier S2000 pro bookshelf speakers vary according to the features that it has. This makes it suitable for a wide range of budget as well. These bookshelf speakers come in the basic version for which there is no sub-woofer included. The other two models in the price range have a built in sub-woofer and a tweeter. In the price range of the two above models, there is no audio transformer included.

In the above models of the Edifier S2000 Pro, the audio signals are split using the line input connectors. Subwoofers are not included in this model and these speakers use audio transformers to convert the audio signals to low voltage before sending them to the amplifier. One feature of the S2000 Pro bookshelf stereo that distinguishes it from other brands is that it uses optical audio inputs. This is done by utilizing an optical amp that transmits the audio signals to the speakers without any kind of amplification. The audio signals that are transmitted are not distorted.

When it comes to the sound quality, you would surely like to hear clear music without having to strain your ears and without having to take out all your books because the sound quality of these speakers is excellent. The audio distortion that is done by some other speakers is avoided. This is done by the high power output of the speakers that is powered by the powerful amplifier. The separate amplifier allows you to place the speakers in different locations so you could easily change the location of the speakers without disturbing other people in your house.

The great thing about these speakers is that you can easily place them in a complete different setup for your home theatre system if you want to. The bass extension enables you to get the sound extended so you could feel the sound wave even when the subwoofer is not placed near the speaker. The speaker output splitter is another feature of Edifier S2000 Pro speakers that enables you to send the sound output to the amplifier. The amp can then separate the sound to enhance the sound quality.

The speaker output splitter also acts as a Bluetooth device. Therefore, you will be able to play your favorite music with your hands free. However, this feature needs to be activated because the Bluetooth feature of the Edifier S2000 Pro speakers will allow only one connection at a time. This is a great advantage compared to the regular Bluetooth devices. This means that the signal strength of the wireless speakers will be stronger and will be able to handle more connections and music players than the regular ones.

Edifier S2000 Pro Speakers FAQ

Edifier powered bookshelf speakers

The Edifier powered bookshelf speakers are the latest addition in the world of bookshelf and stereo speakers. These are powered by the sound wave from the CD player. The advantage with these speakers is that they produce a very deep bass, that can be felt in the room. You will be able to listen to your favorite songs without having to sit too close to the music to hear it. The other great feature with these speakers is that you will be able to move them around the stereo without hitting them against the wall or the furniture.

The Edifier R1280t powered bookshelf speakers are a great buy because they have some great features and a lot of benefits. They are a new addition to the line of speakers produced by the company called “Aquasoft”. These are the same manufacturers who make the high end stereo speakers and many other audio products as well. They have been able to incorporate the technology of audio cd players into a stereo design for their speakers, thus giving you the ability to listen to your favorite music with better sound clarity than what you could get before with just a regular book shelf.

The Aqva pro dj series is one example of the Edifier bookshelf speaker line. These come with two audio channels, which give you the ability to listen to your favorite music as if you were at the show. If you want you can also turn them into a subwoofer, giving you even more options for adding some extra bass to your mix. Another great feature with the Edifier powered bookshelf speakers is that they do not use the floor standing components. This means that you will not have to worry about your books or any other floor standing speakers being damaged when you place your audio device on the table or other hard surface when you are playing music.

Edifier computer speakers

Edifier computer speakers are a great addition to any home entertainment center. They offer great sound quality and are fairly affordable for most homes. If you want great sound at a great price, you will want to consider upgrading your speakers to something like an Edifier series.

While most of the sound available from computer speakers is excellent, there are certain things that just can’t be reproduced well in home stereo systems. Bass is king and if you don’t have speakers that can put out deep bass, your whole music listening experience will be less than what it could be. With that said, sometimes it’s hard to understand why surround sound isn’t included in many home entertainment systems. However, an Edifier series can add excellent sound fields to any room. You can turn every room in the house into a great music listening spot with these.

Along with the bass, some of the best sound quality comes from the mid and high tones of a song. These speaker models are designed to capture and reproduce the sound perfectly. If you’re looking for great sound reproduction, these speakers are definitely a worthwhile investment. They also have a fairly short battery life, which means that you can enjoy music or movies on any battery power you have laying around the house.

Edifier Bluetooth speakers

If you’re looking for the perfect solution to keep your favorite mp3 player or any other Bluetooth-enabled media player entertained but don’t want the hassle of tangled wires, then the Edifier Bluetooth Speakers is the perfect option. No wires, no issues. Allowing you to seamlessly connect your favorite Bluetooth-enabled portable media player to your phone or mobile device, the Edifier Bluetooth Speakers makes it easy to stay up to date with all your favorite tunes. You’ll have no problem reaching that top shelf in the office or blasting your latest hip-hop tune in the car while on the road. The lightweight design of these wireless speakers means that you can easily carry and play your favorite songs wherever you go.

You can use the Bluetooth speaker wirelessly by simply connecting it to your phone or mobile device (by means of a micro USB connector). Once connected, you can enjoy music on the front panel speaker or you can plug the speaker directly into your vehicle’s stereo system. If you prefer not to carry around your portable speaker, or if you have limited hands-on experience when it comes to using phones and portable devices, the Edifier wireless speakers are perfect for you. No wires mean no cables – simple and convenient.

The Edifier Bluetooth Speakers comes with a multitude of features such as a remote control, a volume boost, song skip, bass boost, equalizer, voice recognition, call sending, phone control, and much more. The speaker can be used wirelessly with up to nine different devices, which can include iPods, iPhones, select cell phones, select computers, select portable computers, and select MP3 players. The high quality speaker sound produced by the Edifier Bluetooth Speakers is sure to please even the most discriminating audiophile. With so many options, the only thing you’ll have to decide is which one you’d like to go with!

Edifier speaker stands

An Edifier speaker stand is an excellent product to own for the purpose of mounting your portable audio devices such as iPod’s, or other portable media players. These stands have become a necessity in homes or offices where multimedia presentations are regularly made in front of others. These stands come in various sizes and designs that one can choose from. The most common type which one can find in the market is the foldable type which is very easy to transport. If one opts for the foldable stand there are various benefits that one will come across.

The most important benefit that one can derive from the use of this stand is that it allows one to easily make adjustments in relation to the positioning of the speakers. These speakers are usually placed on the walls near the listeners’ seats and they need to be adjusted properly in order to allow the listeners to hear the sound properly. If the distance between the two ears is not proper, then the sounds will not be produced clearly and people will not be able to understand the presentation properly. Therefore, the Edifier speaker stand removes all obstacles that hinder the distance between the ears and allows the speaker to be adjusted properly.

Most of these stands have four rubber stoppers which enable the individual to easily lock the speaker in place when not being used. This is done by locking the stoppers with the help of a magnetic strip attached to the back part of the stand. There are also some types of these stands that have a push button lock facility where the individual can lock/unlock the speaker by pushing a button provided with the unit. This button is normally found at the rear end of the unit where it is easy to access and does not require the individual to exert any effort for unlocking the same. All in all, it can be said that the Edifier speaker stands have been designed for the purpose of facilitating the ease of mobility and adjustment in relation to the positioning of the speakers.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. The Klipsch Gallery G-17 Air Speaker has been replaced by these Edifier S2000pro bookshelf speakers. I liked the overall sound of the Klipsch, but the lack of a solid foundation and stereo separation eventually drove me to upgrade after much consideration and deliberation. I am an old music lover who enjoys everything from classical to opera to mainstream, rock, and other genres, and I wanted a device that would provide me with the listening satisfaction I needed. That’s exactly what these Edifiers do! Excellent bass, delectable mids, and adequate highs. I believe the Klipsch has a slightly more comprehensive tone, but I believe the Edifiers can deliver after mastering the adjustments available. The Edifier’s boxed set is a clear indicator that these are a class set, very well packed (triple boxed for protection), and have excellent link hardware that makes setup simple and fast. I used these in a bedroom environment and am currently restricted in the speaker separation that I need, but the cord between them is 15 feet long, so moving them further apart is an option.

    The sound is lovely for all styles of music, and the bass is well balanced and more than adequate. I used to have a Fostex HP-A3 DAC, which I now only use for headphones because the Edifiers have DAC built in and fit the speakers very well. It’s like getting the best of all worlds: open room sound from the Edifier and closed sound from my headphones. I also have to note the excellent sturdy remote control with bluetooth capabilities. I’m sure that the Edifier S2000pro is the greatest bang for your buck that I’ve seen or heard!

  2. I haven’t written a review in a long time, but I have to say something about this one—5 stars for these great speakers after just a few weeks of use!

    At first, I just looked for computer speakers for my laptop. There are several options for these needs, including the Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers, the Bose Companion 20, and the Bose Companion 5 Multimedia Speaker System. But I was concerned about the consistency of these multimedia speakers because I am very concerned about the sound itself. Then I came across Edifier S1000DB, which seems to be very fine to me. As I was placing my order, I came across the S2000 Pro, the most recent edition. After reading some reviews, I believe I’ve found what I’m looking for.

    Item arrived as intended, and the quality of not only the music, but also the speakers themselves, exceeded my expectations. Wonderful! But I changed my mind and put them in my first-floor family room, where I could play them with my cell phone through Bluetooth. When I wondered if I could play it over Bluetooth with my laptop on the second floor, it worked! Incredible!

    In a nutshell, at this price, it’s a fantastic option for music lovers.

  3. I received my speakers, and I love the sound; they BOOM very loudly and without distortion, so CONGRATULATIONS!

    Regrettably, the cable coverage isn’t the highest. When the bass is turned up to maximum, the optical cable makes a cracking noise, and the passive speaker cable has some manufacturing flaws, as I have to twist/bend it in one of the corners to make contact and hear the bass. Otherwise, only the mid speaker can be heard on the passive speaker.

    Last but not least, it was discovered that the “100% wood” principle is not entirely valid because the speakers have an outer vinil coating that gives them the “100% wood finish.” I’d say it’s nice because I can peel it off and shine the wood however I want (I’m a DIY fan), but some buyers may be expecting pure and shiny wood, which isn’t the case.

    In a nutshell:
    Aesthetics: 5/10 – not entirely made of wood
    Sound: 10/10 fantastic!!!
    Quality: 5/10 cables aren’t working properly.

    I hope Edifier pays more attention to component efficiency!

* only verified buyers can leave a review.