Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 Bookshelf Speaker Demo

hello everyone Jeremy here glad to see
you I’ll stop by for another video today
we’re going to take a look at another
speaker we’re gonna look at a speaker
that’s the last one in my upgrade I’ve
been doing on my home theater system and
yes you might have guessed from the
title it’s another tasty little number
from my new favorite speaker company
definitive tech spoiler alert it’s
awesome so as I said over the past few
months I’ve been slowly working on
upgrading the audio equipment in my home
theater system I’ve been trying to take
it for something that’s kind of too
something it’s a little more
and as I’ve been using these speakers
and testing them out I’ve been doing
these reviews on if you’ve been looking
to get your foot in the door and see
what’s up with some of this sweet
definitive tech goodness without
breaking the bank you don’t want to
watch this today we’re gonna check out
the Mighty Mouse of my home theater
system the pro monitor 800 satellite
speakers from definitive technology now
I call these Mighty Mouse because
size-wise in comparison to the d7
bookshelf speakers I’m using for my
front right and left channels and the CS
906 so I’m using for my center channel
the pro monitor 800 SR time but don’t
let their small diminutive size for you
these little guys are packing heat I’ve
been super impressed with the volume
fullness and quality of sound you can
get out of these small form-factor
speakers the way my rooms laid out I
really didn’t want to have to use stands
for bigger speakers for my rear two
channels and these little guys fit the
bill perfectly also generally speaking
you don’t need quite as much horsepower
usually in your rear channels as you do
and say the workhorse your center
channel or even your front two channels
for that matter and with the small size
these guys they’re super easy to mount
to the wall get them up out of the way
without having to use any stands or
anything so let’s dig into the specs on
these little guys before we go any
further as I said they’re called the pro
monitor 800 satellite speakers they are
eight point three eight inches or
twenty-one point twenty nine centimeters
tall they are four point seven five
inches or twelve point oh seven
centimeters wide five inches or twelve
point seven centimeters deep and they
weigh in at three pounds or one point
three seven kilograms I’ve been trying
to remember to include the metric stuff
for my peeps outside of the US I got
your back I’m looking out for y’all
international fist bump are we really
the only ones that don’t use the metric
system how the hell did that even ever
happen anyway anyway this is a tech
review not a history lesson
moving right along they are packing one
one inch aluminum dome tweeter 14.5 inch
BTSs woofer and 14.5 inch plane our
pressure coupled bass radiator
nestled right on top now I’m perfectly
aware that I’m starting to sound a bit
like a broken record talking about how
awesome these definitive technology
speakers are all the time but I mean I
got to be honest you don’t want me to
lie to you guys and tell you they’re
just okay just for the sake of not
sounding like a fanboy you want me to be
honest right I was again thoroughly
impressed with the kind of sound these
little guys can manage the sound quality
is excellent super crispy highs great
mid-range just really nice full accurate
sound production must be some kind of
acoustic wizards over there definitive
tech breaks stop
stand by to stand by scooch e-ever
screwed – you don’t listen
sorry guys let me just interject for one
second here
please lie down dude nobody definitive
tech went to Hogwarts what it really
boils down to is from the pure aluminum
dome tweeters to proprietary BTSs
drivers that are planar pressure coupled
to the cleverly placed mid bass
radiators to double the lower mid-range
bass radiating area for a rich warm and
lifelike sound that really does seem
like magic but it’s actually just a
fundamentally well-thought-out product
created by a great research and
development team with a lot of knowledge
the stuff that your little brain just
can’t handle rude sorry bud truth hurts
let’s move on to fit and finish before I
whip is out they have nice removable
mesh grilles a really nice high-gloss
piano black finish but are also
available in white if that’s your jam
the size and style of these speakers is
great and will fit well into any one
setup altogether the fit and finish on
these speakers really is top-notch
around the back we have two gold-plated
binding posts a molded key hole mounting
hanger and toward the bottom a standard
quarter 20 threaded insert if you want a
wall mount using a bracket of some
nature which is the option I would
personally recommend that way you can
manipulate and kind of point and aim
your speakers so they’re facing your
seating area properly they have little
legs or a stand on the bottom that can
be used if you’re going to sit these on
a shelf of some nature but the legs are
also removable if you’re like me and
you’re gonna hang them off the wall to
give it that nice clean appearance after
living with these speakers for over a
month now watching a ton of Netflix
movies and listening to music really
putting these guys through their paces I
think they’re a great option if you’re
looking into surround speakers now like
I mentioned I’m using these as the rear
two channels and my surround sound
system but these would function just as
well as your front two channels or even
for that matter if you’ve got a system
that’s greater than 5.1 maybe you’re
just not a big speaker person you don’t
want some big huge speakers messing up
the aesthetics of your setup you want
something a little smaller and discrete
that will blend in but sound awesome
these are your needs maybe the most
important feature I haven’t expanded on
much yet they’re really affordable you
want to dip your toe into the definitive
technology pull and not break the bank
you’re not going to get in for much
cheaper than these at the time of this
video you can get these for about 150
apiece now like always I do like to
touch on any negatives or drawbacks I
did get these speakers free of charge
for review but this is not a sponsored
video anyway and I am under no
obligations to give these speakers a
positive review but unfortunately I’m
gonna have to fanboy out and say they
don’t really have any negatives I mean
hell under normal II under the negative
column I’ll list the price because
definitive text speakers are a premium
speaker company and they generally have
a premium price tag so I usually list
the price as kind of drawback but he’ll
these are affordable so I mean I really
couldn’t find any true negatives now as
always there are some drawbacks
maybe limitations would be a better word
to use anytime you’re dealing with a
speaker of this size no matter how good
it is no matter how full and rich it
sounds it just can’t compete with much
larger form factor speakers of the same
quality it simply can’t physically
produce the same sound as a larger
speaker like say the D Series bookshelf
speaker or their big tower
floor-standing speakers you’re dealing
with a whole nother caliber of speaker
there and you really can’t make those
comparisons I mean there’s a reason why
in MMA they have weight classes I don’t
care how good a hundred forty five pound
fighter is if you put him in the ring
with a 250 pound fighter of a similar
caliber it is not gonna be a good day
for that hundred forty five pound guy
you know that reminds me of something
an old instructor of mine used to say
when dealing with self-defense he used
to say know your horsepower he explained
it like this if your fifty horsepower
and you’re about to grab a whole
somebody that’s 150 horsepower you need
to be prepared that things might not go
your way so choose wisely anyway here we
go off the rails again getting
sidetracked as usual enough analogies
point is you have to be realistic with
your choices and expectations if you
have a small to average size home
theater and well for instance this room
is 20 by 20 and they sound great in here
and you’re looking for a small discreet
speaker that you can easily wall mount
that is going to step your home theater
system up to a very respectable level
these are your guys but if you have a
huge home theater gigantic and you’re
running a three or four thousand dollar
receiver and huge tower speakers this
big and all this you know maybe these
aren’t the best choice the vast majority
of folks would be thrilled with these
and think they sound fantastic but some
guys just really like that sheer volume
and power you can only get from huge
bookshelf and tower speakers and I get
that I will say though even with me
having these d7 bookshelf speakers as my
front two channels and the CS nine zero
six zero as my center channel these guys
come through loud and clear as my rear
two channels and no complaint for my
ears how they sound in comparison to the
bigger stuff up front well that about
wraps this one up ladies and gents as
always I will put links down below for
any of you guys are interested in
checking these speakers out I hope this
review gave you some good info and you
enjoyed hanging out with me for a little
while if you definitively did feel free
to smash that like button okay I’ll
admit that one was a little bit of
stretch that one was kind of bad I’ll
admit it I still see my dad joke foolish
strong though haters be damned if you’re
not a subscriber please consider doing
so we’d love to have you on board
even if my pun game is all off today I
hope everyone is having a fantastic week
and I’ll see you in the next video

Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 Bookshelf Speaker Specs

Speaker Configuration2-Way
Recommended Amplifier Power10 to 150 W
Drivers1 x 4.5″ / 114.3 mm Mid-Woofer
1 x 1″ / 25.4 mm Aluminum Tweeter
Passive Radiators1 x 4.5″ / 114.3 mm
Enclosure TypeSealed
Frequency Response57 Hz to 30 kHz
Impedance8 Ohms
Wired Connectivity1 x Binding Post Pair Input
Sensitivity89 dB
Placement & Mounting OptionsTabletop/Bookshelf, Wall-Mount, Keyhole(s), 1/4″-20 Female
Dimensions4.8 x 8.4 x 5″ / 12.2 x 21.3 x 12.7 cm
Weight3.0 lb / 1.4 kg

Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 Bookshelf Speakers

The Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 bookshelf speaker is an excellent choice for consumers who are interested in high quality speakers for their home theatre system. The ProMonitor 800 is often compared to some of the best systems on the market, but what exactly makes it stand out is the fact that it’s designed specifically with the home theatre enthusiast in mind. Designed to fit into a small corner of any room, the ProMonitor 800 bookshelf speaker packs a powerful punch. Its compact design makes it ideal for tight living spaces. And thanks to its superior performance, you’ll never have to worry about feeding it electric cable again!

But that’s not all that sets the ProMonitor 800 apart from other similar speakers. The comprehensive audio features ensure that you get the very best performance every single time. Even if you don’t watch TV or listen to music through your surround sound system every day, the Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 bookshelf speaker can be used as the primary source of audio entertainment. The ProMonitor 800’s powerful sound is made possible by the patented Wave PanelTM Technology, which makes it capable of handling all types of surround sound effects and vocal performances.

It’s also the perfect choice if you want a bookshelf speaker with true-to-life sound, without compromising on the size. If you’re a hardcore fan of rock or heavy metal music, you’ll love the deep bass and thumping sound of these speakers. And if you prefer mellow sounds, then the Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 bookshelf speaker offers smooth jazz music tones, perfect for soothing meditation sessions. Whatever kind of music you prefer, you’re sure to enjoy the power and performance of these bookshelf speakers.

This line is the best choice if you need an all-in-one speaker for the living room, office or bedroom. The ProMonitor 800 has three-speaker configuration that allows you to place them at different angles and distances from one another. This way, you won’t experience the lack of space when you place them side-by-side. The line has been designed with the convenience of the listener in mind. The convenience of easy set up and one-touch operation makes this line one of the most sought after by consumers.

The line is complimented by the included Universal Sound Optimizer. With the Optimizer installed on your ProMonitor 800, you can get the kind of sound system that is perfect for any type of environment. The built-in microphone lets you handle loud conversations easily and maintain your balance. The balanced sound produced by the speaker system is guaranteed to please even the pickiest audiophiles. You can enjoy your favorite tunes with clarity that is beyond compare.

This line of bookshelf speakers provides great value for money. They are easy to install using the CTS-A manual provided with the set, and they have been designed to meet even the strictest audiophile standards. With a large variety of models, this line of speakers from Definitive Technology will suit the tastes of any consumer. Therefore, you can enjoy hours of audio entertainment and still enjoy comfort and style.

Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 Speaker FAQ

Definitive Technology in-ceiling speakers

Definitive Technology in-ceiling speakers is a company formed by an American in order to introduce the world to a new high-tech sound. If you are familiar with audio technology, you will know that there are many different ways that different devices can be used to produce sounds. To take one example, you might use a piano in order to play a tune, or you could use a guitar for a lead line. However, the speaker you use to listen to the music and to reproduce its effect is one of the most important considerations and this is what makes the choice of a speaker so crucial, especially for the user who wants to reproduce a specific tone or for the one who likes to listen to a wide variety of sounds.

With this very important decision taken into consideration, the company introduced a new product – the DTF-eight inch aluminum dome tweeter. This new product from Definitive Technology in-ceiling speakers uses a new method of amplification, known as long-wave audio. This new system has the ability to reproduce any type of sound in the most accurate manner possible. The DTF-8 inch aluminum dome tweeter is also highly efficient, as well, which is another vital factor in today’s market.

In addition, this product is extremely compact, as well as being extremely durable. Therefore, if you are looking for a system that will last for years to come, then the DTF speakers are the perfect option for you. For this reason, you will not have to worry about buying high quality speakers that will break down after a few months of use. By buying this product, you will be saving money as well as ensuring that you get the best possible sound for your needs. All in all, it is an excellent option for those looking to get high quality speakers at an affordable price.

Definitive Technology tower speaker

Definitive Technology is a leading manufacturer of home theater components. Equipped with precision-tuned 12″ subs woofers, a slew of tweeters, and a single-handedly powerful subwoofer driver, this theater speaker system lets you feel and hear each note with full spine-tingling effect. Movie night just won’t be the same. The sensational surround sound effects of this speaker system leaves your friends in awe. These speakers go beyond ordinary speakers for true home theater listening.

If you are looking for a perfect home theater system, the best tower speaker is the Definitive Technology TR-series, which comes with a vast array of benefits including great sound quality, stylish styling, affordability, excellent performance, and easy installation options. If you have a tight budget, there is no need to worry as there are a few budget-friendly speakers that can give you similar sound quality. However, if you are really serious about getting the best sound in town, then you should get a floor standing speaker. These are the best speakers that you can ever have in your home theatre.

Floor standing speakers have better sound quality because the cone of the speaker doesn’t need to bend when the sound waves hit it. This makes the speaker more efficient and it also allows it to produce stronger sounds. The TR-series by Define Digital has been designed for both home theater and commercial cinema-a perfect example of technology at its best. With the help of these speakers, you can enjoy the best of surround sound anywhere you like. You can connect these speakers to your TV or stereo and enjoy movies on a whole new level.

Definitive Technology speaker stand

If you are searching for the ultimate in technology speaker stands, you are going to want to make sure that you get your hands on a product that is made from the best possible materials. For many years, people have been attaching speakers and other items to their ceilings and walls with speakers and brackets. Now, with the newer technology coming out each day, there are new ways to get the most out of your space, and with the help of a good speaker stand, you will be able to do just that!

You should try to find a speaker stand that is made out of a high quality material, such as wood or metal. This will ensure that you are going to be able to hold the speakers up in the most effective way, without worrying about them falling on you when you try to move them. Because you will want to keep the speakers in the best shape, you will also want to make sure that you get a stand that can store them in an efficient manner. With so many different types of storage shelves out there today, you will be surprised how easy it can be to get everything you need organized for the ultimate listening experience!

When you start looking around for a speaker stand, you will find that there are literally hundreds of different models out there. Each of these stands will be able to provide you with just the type of support you want, no matter what your preferences are. You will be able to purchase stands that hold single, double, or even triple pairs of speakers depending on how much floor space you have available. Just make sure that when you shop online that you make your purchases from a reputable company so that you will be able to get what you need and not end up with something that does not meet your requirements. As long as you take the time to shop around, finding a speaker stand will be a breeze!

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I purchased a pair of these to replace some Polk Audio surrounds, and all I have to say is wow. I was completely blown away by the clarity and precision with which these can replicate sound.

    These ProMonitor800s produce absolutely stunning audio! I purchased these to replace the Bose Acoustimass 3 that came with my Pioneer receiver, and there is NO match. It would be an insult to even list these speakers in the same class as the Bose that I had. When the music started playing, I knew it was a worthy upgrade (and appropriate, because I was missing out on so much midrange detail with the Bose). These ProMonitor800s make my music sound much fuller across the spectrum.

    If you are considering these speakers and they are within your range, you should be confident that you will receive excellent audio output and can buy them without hesitation. I was reluctant at first, but I am now totally pleased and happy I purchased these. I’m no audiophile by any way (nor do I have the budget to be), but I love and know where to find professional audio acoustics, and I can certainly recommend these without hesitation.

  2. I’ve owned a number of Definitive Technology products. Super Cube 8000: Pro Series 100. I have faith in Def Tech’s sound and efficiency, and I was not disappointed with this collection of speakers! I added them as a pair of rear working speakers, and I was blown away by the improved sound quality they immediately brought out in my system: and music! Proper placement is crucial, and after two or three trials, I’ve found it! You can’t go wrong with this pair of speakers for the price. More bass than I expected: clarity: strong cabinets: and, yes, good on the eyes.

  3. I recently had to replace my Infinity Reference 60, which had been in operation for 23 years. I required rooms, and my wife was never satisfied with their size. After reading several reviews, I decided to purchase the Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 with ProStand. I had my heart set on the 1000 edition, but is does not shipped to Australia. Anyway, while they don’t come close to my old USA-made Infinitys, they are really fine. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m getting older (like my Infinity’s), but they sound fantastic for movies and music. Of course, I needed a new subwoofer, but not a Definitive Technology one because I couldn’t find one with 240V at a fair price. I found that the Definitive Technology speakers are available in Australia, but at an exorbitant price.

    Anyway, I’m very pleased with the speakers and would enthusiastically recommend them. Even, I’d like to equate them to the 1000s one day… just curious :-).

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