Definitive Technology D9 Bookshelf Speakers Demo

hey what’s going on guys it’s joe from and today we are
reviewing the definitive technology
demands d9 bookshelf speakers
they go anywhere from 750 to 850 dollars
depending on where you buy it from
they have the demand d7 series which is
closer to 500 and then demand d9
or sorry d11 which is about a thousand
um these are very unique speakers and
there’s a few things that you may notice
one is the tweeter
is offset uh they do this to help
enhance imaging and we’ll talk about the
sound performance in a little bit
uh the girls that they come with they’re
magnetic and they claim
that there is zero color added to the
sound so when the grilles are on or off
you shouldn’t notice a difference in
sound quality which is great
but some unique things about this these
are poor are they have a passive
radiator on top they are not poured in
the rear
the advantage to that is if you don’t
have the flexibility to pull the speaker
off the wall a bit that which is usually
preferred with a good speaker
this gives you a little bit more
flexibility there which is great
definitive technology uses these
radiators to help enhance the base
extension on lower frequencies kind of
give the woofer more control
and you also don’t hear por port noise
on the back because there’s no port
so it’s an interesting concept the only
downside of this is if you were ever
looking to add a defin
an atmos system on top they don’t make
one specifically for this obviously
because it would not work the radiator
is on top
so as a two channel setup or is a rear
surround or even a main
up front if you do not require the atmos
cap on top they are a great speaker
we’re going to talk about sound
sound characteristics in a little bit
but i want to go over a few things that
um stood out to me the fit and finish of
is absolutely phenomenal unlike a lot of
speakers in this price range which
i usually use like a vinyl covering or
veneer of some type
these are piano gloss back black and
they are very heavy speakers
the bottom of them they don’t have
rubber feet they have these rubber
so it can be a little unforgiving if
your surface isn’t perfectly even
obviously if you want the best
performance either put it on a very
sturdy very flat
heavy surface or get the appropriate
uh stands that puts it at the right
height definitive technology does make
stands they’re four hundred dollars just
for the stand
to put them at the right height and
those are designed specifically for this
they match the aesthetic any heavy duty
stand with a nice flat top
will work well so again build quality
excellent they have the
gloss black this mesh top is not
the grilles up front are magnetic they
are obviously very easily removable
and definitive technology claims it
won’t impact the color of the sound or
this or the sound itself it won’t color
what that means is whether the grill is
on or off it shouldn’t change your sound
characteristics which is great
so you have the flexibility of going
with either aesthetic that fits your
room decor or whatever
without worrying about impacting the
sound quality these
are by wired so you can
wire the um you can wire the woofer
separately from the the tweeter which is
with bookshelves like this i i can’t
really find too much of an advantage to
doing that it’s nice that they give you
that however i used it in a traditional
pair of wires and it worked just great
the break-in period was it was pretty
good i didn’t think they really changed
too much over time i probably put about
250 hours on these and they still sound
similar to when i first started using
the one thing i want to point out as far
as sound quality goes what’s interesting
to me is
these are a very warm subtle speaker
they’re not in your face
detail oriented or bright if you will
but the one thing they excel at is the
imaging and
it is this whole 2020 speakers or
tweeter array where they offset the
tweeter from the woofer
so they don’t um cancel each other out
or do something
that i guess muddies the sound whatever
they did
i’m not going to focus too much on that
technical aspect because it’s really
just about the sound
the staging that these speakers present
and how
articulate the placement of every note
is remarkable i mean they really start
to disappear if you have the right track
and it’s pretty amazing how wide of a
sound stage you can get with these i
think that’s really what they excel at
is the imaging
this radiator system is interesting
because frankly the
bass performance is good i don’t want to
say it’s boomy but it has an interesting
character to it
it’s almost like if you have the right
song and the right amplifier you know i
was using a vincent audio
sv 500 amp and when i compared it to my
hardened carton and my denon amps
the vincent audio made these things
sound twice as big
it’s not just the higher quality amp
it’s just the characteristics of the amp
when you play the right song on that
these things just sound like nice
big warm cozy speakers that the best way
i can describe it
the mid-level detail is a little bit
if you like to listen to a lot of um
i guess vocal heavy music acoustic
guitar stuff like that i feel like these
will dull them down just a little bit
if you like a warmer sound a comforting
sound you’re going to love these
the downside to this type of
characteristic of a speaker is if you’re
not listening into it
listening to it at mid to high volumes
you’re going to lose some of those
details i noticed that even with my
um less expensive like 200 bookshelves
from jbl
those have better detail uh in lower
volumes you hear more of the guitar
the plucks of the string etc so you do
lack a little bit of
the low end however for a movie speaker
mid to high volumes you listen to jazz
want that nice sultry voice these things
are freaking amazing so
you know comparing it to the bowers and
wilkins i guess because i think there’s
uh they’re a bit different
regardless of price the the bauer’s 606s
are 900
they’re just a little bit more um the
mid base
is a bit stronger on the bowers and
wilkins these like you know in the 250
hertz range seem to drop
off a bit and then it makes the the
lower end frequencies kind of seem like
it’s stronger it’s just the way these
are tuned
um again that warm thumpy type base
without the subwoofer type thump
um the bower is like you know if you
have a bass guitar you’re going to feel
it and hear that more
on the 606 series bookshelf so um
just different characteristics the
bowers are obviously a lot more lively
it’s not like the old bowers and wilkins
where they’re really
almost overly bright and harsh they’ve
pulled them back quite a bit
but just to give you some perspective of
how they compare
i think this is a great speaker if
aesthetics are also important not just
the sound quality because i don’t think
there’s anything under a grand
that looks or feels as good as these
they really are built
super solid and i love the fact that
they’re not reported because there’s not
a lot of good bookshelf speakers
that give you that kind of flexibility
of putting it close to the wall
so anyway with that being said guys i i
hope you found this review helpful
um if you have any questions shoot me a
comment below it’s really hard to
explain speakers in its entirety on a
review obviously because you can’t hear
them in person the microphones on the
or you know our recorder that we use is
not going to do them justice
i can tell you that if you want imaging
if you want a warm cozy sound these are
great speakers
and definitive technology has a lot of
different ones you can pair with them
because the asymmetric design they’re
only sold in pairs it’s very clearly
labeled on the back which one’s left
which one’s right
so you can’t use an identical bookshelf
as a center speaker
but they do pair well with other again
like i said definitive technology
models so anyway yeah it’s it’s a great
speaker as long as it fits the
characteristics that you want if you
listen to things that you want some
bright liveliness to it you want to hear
the plucks of the guitar
even at lower volumes this may not be
the right speaker for you if you like to
crank it you want a nice smooth sound
fatigueless listening you know blast
this for four hours straight your ears
shouldn’t hurt
because they’re very smooth um which is
a great thing
so anyway guys thank you so much for
watching this if you have any questions
shoot me a comment below
i would be happy to answer them for you
and i will see you next time bye

Definitive Technology D9 Bookshelf Speakers Specs

Speaker Configuration2-Way
Power Handling20 to 150 W per Channel
Drivers1 x 5.25″ / 133.35 mm Polypropylene Mid-Woofer (per Speaker)
1 x 1″ / 25.4 mm Aluminum Tweeter (per Speaker)
Passive Radiators1 x 5 x 9″ / 127 x 228.6 mm (per Speaker)
Enclosure TypeSealed
Frequency Response64 Hz to 22 kHz
Impedance4 Ohms
Wired Connectivity1 x Binding Post Pair Input
Crossover2.2 kHz
Sensitivity88 dB
Placement & Mounting Options1/4″-20 Female, Tabletop/Bookshelf
Cabinet MaterialMDF
Dimensions6.5 x 11.7 x 12″ / 165.1 x 297.4 x 304 mm

Definitive Technology D9 Bookshelf Speakers

Definitive Technology is a well-known maker of high quality bookshelf speakers. Their speakers are known for being built-in, and for their excellent engineering. Their products are also extremely well priced, making them an ideal choice for many people.

Many high end stereo speakers will come as a complete set, including a subwoofer and the amplifier. For most people, however, this isn’t enough. They need a powerful speaker system that can handle all of the sound for which they’ll be using it. A perfect example of this is the fact that many bookshelf speakers will only output stereo sound, which isn’t necessary when listening to music. For this reason, a new set of speaker systems that contains Definitive Technology D9 bookshelf speakers is an excellent idea.

What makes the D9 bookshelf speakers from Definitive Technology so unique is that they’re actually two speakers in one. The subwoofer is there to handle the low frequencies, and the amplifier is there for any high frequencies that might be generated from your music. This results in speakers that are capable of handling a large number of sounds, without having to depend on separate speakers. This is a very important advantage that many consumers appreciate.

Of course, a big part of a good listening experience involves the acoustics of the room in which you’re listening to music. A large percentage of the sound that you perceive will originate from the speakers themselves, so it’s important that they’re going to be ideal for your listening experience. The company that made these particular Definitive Technology D9 bookshelf speakers did a lot of research in this area, and came up with a set of speakers that can handle just about any type of acoustical environment. That’s because they’re equipped with such features as a laterally offset tweeter assembly, and a powerful motor driven dual dome tweeter.

When used with a good home theater system, these speakers will transform the sound from your speakers to an extremely well-rounded experience. The nht technology that was used to design the D9 bookshelf speaker will also make it very easy for you to tune your recordings as well. The tweeter assembly is designed to be very flat, and produces a deep and rich bass tone. These speakers are also equipped with a special crossover that will make sure that all of the sounds coming from your speakers are tuned to the right frequencies, so that you get a very clean and precise sound from your music or audio tracks.

Another advantage of these speakers is that they don’t have much energy loss. In fact, there is not even much variation between the way that each component of the D9 bookshelf works. That’s why it’s easy for even a complete novice who hasn’t had any experience with audio engines to easily operate these speakers. So if you want a really good way to improve the quality of your audio recordings from your computer, then you should definitely look into the D9 speakers.

Definitive Technology D9 Speakers FAQ

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There are also other types of outdoor speakers from this company, which you might want to check out if you’re in the market. One of these would be the Defiant Technology Pro Series of outdoor speakers. These are high end outdoor speakers which, though not as powerful as the other models in this lineup, offer some fantastic audio quality. They also come with a remote control, so you’ll be able to operate them with ease. Some of the features of these outdoor speakers include a front-panel remote control, a built-in headphone jack, and a high quality audio reproduction system, just like you’d find in a real home theater.

Definitive Technology wireless speakers

Definitive Technology wireless speakers are a new product to hit the market and they have caught the attention of many consumers. These high end audio speakers use the latest technology to give you a more enjoyable experience with your listening needs. These speakers work great with your mp3 player or even your laptop. You get amazing sound quality and the battery life on these cans is enough to give you that extra sound you are looking for.

Many people love the convenience of having their music playing right in the car while they drive to work or run errands. With the technology available in these Definitive Technology wireless speakers you can plug in your iPod and have a hand free calling plan. With the built-in rechargeable battery you can take calls while still keeping the volume on the low side. These speakers are also perfect for the person who wants to listen to their favorite music in the car and does not want to disturb everyone around them. With a pair of headphones on your system you can hear your tunes without having to disturb others. There is no risk of getting an earful blasting your ears out and no worry about being talked into blasting yourself out as well.

You can see why this brand of speakers is so popular because they deliver top-notch audio quality. You get clear audio that is deep and heavy. With the built-in media buttons on the left and right of the receiver you can easily change play-fi technology options according to what you are listening to. The receivers have an easy to access menu system and they are also portable. No matter if you are driving down the road or walking through the park, you can plug in your headphones and enjoy your favorite tunes.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. I bought these as “all-purpose” bookshelf speakers to use with my Definitive Technology CS-9040 center as my “home entertainment system.” I think the bookshelves and the CS-9040 are a nice match. They seemed a little harsh right out of the box, but after a few hours of breaking them in, I’m very pleased with them! They do an excellent job with hip hop, punk, and jazz. I’m very happy with how the center channel speaker handles the sound from film, TV, and video games (I can’t relate about how they do without the center for those because I’ve always had all three connected). These are a significant improvement over my previous two pairs of “poor value” bookshelf speakers (Dayton Audio B652s, which were adequate for the price, and a good pair of Philips speakers that came with an old CD player/stereo). In terms of sound quality, I believe they have a good relatively small footprint.

  2. The mid-range and bass are exceptional for such a small enclosure; pianos and guitars sound vibrant and new (there is nothing unnatural about this sound), and voices are lifelike. I have Definitive Technology speakers in the building, some of which cost thousands of dollars, and these latest technology speakers are on par with them in terms of overall results.

  3. I upgraded from Pro monitor 1000s, and there is a significant difference. Although the pro monitors had a great tone, the DM 9s are fantastic. They have a much fuller sound, excellent imaging, and look amazing without the covers. I’ve had some compliments on the sound and appearance of these speakers. I have purchased stands for these speakers.

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