Definitive Technology CS9060 Center Channel Speaker Demo

hello everybody glad to see you all
stopped in check out another video today
we’re gonna do another tech review we
are going to take a look at quite
possibly the best center channel I’ve
ever heard
really it’s awesome so just hang in
there we’re going to check this bad boy
so the evil geniuses at definitive
technology are at it again first they
smack me in the face with those d7
speakers I did a review on back about a
month or two ago and totally made me
feel inadequate about every speaker
choice I’ve ever made my life those
things were just so epic hell I even
listed those speakers as my top tech
choice of 2018 in a collab video I did
on game skis channel so if you haven’t
seen that I’ll link it check it out now
they just go and straight pimp smack me
with this cs9 o6o definitive you guys
could maybe do a little better with your
naming it’s CS 906 I mean it sounds like
a droid from Star Wars I love you got
stuff but your naming conventions these
sevens are tight I mean that sounds good
d7 but CS 9:06 here I mean come on
seriously though these guys are starting
to give me some real audio self-esteem
issues I mean I’m starting to really
feel a sense of shame at some of my
previous audio decisions prior to being
introduced to these speakers so today
we’re gonna be checking out their center
channel and I’m here to tell you there
might be better center channels out
there but I sure know haven’t heard
in all seriousness though I reached out
to definitive tech in order to check out
this center channel because after
putting these D sevens as my front and
left surround speakers in my surround
sound system they were just blowing my
old Yamaha center channel away be really
crisp clear sound of those D sevens as
my front and left center channels really
made the Yamaha center channel that I
currently have just really sound like
crap just like a big turd I reached out
to them to see if they had a good center
channel that could match up with those D
sevens and kind of balance out my sound
a little better if you don’t know much
about surround sound your center channel
is really the workhorse of your system
your majority of your stuff is coming
out that center channel you get some
stuff out of the surround speakers and
whatnot but that Center channel is
really pulling most of the weight all of
your voices and movies and stuff like
that’s mostly all coming out of your
center channel so having a really good
center channel is arguably the most
important part of your surround sound
system enter the CS 9 0 6 0 center
at first glance you’ll notice this is
not a super slim wall-mountable center
channel it’s a little on the large side
as far as center channels go it’s almost
6 inches tall 12 inches deep almost 21
inches wide and weighs a hefty 26 pounds
the size of the center channel is not
just to make a big speaker and take up
much room on your console though they
picked a lot of stuff in here it has two
4.5 inch round BTSs mids check out their
website if you want to see the more
technical audiophile description of
exactly what the be VDS system does but
basically in layman’s terms it just
makes the speaker sound dope they do
sound I mean these speakers just take
other speakers and just smack them
around like the ole money just it’s a
little aggressive never mind they have
one one inch aluminum dome tweeter and
drumroll please wait for it they have an
8 inch integrated powered subwoofer what
I know go ahead take your time let it
sink in pick yourself back up off the
floor I had the same reaction I
understand take your time no rush let it
soak in so what that means is you’re
gonna get a super crisp clear sound out
to the speaker with a richness fullness
and low-end you just can’t get out of
most center channels with this speaker
it’s not even
necessary to run a separate subwoofer if
you’re tight on space or don’t have a
good place to put another subwoofer this
can function perfectly well is the only
subwoofer in your home theater system
and that nice Rumble that nice immersive
feeling you get out of a subwoofer or if
you want to engage ludicrous mode like
me you can still run a separate
subwoofer and this one so like with my
this one’s confront in the center
channel have a subwoofer up there and
then right behind my couch where I sit
to watch movies I have another subwoofer
back there so I have two subs in my
let me tell you it really does give you
very I keep using this word
immersive sound when you have that
explosions and stuff that happened in
movie that deep rumble that like shakes
your chest and you can feel it really
really adds a cool effect
and it’s a kind of thing you only get in
like a real theater or like an IMAX or
something like that so it’s really cool
to have that in your house I don’t mean
to gush on and on about that and low-end
and ignore the mids and highs because
that’s definitely not all the center
channel has to offer the mids and highs
are just as good as the low-end on this
thing that’s something definitive tech I
found does really really well the mids
are nice and full and punchy the highs
are super super crystal clear really a
clarity that I personally have not had
in a speaker before in my own system
from what I’m hearing with my ears these
speakers could hold up to the most
critical audio file as far as quality
goes these speakers also have what
definitive is calling intelligent bass
control which basically allows you to
just that low deep bass without having a
bad balance effect on your mid-level
stuff it has a completely inert and
residents free cabinet adding to that
clean and crisp sound these guys at
definitive definitely take their audio
and it shows let me say before I move on
this thing is not just good for movies
and stuff like that
music sounds awesome on this thing slap
on some old jimi hendrix maybe some
Chris Stapleton if that’s your jam or
some old comfortably numb’ from Pink
Floyd and crank that baby up and day um
life-changing experience you’re welcome
so flipping this bad boy around at the
back to check out what we’re working
with we have two gold-plated five-way
binding posts and input for your
subwoofer your power connection a nice
little knob for controlling a level of
the subwoofer and a port as for the fit
and finish again it’s exactly what you
would expect of a speaker of this
caliber I think they have a nice sleek
modern look and they fit well in just
about any setup it is covered in a black
acoustically transparent material it has
nice aluminum trim engraved with the
definitive tech logo and a cool little
feature the definitive tech logo on the
bottom actually lights up when you’re
using the speaker small touch but it
looks cool so I like it so I know what
you’re saying at this point Jesus Jeremy
this is just a big ole fanboy love fest
first off this is not a paid or
sponsored video in any way shape or form
I did receive this speaker free of
charge for a review but under no
obligation to give this thing a positive
review I just really love the speaker if
this thing was a turd
I would absolutely tell you it was a
turd for more than likely I just
wouldn’t have even done a video on it
cuz most
time if I don’t like something I just
don’t do a video I’ve just been really
impressed the definitive text so far and
I want to share it with you guys because
when I find cool stuff I like to pass it
on on the same note there always are
some drawbacks or negative to everything
so let’s go over those real quick now
when I say I’m calling these negatives I
don’t know if that’s really the best
term there are more kind of restrictions
due just to kind of the form and the
purpose of the speaker I couldn’t find
any true real issues with it one this is
a high end speaker you aren’t gonna get
one of these for a hundred or two
hundred bucks this is the middle model
of three in this particular series the
CS series it is the CS 906 oh and it
will run you about seven hundred bucks
they also have a big brother this one
which is the 908 au which has a sub and
a bass radiator it’s gonna run you a
cool grand and the little brother to
speaker the 904 oh that one does not
have a built-in powered sub it does have
a bass radiator and that one’s gonna run
you about five hundo secondly this is a
big heavy speaker you are gonna have to
have a dedicated place to put it like a
console below your TV or something so if
you’re looking for something like slim
and small to hang below a flat screen on
a wall or something this isn’t going to
be your dude
so depending on your budget and your
setup and stuff like that you know these
may or may not be for you but if you
have the space and you have the budget I
don’t know that you can do much better
alright guys so that’s it for this one
as always I will link stuff below any of
you folks that are interesting speakers
you can find info on I hope this video
was useful if you’re in the market for a
center channel or for some new speakers
to upgrade your surround sound system I
hope that this video had some good
information and it will help you make an
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right really good bye this time see you
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love you guys but bye

Definitive Technology CS9060 Center Channel Speaker Specs

Speaker Configuration3-Way
Recommended Amplifier Power50 to 300 W
Drivers1 x 1″ / 2.54 cm Aluminum Tweeter
2 x 4.5″ / 11.43 cm Midrange
1 x 8″ / 20.32 cm Woofer
Frequency Response34 Hz to 22 kHz
Impedance8 Ohms
Wired Connectivity1 x Binding Post Pair
1 x RCA Input (LFE)
Sensitivity91 dB
Dimensions20.8 x 6 x 12″ / 52.7 x 15.1 x 30.5 cm
Weight26.0 lb / 11.8 kg

Definitive Technology CS9060 Center Channel Speakers

Defining the new wave in home theater speakers, the Definitive Technology CS-9060 Home Theater System offers true supreme performance with full bass control for true theater sound quality. With state-of-the-art technologies and one of the industry’s smallest woofer packages, the CS-9060 is truly the home theater system of the future. At just over five inches long it is perfect for any size room, perfect for smaller rooms that may not be conducive to larger loudspeakers. And because it utilizes the latest woofer technologies, it also produces surprisingly deep, booming bass sounds. With a woofer basket that houses the woofer and its spring suspension system, along with balanced voice coil assemblies, it provides the precise tonal quality and tonal balance demanded by today’s movie and music fan. In addition to all of this, it is also equipped with an extremely large voice coil, allowing for very accurate reproduction of sound.

This remarkable theater system is made possible by Definitive Technology CS-9060 speaker set, which features state-of-the-art technology. The speakers are constructed of lightweight and durable aluminum alloy frames that are then finished with hardcoat anodized finish. They use dual tweeter elements for much improved tweeters, along with woofer elements and featherlight bass reflex handles for even more refined tone control. You can easily use the speakers on their front grills thanks to the fact they employ a straightforward and easily adjustable height design. And because there are so many speakers on the market today, each of them is engineered with Define’s acclaimed Acousticasivity technology, which allows them to produce supreme sound quality using small, tightly spaced enclosures. These unique enclosures allow the speakers to be completely sealed off from outside noise, providing you with an extremely accurate tone and acoustic performance.

One of the things that sets the Definitive Technology CS-9060 high-performance center channel speaker apart from other similar products is the fact that it offers intelligent bass control. With its newly developed Biamp technology, this speaker has the ability to intelligently control the amount of low frequencies that are powered through it to ensure that all of your listening needs are met. This innovative bass management feature employs a compressor that is particularly designed to handle very low frequency signals. It works by intelligently limiting the power that is necessary to send a signal to the speakers. This feature allows you to enjoy the superior sound quality despite the fact that you do not need to crank up the volume to compensate for the low frequency sounds.

Another way that the Definitive Technology CS-9060 High-Performance Center Channel Speaker does its job is by letting you enjoy true stereo compatibility when you use it with your car stereo audio system. You get to enjoy a true audio quality that is unrivaled in today’s entertainment market. The speaker will let you experience surround sound stereo music without having to crank up the volume of your car stereo. Best of all, it lets you do so without having to deal with potentially harmful tones that are created by powerful speakers when the volume is cranked to its highest level. You get to enjoy all of this without having to worry about harmful effects on your ears.

With the Definitive Technology CS-9060 High-Performance Center Channel Woofer, you get to enjoy a superbly refined audio quality as well as impressively deep bass. When it comes to the woofers themselves, there are actually two kinds. There is the one that is known as the extended frame woofer. The extended frame woofers are made using high-quality materials and are able to provide superior sound quality.

And then there is the smaller version of the Woofer called the mini-sub woofer. The mini subwoofers can be used for a variety of applications including portable media players, laptops, and even mobile phones. The CS-9060 High Performance Center Channel Speaker has great sound quality and a truly impressive visual appeal. It also has a simple to operate design that makes it easy to install.

Definitive Technology CS9060 Speaker FAQ

Definitive Technology surround speakers

Definitive Technology is a company that stands behind their product, the SurroundBar. They have been in business for over a decade and are the leader when it comes to speaker design, technology and ease of use. Over the past 3 years they have added many new features to their lineup, and the result is an amazing speaker system that rivals the speakers that are in your home entertainment center.

The new surround sound feature known as SurroundBar is a revolutionary surround sound technology. It utilizes a number of new technologies including Dynamic Balance, which adjusts to the shape of your speakers to deliver very smooth and crystal clear sound from all speakers in the system. This allows you to enjoy your movies and music in the best possible sound quality. Another great technology included in the Definitive Technology SR-8040BP surround speaker system is Digital Bass Management, which uses an advanced digital bass filter to control the direction and strength of the digital signal that is sent to your theater box. This feature manages your sound, so that every speaker in the system will play back the same music and movie with the same dynamic range.

Along with all these great features the Definitive Technology SR-8040BP surround speakers include a subwoofer amplifier that allows you to connect your surround speakers to your main stereo speaker or amplifier for a true home theater experience. This makes the system perfect for anyone looking for a surround sound system that is easy to operate and top quality. The system is also compatible with most home theater devices including LCD HDTVs, DVD players, and game consoles. So if you are ready to take your media home then give the Definitive Technology SurroundBar a try.

Definitive Technology floor speakers

Definitive Technology is a company that produces some of the best floor speakers around. This line of speakers is one of the most popular and most expensive speakers available. I have been testing many of the speakers from this brand and have found that they are among the best.

You can buy these speakers online and can even find them at some home electronics stores. I got one of these speakers right before I decided to sell my home theater system. It was a great replacement for my old speakers. I was very impressed with the sound quality of the speaker. The surround sound made all the difference in my movie watching experience. The clarity of the sound and the low distortion was excellent.

Definitive Technology has also put out some smaller speakers as well. These are great if you are looking for a little speaker in your room to add some accent. They produce just as good a sound as their larger cousins but are easier to use and don’t require any car wiring to hook up. The ability to place them almost anywhere makes them ideal. Make sure you check out some videos of these floor speakers and I am sure you will agree.

Last update on 2021-08-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

3 verified buyer reviews
  1. Before I purchased the 9060, I was using a Definitive Technology ProCenter 1000 speaker, along with DT Promonitor 1000 fronts, ProMonitor 800 surround, and SuperCube 2000 subwoofer. Although the ProCenter 1000 has a good, clear sound, I needed a more powerful center for my moderately sized family room. (The other speakers have been ideal for my requirements; DT speakers produce a remarkably complete sound for their size, and my wife appreciates their attractive appearance and small footprint.) The 9060’s dialogue has been the best I’ve ever seen, with no need for manual tweaking of the receiver’s equalizer, as I’ve had to do in the past. And it contributes to the beauty of the music. As with any core, I increased the volume of the 9060 for movies and decreased it for music. My Denon receiver has preselects, so with a single button press, I can access all of the settings for each listening purpose. Even with my SuperCube, I’m glad I went with the 9060’s subwoofer — the two subs together even out the low bass for a very smooth and pleasing performance. As anticipated with two subs, I had to fine-tune the volume of both subs to balance and turn down their total volume. I couldn’t be happier with this decision!

  2. I purchased the CS-9060 as a compatible center channel for my 5.1ch setup, which included Definitive Mythos ST-Ls and Polk Lsi-15s as front and surround speakers, respectively. However, the CS-9060’s mid to high sound did not fit as intended. Mythos ST-l has much more visibility and air in the mid and high frequencies than CS-9060. They are playing in various leagues. Even after changing the low frequency level, I thought the CS-9060’s mid and high frequencies were a little muddy while listening to speech. In this price range, overall sound quality may be adequate.

  3. I had been eyeing this for a few days at a very good open-box price, but I had recently purchased an open-box Polk S35 center that sounds great in my system and fits really nicely under my TV at a price that even an open-box CS9060 can’t beat, so I didn’t pull the trigger at first. However, I realized that the price difference would be insignificant if the CS9060 could boost the overall sound quality of my machine. So I took the plunge and began listening to the CS9060’s as my new center channel, which added a much better tonality balance with a deeper low frequency effect that complimented my Definitive Tech BP9040 main speakers. They really make the device shine by providing the full spectrum of center channel audio that even my larger main speakers don’t generate (because they don’t receive the same signal as my sub) while maintaining natural voice timber.

* only verified buyers can leave a review.