Dayton Audio B652-AIR Bookshelf Speakers Demo

what is a family it’s your boy do you
coming right back at you with another
one right now we’re back in the lab and
a demo is on the menu trying to give you
guys a look a little bit of a sound demo
something I’ve been promising you guys
forever and just hadn’t gotten around to
doing it this is a 7.2 receiver and he
was 165 watts per channel but of course
we’re not gonna be putting 165 watch
through these little bitty speakers
they’re just wasn’t built to handle all
that but we are gonna be pushing quite a
bit and for those who are not familiar
with this the beef 6:52 airs they are a
sealed chamber speaker when they do
sound quite nice for the price I picked
these guys up a few months ago over at
parts Express and they’ve done me really
really good I have them installed in my
front stage upstairs but enough for me
yapping right now we’re gonna hop on
over to some free music got downloaded
from YouTube this is from their audio
library just here’s gonna be called
first I don’t know if it’s name on the
artist of the song itself I’m sorry oh
yes it does say artists aren’t known so
we’re gonna say that this is the name of
the song I’m going to start from the
beginning because I was doing a previous
demo with the same song this is a bit of
a funky music or what I call it up be
happy or funky tight beat and I think
it’s gonna be pretty cool for you guys
alright guys so that concludes the demo
of the B 652 Aires by dating REO if you
guys liked the video please leave a
thumbs up but all the new guys will have
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subscribing to the channel click the
notification bail but you can receive
more demos such as this and more to come
and for my usual guys you already know
where they do X Y or D in our mouth

Dayton Audio B652-AIR Bookshelf Speakers Specs

Model NumberB652-AIR
Unit of MeasurePair
Warranty – Parts5 Years
Warranty – Labor5 Years
Product Shipping Weight (lbs.)12.15
Product Weight
Product Height11-13/16″
Product Width7-1/16″
Product Length
Product Depth6-7/16″
Impedance6 ohms
Power Handling40 watts RMS/75 watts max
Sensitivity87 dB 1W/1m
Frequency Response70 – 25000 Hz
Dimensions11-13/16″ x 7-1/16″ W x 6-7/16″ D

Dayton Audio B652-AIR Bookshelf Speakers

Dayton Audio makes some interesting products with the B652 AIR bookshelf speakers. These are bookshelf speakers that are a little more high end that the norm. They are generally used in book shelves where you have smaller versions of bookshelves and not the floor standing models. A lot of people will use their basement as a workspace and because of this basement bookshelf speakers are important.

Dayton Audio makes a few different styles of bookshelf speakers. You can choose from MTM bookshelf speakers or the floor-standing ones. The MTM stands for multimedia. These are designed to handle all kinds of audio.

If you are looking to have audio speakers for your basement audio needs you will want to pick out a Dayton Audio B652-air. The audio system will handle all of your audio needs. You can set up speakers in your basement that handle your TV, stereo system, your iPod, and even your computer. There is even a mini phone amplifier built into the system. There are not too many products out there that offer this kind of power in a bookshelf configuration.

Another thing that sets these apart from most bookshelf speakers is the fact that the B652-air does not take up a whole lot of space. It is made out of a thin piece of glass. These are also known as bookshelf speakers as the casing covers the entire bookshelf. Most speakers have a bigger enclosure than the one on the bookshelf.

Many people enjoy the sound that they get from a Dayton Audio B652-air. This is because the design of the speakers is so superior. You will not be disappointed with the quality of sound that you will receive. Most audio enthusiasts agree that the sound from these speakers is excellent. If you want your kids to listen to some great audio, then you should consider getting one of these.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when you are shopping for bookshelf speakers is that you should try to find speakers that match the overall look of your bookcase. If you have white bookshelves, then you might want to consider speakers that match the white finish. Dayton Audio has a whole line of products that will match just about any look that you would like. With so many great products available, you should not have any problems finding what you are looking for.

Dayton Audio B652-AIR Speakers FAQ

Dayton Audio outdoor speakers

Dayton Audio has been making great speakers for many years, especially the outdoors models that have been so popular. In fact they are so popular that they have expanded into producing outdoor speakers for your car as well. It is a well known fact that a car audio system adds to the look and style of your vehicle, but does it do all that it is advertised to? Unfortunately not, sometimes you want a speaker system that will go right along with the speakers you have already selected and add to your enjoyment of your vehicle.

If you are looking for something special this year, you are sure to find what you are looking for at a great audio company such as Dayton Audio. They have expanded into providing speakers for all of your needs whether you are shopping for speakers for your car, your home, or if you simply want some to expand your outdoor speakers so you can listen to them while you’re out camping in the country. You will find that if you spend a little bit of time looking around, you can find speakers that will save you money and also help you get exactly what you are looking for.

If you are searching for a speaker system that will work with the rest of the speakers you already have, but you don’t want to spend a ton of money, Dayton Audio has some speakers that are really hard to beat. With a little bit of looking you can find speakers that will not only save you money, but help you expand your listening enjoyment. So whether you are shopping for speakers for your home, for your car or camping in the country make sure that you check out the speakers from Dayton Audio this year and you will be happy you did.

Dayton Audio bookshelf speakers

Dayton Audio bookshelf speakers are some of the most sought after speakers around. They are not inexpensive, but they are worth it for the quality that you will get out of them. The speakers that come with the Dayton Audio bookshelf are extremely versatile and come with so many functions that you will be sure to get more than one use out of them. You can get small speakers for when you want to entertain friends or have a home stereo system. For those who want a larger surround sound effect, you can get a full surround sound speaker set up with Dayton Audio bookshelf speakers.

One thing that makes these Dayton Audio bookshelf speaker sets so popular is that the large speakers have a very small size, making them perfect for almost any size room. They are lightweight, so it will be easier for you to move them around and store them. The keyhole hanger on the back of each speaker also makes them easy to set up on your wall. Because of the equipment used in those great Dayton Audio bookshelf speakers, however, it’s best to use them on a small bedroom or entertainment center rather than a large home theater system.

If you enjoy reading then you know just how important it is to have a good pair of bookshelf speakers. With that said, there is no better option than those Dayton Audio bookshelf speaker sets for reading your favorite books. One great thing about these bookshelf speakers is that they use a two-way technology so you can adjust the sounds coming out of each speaker to exactly what you are listening to. In addition to that, the bookshelf speaker sets from Dayton are extremely durable and long lasting. Therefore, if you’re someone who likes to read for pleasure as well as create audible masterpieces with sound, you’ll find great value in owning one of the Dayton Audio bookshelf speaker sets.

Dayton Audio center channel speaker

With a big demand for wireless speakers, Dayton Audio came up with the CCS-3000, which is one of the latest in wireless speaker models. It can be used in small or large rooms without any worries of disturbing anyone. The Dayton Audio CCS 333B is also a very compact yet powerful center channel speaker with great speakers to cover a full room. This wireless speaker has an amazing design and good sizes, so even users who have limited space don’t need to face huge space problems. It comes with two left and right ear buds so that users can adjust them according to where they want to sit. A great thing about this speaker is its great quality.

There are plenty of good wired and wireless speaker systems but none of them perform well when it comes to sound quality and powerful output. The CCS 333 is capable of providing clear, high voltage speaker sound and it also functions properly. Like most other wireless devices, it needs maximum wattage to deliver superior sound quality. If you are looking for a simple but efficient solution that doesn’t require maximum wattage, this model will be perfect for you.

The CCS 333B is another excellent compact wireless speaker from Dayton Audio. Like the previous models, it requires less wattage so it delivers higher quality sound. The refined yet intricate designs of the Dayton Audio CCS 333B center channel speaker make it look like a sophisticated piece of art. Its compact body makes it look even smaller and elegant. Its three-inch woofer with diamond tweeters enhances the quality of sound delivered by the exquisite speakers.

Dayton Audio in-wall speakers

Dayton Audio in-wall speakers are among the best products that you can buy for your home theater. These speakers are durable and are great for blocking out background noise from your neighbor’s stereo system. They come in a wide range of styles, sizes and power ratings. Because they are so popular, there are literally hundreds of manufacturers trying to market them today. However, because of their dependability and durability many consumers have learned to use speakers that cost much less than Dayton Audio in-wall speakers.

The company was started in 1974 and is run by husband and wife Bill Dayton and Lorraine Rothman. They wanted to produce a better sounding product that would help people enjoy their sound systems even more. So, in order to do that they researched the various types of sound systems available and decided that speakers were the way to go.

Their speakers are extremely durable and are also designed to be easy to install. One thing you should know about Dayton Audio in-wall speakers is that they are extremely versatile, which means that they can handle not only music but speech as well. Another great feature of these speakers is that they can be used on or off the wall. So, if you have a tall speaker you can set them up on the wall behind your TV so that the sound will come from all around you and not just the front wall. You will be amazed at how good your speakers will sound if they are installed correctly.

Dayton Audio speaker stand

Dayton Audio has been producing high quality audio equipment and computer components for over forty years. Their wide array of audio component products are among the best in the industry, and they are continuously innovating and upgrading their designs. Because their customer base is so broad, they have developed excellent customer service and continue to keep their customers coming back for more. They are continually seeking new and better ways to help their customers enhance their audio experience through superior craftsmanship, superior materials, and a host of helpful accessories. If you are interested in purchasing computer components or other audio gear for your business but are not sure where to start, you should consider checking out what Dayton Audio has to offer.

There are several types of stands that you can purchase for your audio speakers. You can purchase one that mounts right to the front of your computer, providing easy access to your monitors. Or, if you would prefer, you may wish to consider a mobile stand that can be moved from place-to-place as needed. There are also folding stands available if you need to store your equipment away and don’t want it taking up room in your work or living area.

Some of the stands include built-in stabilizers, which allow you to adjust the stand so that it is at the perfect angle for your computer speakers without needing to use the additional swivel chairs or other devices that are commonly needed to achieve this. In addition, some of the stands include built-in feet with locking mechanisms to prevent them from being removed from the shelf when you are finished using them. A Dayton audio speaker stand can be an excellent investment in improving the quality of your sound system. So, when you next find yourself hunting down a great stand for your surround speakers, make sure that you check out the Dayton stand line.

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3 verified buyer reviews
  1. These are the speakers in my garage. For a sealed use, the bass is adequate. They appear to walk themselves around the shelf after a day of intense listening, so keep an eye on them. They don’t pound, but they do have the amount of bass you’d expect from a bs speaker. For the price, you can’t go wrong. I use Elac B6s in the house for my mains, which are much superior, but I still love listening to the Daytons in the garage and when I’m out in my cave. I run them with just 12 watts of power from a vintage Realistic receiver, and they sound fantastic.

  2. I’ve had these for TWO YEARS and am now getting around to evaluating them. So, I’ve been an audiophile since the 1970s and have heard some pretty cool systems. New isn’t always better than old, and old isn’t always worse (and vice-versa). Anyway, over the years, I’ve tried Several different bookshelf speakers. What are my personal favorites. Why is this so?

    – Tweeters…no shrill, no ringing, just a stupid clean, lifelike sound.
    – “properly sized” cabinet for resonating accurate mid tones.
    – Poly woofers had to be eliminated (not warm enough sounding to me). The Dayton Audio DC160-4 6-1/2″ Classic Woofers were chosen. Despite having aluminum voice coils, these woofers sound better. Aluminum voice coils manage power better…but don’t sound as good as copper VCs, in my opinion. These woofers are an exception, but they are not the best available. When I replaced the woofers, I noticed an immediate change in temperature and tonality. They sound more powerful…I’m glad I upgraded the woofers.
    – Simple design, reasonable pricing, prompt delivery, wall hanging bracket on the back, and outstanding tweeters.
    – For a perfect match, add a Dayton Audio SUB-1000 or SUB-1200 (or go dual subs).
    – Excellent as “fronts” in a multi-speaker system. Bass is “average” for this size speaker as an old school 2.0 (stereo) setup.
    – Dayton Audio understands speakers and offers excellent value/price on the majority of their items.

  3. Have the 652 with the regular tweeter, and this is a small step up for a small price. They have a larger and more natural stage with more natural highs. The lows do not seem to be as deep as the standard 652, but I attribute this to break in and the fact that the Air has rubber feet while the standard 652s do not (they are on my oak desk). The same music was played through my PC (FLAC) and my simple tube amp (Qinpu Q-2) and they compared well and came alive on FLAC live recordings! The Air is now on my desk, and the norms are being repurposed in the garage. I’ll give you a high five if you can find a better pair of speakers with an amp.

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