Artist: STS9
Review Type: Photos
Genre: Fusion

The Review: 4.5 / 5 – Excellen

Colorado always gets the treats.

Yet again, STS9 brought something extra special to their fans while gigging in the Centennial State.

After a night of heavy hitting jamtronica at Red Rocks, a handful of lucky fans were able to catch Sound Tribe perform a six-song set right before the screening of the documentary film #ReGENERATION. The band contributed the soundtrack and some of the underlying vision to the award winning film so it was appropriate for them to stick around and help the producers field questions directly from the audience.

Narrated by Ryan Gosling and featuring a riveting soundtrack from STS9, the film explores how today’s generation approaches activism, how it is impacted by technology, our disconnection with nature and history, our consumer culture, and the economic factors holding many of us back from becoming more active participants in our communities. Learn more about the film at

Axe The Cables Setlist: Equinox, Roygbiv > Dance, From Now On, Lo Swaga, Kamuy

After you check out the pictures, scroll to the bottom and watch the entire STS9 Axe The Cables show.