Artist: TransContinental Trip
Genre: Fusion

The Review: 4 / 5 – Very Good

Fans of loose jam rock and funky progressive rock will appreciate the grooves that are created by TransContinental Trip.

TransContinental Trip hails from one of the largest music meccas in the United States, Austin, Texas and its obvious that the culture surrounding them has influenced their music. Now of course, from our perspective, this is a great thing! Austin is a musical melting pot with wide ranging styles coming through the city all of the time.

The trio of players that make up TCT is drummer Robert Slangen, guitarist Nathan Anderson, and bassist Andy Leonard.

“TransContinental Trip Songs” is a 3-track EP available on the band’s ReverbNation page for free download! Clocking it at ~17 minutes, the EP is a groovy and psychedelic exploration of uncharted musical territory. Some of the transitions aren’t perfect but thats to be expected-  TransContinental Trip seems to sublimely live in the moment and are not afraid to run their progressions out into the Land of the Weird and back again.

Considering the level of skillful playing, the desire to push the musical envelope and the group’s involvement with The Music Bus Rocks!, TransContinental Trip is poised to make a sizable splash in the scene by the end of 2013.