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Spotlight Review: F3tto Expertly Bends Genres With New EP; Tha King

F3tto Expertly Bends Genres With New EP

Review Type: Album Review
Genre: Electro

The Review: 4 / 5 – Very Good

F3tto is a DJ/Producer based in Lost Angeles, CA who’s passion comes from the soul and drives his music. From his early days of drumming at Berklee, to his music festival Fettofest, to his company No. 14 Studios, he has embarked on a musical journey unlike no other. He has overcome leaps and bounds and become an artist to look for in the year 2013.

Just released on Beatport and iTunes, F3tto’s freshman EP, ‘Tha King’, clocks in at just over 20 minutes and starts off with an undeniably catchy opening track.

Flowing through a vast array of genres, F3tto pushes the envelope for combining electro, dub & pop all based around house hooks. The house elements are presented to you in varients of progressive and tech and are done extremely well.

There is no doubt that F3tto has his craft down to a science. This release is well polished and is sure to get some kids cutting the rug at a club soon!

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