Artist: Drull
Review Type: Album Review
Genre: Electronic

The Review: 3.5 / 5 – Good

Drull is an Ambient/Electronic duo from Philadelphia.

Since forming 1 year ago, Drull has released 3 albums and has earned a large international following. Drull recently released their 4th album, ‘Chances Taken’, and the title track is set to be featured on the popular web series High Maintenance, which is being picked up by HBO.

After jamming on ‘Chances Taken’ for the last few days I can say that its worth your time if your into futuristic mellow jams. With high soaring synth notes and crisp and clean beats, Drull has their sound locked into tightly.

The 15 track album clocks in at nearly a full hour and has provided a solid and smooth backtrack to our workday. Now, the style of beats that are presented here might not keep the attention of a live audience but I foresee a hint of Trap blended with this would kick things into high gear at the club.

Give it a spin and then make sure to checkout Drull on Bandcamp!