Artist: Blue Sky Alert
Review Type: Album Review
Genre: Rock

The Review: 3.5 / 5 – Good

Here comes a new kind of rock and roll mixed with funk and soul!

Blue Sky Alert brings their unique indie rock jamband flavor to the scene – and it’s already turning heads in the music industry.

We have been spinning BSA’s new record “Live From Studio Welcome to 1979″ in our office lately and were pleasantly surprised and what we heard. Featuring a full 5 piece  band and powerful female vocals, their music channels a gritty indie/southern rock vibe with hints of other genres mixed throughout.

“Live From Studio Welcome to 1979″ was recorded in a fully analog vintage studio in Nashville, Tennessee and was produced amazingly well as the retro recording technique is a perfect compliment to Big Sky Alert’s sound.

The use of a prominent harmonica on a few of the tracks is very captivating- sucking you deeper into the emotionally charged lyrics sung by Skye Mangrum.

The band’s playing is tight, professional, catchy and well executed; if you’re hungry for a fresh, soulful sound that rocks the casbah, check out Blue Sky Alert.