Artist: Spankalicious
Genre: Bounce

The Review: 3.5 / 5 – Good

This goes out to all of the people in this world that are going through some shit that they shouldn’t be…..coming from someone who has been through some shit…..and made it to the other side. If you know that person or you are that person, you have to know that you can help and most importantly that you can actually get help.

Thanks to all of the homies who put in remixes from all acrossed the Midwest! My only purpose in creating this music was to bring a higher awareness to the people who are fucked up on bullshit drugs that never should have crossed their paths to begin with. Save families. Live, laugh, and Love.

Hug thank you to the Loyal Family, Connector, Grassroots California, Pipeline Publicity, and every one in the Midwest that let us crash on the couch, feed our belly’s, and kept our heads right. The future is bright for all of us….forward motion.

Amanda Gillespie. You alone saved me and helped me find the music again. You are the reason I am able to be a father. You are a irreplaceable gift in my life and I will always respect you and take you everywhere with me. No one else realizes that you are half of everything that Spankalicious is. I love you.

Mom and Pops, you probably won’t read this at all….but thank for putting up with some bullshit, and coming to grips with the tie dyed shirts and hemp ropes. And mostly for never giving up on me.

OK, anyways……LOL…….this shit is FREE as fuck… spread it. Thanks ya’ll!