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Ronald Jenkees Teases Upcoming Album With New Song; First Video In 4 Years

Ronald Jenkees Teases Upcoming Album With New Song

Artist: Ronald Jenkees
Review Type: Music Video
Genre: Electronic

The Review: 4 / 5 – Very Good

Four years ago Ronald Jenkees hit our ears with his stellar remix of STS9′s ‘Beyond Right Now’ and after that his YouTube Channel has been as stale as a crate full of old records.

Producing his beats in a home-studio deep in the unexpected state of Kentucky, Ronald is working on his third album slated for release sometime yet in 2012.

Red Lemonade (Remixed) is a teaser of sorts. Something that Ronald Jenkees is giving his fans as a way to hype the new album. Well, its working. The web is abuzz with chatter on this new track and old fans are excited to see that Jenkees has fresh tunes in the pipeline.

Red Lemonade (Remixed) features a soaring rock synth over crisp hip hop influenced beats. The song seems loose and slightly improvised though a well constructed theme is absolutely present. As Jenkees says in the video, this song is “…coming from a place of jam, I don’t have a map for it…”

Stream ‘Red Lemonade (Remixed) below or you can download it via

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