Artist: Jasmin Dolly
Review Type: Track Review
Genre: Electronic

The Review: 3 / 5 – Above Average

Jasmin Dolly is a London based Singer/Song writer with Arab origins of North Africa & the Middle East. London born, Dolly has always felt she wanted to persue her dream as a singer but didn’t feel quite ready unti she developed herself as an artist and was 100% happy with her sound. Well, the time has come and Jasmin Dolly has been dropping tracks on SoundCloud left and right recently!

Spinning Dolly’s tracks in the office they caught our attention right away- now, her style isn’t what we are normally listening to but when there is a “Space Bass” drop within the first minute of a track we tune in. Her vocals are crisp and her range is diverse but she doesn’t adventure into uncomfortable territory, which we respect. For being in the United States, her accent is heavily noticed but works really well with her sound.

Depending on your mindset I think its fair to say that Jasmin Dolly could easily be climbing the dance/pop charts in the UK or could be seen doing live vocals over a DJ at Burning Man. Two totally different worlds but places that her music equally takes the listener.

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