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Pretty Lights We Must Go On

Pretty Lights We Must Go On

Artist: Pretty Lights
Review Type: Free Download
Genre: Hip Hop

The Review: 4.5 / 5 – Excellent

It still blows my mind how big Pretty Lights has gotten in the few years, and for all the right reasons. You’ve heard his amazing albums, all given away for free, and some of his epic remixes. His last single that he put out ‘I Know the Truth’ sent his listeners thinking he was going in a more bass fueled heavier direction, well today we hear that he’s still maintaining his downtempo side. This track ‘We Must Go On’ reminds me of his earlier stuff with the sample based vibe.

Now I know Derek has been working with a ton of musicians throughout the country, so the samples used in the track are most likely recorded instead of taken from old vinyl. I love the PL vibe that shines through every track, it’s almost electronic music with a hip hop vibe. This track comes complete with a new video as well filmed and edited by Derek and girlfriend Krystle. Check it out, chill, enjoy!

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