Artist: Eoto
Genre: Electronic

The Review: 5 / 5 – Flawless

This was EOTO’s first headlining event at the Denver Filmore and they put on a phenomenal show.

NiT GriT kicked off the Conscious Alliance Benefit show followed by Denver’s own VibeSquaD .

EOTO finally took the stage the crowd was beyond ready.  With the friendly reminder from Michael Travis of their all improv format and a nod to Alex and Allison Grey painting live,  the show took off.  Jason and Michael were ‘On Point’.  There music journey was so right I was lost in dance,  stopping only to gaze at the lotus and lasers in awe.

The visuals this evening were a very pleasant surprise.  While we were anticipating the lotus Experience, the lasers and lights were unexpected. The laser angles and color combinations made the intimate theater feel twice the size.

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