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Matisyahu ATL The Tabernacle 6/14/2013

Matisyahu ATL The Tabernacle 6/14/2013

Artist: Matisyahu
Review Type: Photos
Genre: Reggae

Our Rating: 5 / 5 – Flawless

Last weekend our Atlanta contributor, Anmarie from D.V. Photography, headed to The Tabernacle to catch Matisyhau and Rebelution dazzle the crowd.

A few words from Anmarie…

As Matisyahu graced the stage, there was a large roar of excitement from the crowd.

The lights illuminated and sounds burst spreading wonderful vibes and thick loving culture throughout the Tabernacle. As I looked across the venue I saw nothing but smiling faces and memories being made by hundreds of people. There wasn’t a sad soul attending that night.

Matisyahu played a variety of old school favorites with a hint of that new school vibe. It was inspiring the way he’d changed some songs that have been a staple in his career and made them even better. There was also a section in his set that he did live beatboxing- a crowd pleasing staple in his live show for years.

As his set came to a close we were all reminded by just how talented, amazing and inspiring this individual is. Matched with the beauty of Tabernacle Atlanta, this was a set I will never forget.

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