Artist: KiloWatts
Review Type: Album Review
Genre: Electronic

The Review: 4 / 5 – Very Good

Philadelphia based pianist/producer KiloWatts has hit the proverbial nail-on-the-head with his most recent release, ‘Acceptitude’.

Over the course of ten tracks that span 66 minutes, KiloWatts manages to flow in and out of an infinite array of soundscapes and sonic elements.

Synth-crunch and bubbly-glitch stylings are showcased over the top of KiloWatts’ (real name, Jamie Watts) signature piano movements throughout the album.

The artists’ musical talents push the listener to open up and let go of any pre-conceived expectations as Acceptitude is unpredictable in the best way possible. Each track varies so much yet the full work fits perfectly together.

‘Meanwhile At The Cerebellum Hotel’ features a creeping mumble-grumble synth bass line that dances its way through an intergalactic back alley while the closing track ‘The Other Side of the Earth’ provides an amazingly thoughtful, classic piano driven outro.

This is definitely top-tier electronic music but frankly, it’s not for everyone. This collection of tracks does not contain any dubby wobble, hip hop samples or big grimy drops. If you love ambient, downtempo, ethereal, crunchy space noises or true glitch, this album is absolutely for you.

Free Download:  Download ‘Vector Eyes’, the first single off of Acceptitude. Download Here

Acceptitude Track Listings
1) The Beckoning
2) Night Writer
3) Hammerstrings
4) Meanwhile At The Cerebellum Hotel
5) Mobius Cakes
6) End Of The Year
7) Windsong
8) Vector Eyes
9) The World In A Nutshell
10) The Other Side Of The Earth

Buy the full album here. (Also available in an limited edition, expertly packaged physical CD)

Watch: The making of Acceptitude