Artist: Blockhead, Emancipator
Review Type: Concert Review, Photos
Genre: Electronic

The Review: 4.5 / 5 – Excellent

We arrived at Denver, Colorado‘s Ogden Theatre along with a steady stream of fans just in time to catch Inspired Flight.  This local duo warmed the crowd up with a dash of  live vocals and some well timed record scratching over the top of their moving edm beats.

Next up was the hugely anticipated performance by NYC producer, Blockhead and it was the perfect transition for the evening- keeping the relaxed vibe with the perfect balance of tension. At one point during his set, Blockhead paired his subdued hip-hop sound wonderfully with a sample of Phil Collins’ ‘In the air tonight’- Truly a set to remember.

Once the headliner, Emancipator, graced the stage the house was packed and they immediately took the evening to the verge of climax right out of the gate. Violinist Ilya Goldberg’s addition to the Emancipator live show this year has been a blessing for founding member Doug Appling- the addition of Goldberg’s crisp and soothing layers over the top of Appling’s melodic down-tempo beats seemed to lull the crowd into a collective groove from start to finsih.