Artist: Mike Leslie Band
Review Type: Track Review
Genre: Blues Rock

The Good: Solid production & playing.
The Bad: Not breaking the mold enough.
The Review: 3.5 / 5 – Good

Formed in downtown Detroit in the summer of 2012, the Mike Leslie Band offers an eclectic twist on pop music while delivering hook after hook of spine chilling melodies and hauntingly relatable lyrics.

The rock trio consists of Mike Leslie on vocals & guitar, Mike Parrott on bass & Mike Swain on the skins. Yes, all three band members are named Mike!

Their newest single, ‘Notice’ comes out swinging at your ears with a haunting familiarity. “Have I heard these guys before?” is something a new listener might even be asking themselves. With crisp studio production and tight playing, the Detroit trio are eerily spot on for only forming a mere months ago.

The vocal hooks are catchy, poignant & well crafted while the guitar lines are straightforward and precise- a refreshing sound in an era of brash and overly energized rock bands. For their genre and market, Mike Leslie and his crew are onto something very good at the moment- give the below track a spin and then visit the band’s site to purchase!



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