Artist: Bass Science
Review Type: Free Download
Genre: Bass

The Review: 4 / 5 – Very Good

Bass Science’s MattB uploaded a new track for our listening pleasure and dang, we are pleased with what we hear!

The new single track titled ‘HyperLove’ is available for free stream/download via SoundCloud. Obviously showcasing some heavy Euro EDM stylings with big synth tones, the genre is hard to define but one thing is certain, the track is very uplifting and really gets you going.

The melodic synth piano parts to start it off catch your attention right away followed by some some nice little drops and breakbeat chops. Living up to its name, HyperLove really does bounce through waves of love filled passion from start to finish- truly a love song for thew new era of Electronic Dance Music.

Bass Science fuses dubstep, glitch hop, IDM and dub into a fresh new sound that is simultaneously filthy and extremely clean.

Make sense? Ha. Maybe you should just have yourself a listen…