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Artist Spotlight: Air Tycoon

Artist Spotlight: Air Tycoon

Artist: Air Tycoon
Review Type: Free Download
Genre: Ambient

The Review: 4 / 5 – Very Good

Give us some background info on you.

My names Joseph Garcia, I’m 19. I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Morris, Illinois when I was 7 and have been there ever since. I have not gone to college and don’t have any plans to in the near future.

How do you describe your music?

Its really just an amalgam of everything I’m into. Alot of atmosphere and texture, alot of hard hitting drums, and deep bass. Steady, ambient, noisy trip-hop. I’m calling it “hauntwave” because music could always use another dumb, arbitrary genre label. And witchhouse is probably dead at this point.

What lead you to creating your own music?

It all came about because I wanted to be a rapper. It sounds funny now, because I can’t rap for shit, but I was obsessed with 90s hip-hop. I was really big into both G-Funk and New York hip-hop . I was an outsider amongst my friends in that respect, because while they were listening to like 50 cent or whatever, I was getting into Nas or Wu Tang; stuff like that. I eventually found the Stones Throw label when I was 14 and that really changed my perspective on hip-hop.

How long have you been producing and what tools do you use to create your music?

I’ve been producing ever since I was 12. I got FL Studio, so I’ve been using that ever since. Its so malleable and simplistic at the same time. I really couldn’t recommend anything else. Also, tons of freeware plugins. Thats about all I use. I process all of my sounds myself. No soft synths really. I have a firm stance against using presets or factory loaded drums. My theory is: How do you expect to make yourself stand out if just anybody can replicate the sounds you make?

Who are a few musical heroes? 

Oh theres too many to count at this point. I’m a music geek, so I pretty much absorb everything. If were just talking beatmaking though, I’d say number 1 would have to be Brian Eno. I found ‘Another Green World’ when I was 15 and it blew me away. I started expirementing with different textures and chord progressions in my music after I heard that record. He really is why I make the music I make today. Number 2 would be Animal Collective. Again, the textures. Its so important. And they work on an almost tribal level. Their music can sound so wierd and unique and at the same time make you feel like it came from your own brain. Flying Lotus would be another- his music is what made me want to be better producer.

You have 2 releases out in the last 6 months, are you planning on keeping up with this schedule?

I have singles released for both albums and I’m going to continue that format because its a nice way to build buzz. I can almost say for sure that a new single is coming in March and that its different than anything I’ve ever done. So look for that. I still consider this to be a hobby. Yes, its an enjoyable and enveloping hobby, but I don’t like to think of it as my job. The best music I make is accidental, and every album is a collection of my best accidents.

Provide us some insight to the concept for the album ‘Winter Purple’?

Winter Purple started about right after ‘Fuck Everything I’m God’. Even though I released FEIG in December, those are all summer beats. After it came out, I immediately began working on new songs, more so than I normally do. The basic concept was inspired by winter. I wanted to make dark, frosty, introverted songs. Something about the winter bums me out, so I just spent most of January and some of February working on it. Its kind of a product of winter introversion.

What is the story behind the name Air Tycoon?

I just happened to pick that name because it sounded cool. I’m looking forward to getting sued by the makers of that game though. Thats when you know you’ve made it.

Free Download: Leyden Jet by Air Tycoon

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