Art Outside 2014 was more than a music and art experience, it was a transformational and artistic expression of forth moving inner-visions of collaborative creative inventions.  The 10th annual extravaganza showcased over 75 musical acts, 50 visual artists, 40 performers, and 34 workshops with awe-inspiring acts rising in today’s eclectic fusion of visual and auditory sensations.

This homegrown community of self-reflection of inner-visions, pineal gland explorations, collaborative inspirations, and mind-altering creations of varying styles has remained true to its roots, its core, its intention.  Art Outside had me craving for more.  From the musicians, performers, visual painters, producers, promoters, and audience themselves, each moment, smile, breath, dance move, auditory trigger, and inspiration was made only possible through these extensive and authentic connections seen through liminal spaces.  Located in Apache Pass, TX, the surrounding area of the nation’s live music capital of the world, Austin, TX, Art Outside, is a secret gem, the place you’ve been seeking, it’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, a waterfall in a paradise, an escape into an unimaginable imagination of limitless technicolored realizations.

Art Seen Alliance, the developers of Art Outside, doubled their efforts for this year’s celebration of life to bring us a one of a kind experience which was definitely visually appealing.  They worked diligently and strategized effectively by expanding, building, and unifying their creation with extended promises.  A team of determined individuals cooked up the perfect recipe. This year was an eye-opener to many newcomers Art Outside has ever seen, with more out of staters present than ever before, literally doubling in size totaling 5,000 Art Outsider’s present throughout the entire weekend!  With numerous and varying art installations surrounding a spacious and invigorating scenic atmosphere of 4 stages which contained a stellar musical lineup, wide-ranging workshops, and over 50 visual artists, this years experience has captivated many.  I reflected on my weekend at Art Outside and was inspired by the whole happening, a more expansive experience than last year.  Take a read into my memorable experience at Art Outside 2014, 16 visual and auditory highlights that I experienced:

Visual Highlights

Eclectic Design, Exquisite Visuals, and Fresh Colorations –Art Outside Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at Art Outside was an outstanding elegance of fine artistic formations of many stylings such as acrylic, oils, realism, sacred geometrical, psychedelic, and new-age vibrations of magnificent illuminations of thought-provoking real-life creations through vivid imaginations made possible through profound inspirations.  This feature has  definitely been one of my favorite aspects from my previous two years of attendance.  This outdoor gallery featured forth-moving and cutting-edge innovative visual representations of the self, these artists share with us their souls, so this was a fascinating experience for me as I love art.  A fresh circulation of air was made possible through multiple wide entrances into the wooden floors.

New Found Artistic Visual Experience – The Welch Brothers

The Welch Brothers, residing in San Francisco, were a new-found visual experience which I discovered at this year’s Art Outside.  Raised from creatively artistic parents, The Welch Brothers express different styles of artistic creations. With having engaged in numerous art projects such as Graffiti, Street Art, Acrylic Styles, Atmospheric Hip Hop Reflections, Ceramics, and other styles of fine art, The Welch Brothers dually engaged in creating a masterpiece stemming from various creative styles. at Art Outside.  As days moved forward at Art Outside, so did their artistic creation which was visibly displayed towards the left side of the Dome stage.  Bringing their own unique styles to the floor, they work together to ultimately create unifying yet differing expressions.  An abstract digital world was present that weekend, as Gabriel Welch unfolded the story behind their art and the profound and constructive relationship he has with his brother, which is then reflected and in their artistic collaboration. The Welch Brothers

-Most Electrifying Art Installation – Spires by The Dome

Art Outside was a visually mind-blowing out-door experience full of next level inventions of art installations.  One of the most electrifying art installations which really stuck out to me were the Spires structures surrounding the front of the Dome stage.  They contained symmetrically creative and appealing geometrical designs made of wood carvings.  Within the structures, they also incorporated various light- illuminations of the full spectrum colorations within each installation adding a more visual and lively approach during late night hours.  This creation was a result of the team work from Colin Cactus Bath, Marcus Swagger, Aaron Lobdell, Chris Athanas, and Sarah Agent Red Johnston.

Powerful Healing Vibrational Creation – Orgone Vortex

Orgone Vortex is a creation of artistic energy gizmo’s intended to heal your mind, body and soul.  Designed in Austin, TX, these gems are intended in manifesting change to the world by raising mass consciousness and vibrational planetary energy.  Their functional art pieces carry a powerful life force energy signature that blocks cell destructive EMF waves with a positive piezoelectric charge. Many who touch on these creations can feel immediate results of energy pulsing into their hands or anywhere they vortex the device over there body.  Orgone Energy devices are fiberglass resin, metal and crystal minerals that restore energetic balance to the environment by transmuting negative energy into positive life force energy.  Some of the finest aspects of Orgone can be used to grid your living environment, structure your drinking water, and also promotes clearing and healing to your body. These also active with reiki healing and other energy arts. A seeker who is dedicated to sharing knowledge and passing on the techniques that is required to bring our human blueprint and consciousness back to its true form. Orgone Vortex

Thought-Provoking Wire-Wrapping Creations – Geo-Crystal Wraps

Geo-Crystal Wraps are hand creations made by DJ, Donald Jarvis.  These futuristic metallic formations have varying luminous crystals fused and blended within each other to create cutting-edge pendant wraps, rings, and other jewelry creations as such.  He also hosted the workshop, “Introduction to Wire-wrapping” where he took his audience into a creative journey stemming from his ingenious being.  This artistic self-expression is fascinating as it navigates a new outlook in present day fresh creations of futuristic hand made jewelry.  These wire-wrappings are more than a material object, they’re inspired by love and being healing vibrations of pure energy which ultimately purify and cleanse your aura whether it be through Citrine, Quartz, Tourmaline, Amethyst, they’ll ignite bliss.

The Dancers, The Performers, The Hula-Hoopers, Everyone – We All Make Art Outside

We all make Art Outside the uplifting experience it is.  With out the audience, hula-hoopers, dancers, performers, musicians, and kids, there wouldn’t be any form of expression.  We have simultaneously participated in the creation of this festival to an extent – our existence and our experience is key in this art and music culture.  During my time at Art Outside I came across many smiles for miles and high vibration humans who were lively in the now, creating and expressing themselves outside of luscious scenery.  I connected with so many new and old friends, some which I hadn’t seen in a few years from Colorado, made new friends while on the dance floor, and smiled with my camping neighbors, my friends – authentic connections of many sorts.

Exhilarating Visual Experience – Arc Attack

Arc Attack was not to be missed, not only because it’s fascinating to watch, but also because you could see purple lightning bolt strikes triggering magnetizing energy through sonic vibrations from far away and beyond.  It’s an enormous Tesla coil creation which definitely attracted many at time, and at multiple instances within those times . It’s pretty exciting and always draws a vivid visual experience while navigating the campgrounds as you shuffle across the spacious illuminated fields of grass and decorated trees of many stylings.

Colorful Structured Illuminations in the Night-  The Black Light Temples

There were two Black Light Temple structures that incorporated soothing sounds of nature in its surroundings.  They stood to the right between the Main Stage and the Dome Stage, something fascinating to experience while walking from stage to stage, or while taking a break from the auditory sensations to enhance visual explorations. Their design was lustrous as they contained UV lights which gave exposure to neon colorations of many pigmentations such as neon pink, purple, and neon green in striped patterns.

Auditory Highlights

Soothingly Uplifting Vibes – Emancipator

Emancipator was the perfect dose of soothing music towards Sunday evening, last night of music for Art Outside.  Doug Appling fused downtempo and trip hop elements into his sound compositions making possible altering states of minds.  Something so invigorating about the collaboration of rhythmically melodic sound production with the incorporation of fellow music member, llya Goldbreg, striking a crossbow on a wooden instrument, more specifically, the violin.  A classical approach to modern day electronic music, Emancipator was one of my prime highlights of invigorating bliss. Through Emancipator’s own recent years of personal expansion, he provided energetic vibes in association of Art Outside’s expansion in 2014. Emancipator

Rejuvenating Sound Frequencies – Nahko and Medicine for the People

Nahko and Medicine for the People were the right dose of healing medication for us all at Art Outside.  I was so excited for my first experience of their eclectic and lively performance.  They definitely kept the crowd uplifted into a journey of melodic and fresh live instrumentations and vocalizations.  Nahko’s lyrical messages were truly effective and heart-felt.  Speaks eloquently of significant paths leading his path…just feeling it, experiencing it, and intuitively following inner guidance, and as a result, directing his energy outwardly into the audience through their sonic interpretations was definitely something truly inspiring to feel. Nahkoo and Medicine for the People

Funkiest Get Down – The Motet

The Motet, hailing from Colorado, brought with them loads of funky improvisational energy, as the crowd reflected and grooved down to their unique and lively roots in funk, disco, soul, and afrobeat energy.  Their experience was infectious, creating a solid relationship with the audience, and delivering a newly found experience each time.  I have encountered their live performances since 2009 while living in Boulder, CO, and can attest that they will always share present moments of funky doses.  Each musician on stage fully captivated us, very intone and energetic which is why they’re one of my favorite live bands to experience, especially with Joey Porter’s dexterous key playing skills. The Motet

Innovator of the Freshest Set – The Widdler

The innovator of dub hit the late night dome experience on Saturday and brought with him an otherworldly vibe of sound energy. Time definitely froze during that performance, it’s like I was transported into multiple dimensions at once.  He’s pushing boundaries in the bass and dubstep scene, so having a unique creator present in the Austin area who incorporates West Coast bass styles was cool to feel out, especially at this years very diverse and cutting-edge musical lineup.  As I turned around in the dome while incorporating my dance moves, I could feel everyone’s high-energy wobbling vibes, a feel-good atmosphere. The Widdler

Most Dexterous Producer/Guitarist – D.V.S.*

D.V.S.*, Derek VanScoten, always sky rockets the crowd into a galactic atmosphere.  His experience at Art Outside was a melodic dance ignition made possible thorough organic electronic bass, drums, and sound design fused in with his dexterous electric guitar playing skills.  His PA sets are always fascinating to experience as his lively character can be heard through the textures and tones of his soul.  I’m always eager to catch Derek’s sets as he always has new get downs for us, never knowing which universe or planet he will teleport you to.  He kept the Dome stage late hours of Saturday energetic and magnetizing. D.V.S*

Mind-Boggling Auditory Sensation – Somatoast

Somatoast brought within us a trippy, mind-boggling, and uplifting auditory experience while incorporating old tunes meshed in with forth coming soundscapes which will be released under Shanti Planti later this month.  A psychedelic experience of all sorts took place, a distinct sound in today’s very competitive electronic scene of creative production styles.  He brings with him stories and in-depth psychedelic interpretations within the Grateful Dead family and is influenced by well-known psychedelic writers such as Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey, and Terrence McKenna.  His forth-moving and thoughtful incorporations into his music creations are truly something unique ; he’s a thought-provoking new-age advancement in production innovation. Somatoast

Uniquely Versatile Producer/Dj – Pumpkin

Pumpkin, hailing from California, was a captivating experience of many explorations.  His dj sets captured a wide-variety of sounds stemming from inventive mixes.  A blast from the past and new groove feels from present day living created memorable epiphanies at the Mid-Way stage at Art Outside.  Genres of all sorts arose making the crowd get down in limitless ways.  He’s on spot with today’s ever changing trends, a key ingredient in the importance of forth-moving change in music styles.  His energetic on-stage performance was a prime observation while experiencing his set, his outwardly enthusiasm spoke to the captivated audience. Pumpkin

Creator of Best Dance Moves – Orchard Lounge

The Orchard Lounge set at Art Outside 2014 was a danceable hypnotic experience of Electrofunk, House-tech, and genre-filling illuminations. Originally formed as a duo, Spencer Lokken and Bethany Lokken, this set consisted only of a single appearance of Spencer Lokken.  He kept us feeling in-tune and lively the entire set, as I turned, grooved, and created dance moves, I could feel the crowds energy orbiting around the entire dance floor triggering like-minded improvisational creations of body-language only made possible by the creators soulful-hypnotech intention. Lively expressions, smiles, and uniquely rare auditory explorations never failed to impress. Orchard Lounge