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Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back Headphones, Black
Yamaha RH50A Professional Stereo Headphones (Amazon Exclusive)
Yamaha HPH-100B Dynamic Closed-Back Headphones, Black
Yamaha HPH-MT5 Monitor Headphones, White, (HPH-MT5W)
Yamaha PAC HPH-MT7 Monitor Headphones, Black
Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back Headphones
Yamaha RH50A Professional Stereo Headphones
Yamaha HPH-100B Dynamic Closed-Back Headphones
Yamaha HPH-MT5 Monitor Headphones
Yamaha PAC HPH-MT7 Monitor Headphones
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Product Page
Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back Headphones, Black
Yamaha HPH-50B Compact Closed-Back Headphones
Prime Benefits
Product Page
Yamaha RH50A Professional Stereo Headphones (Amazon Exclusive)
Yamaha RH50A Professional Stereo Headphones
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Product Page
Yamaha HPH-100B Dynamic Closed-Back Headphones, Black
Yamaha HPH-100B Dynamic Closed-Back Headphones
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Product Page
Yamaha HPH-MT5 Monitor Headphones, White, (HPH-MT5W)
Yamaha HPH-MT5 Monitor Headphones
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Product Page
Yamaha PAC HPH-MT7 Monitor Headphones, Black
Yamaha PAC HPH-MT7 Monitor Headphones
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Yamaha’s new range of Headphones and Earphones

Oh August 29th 2016 do you know where
you were
well depending on where you were you
might have been watching the review of
the audio technica I am 40 X’s that’s
what that video came out August 2016 and
these have stayed on my wall that entire
time but she I don’t know if there was a
wall back then I had the video open what
was actually like going no there wasn’t
a wall there was a wall behind me but
the speaker’s lined up on it which I
thought looked cool but there was not
even a wall so sometime after that which
I want to point out that the wallpaper
in that video linked in the description
the entire video description her were
slightly bigger than hers and there’s a
reason for that everything has a reason
because it’s been a long time since I’ve
found something that could possibly
compete with the m-40 X’s like I found a
bunch let’s just face it I found a bunch
of quality clothes back cans civico
double out six and make seven five ones
CB ones the list is so massive I can’t
even don’t even please don’t make me
remember it I just want to focus because
I bought these and these are the Yamaha
HP h mt fives after my sennheiser HD 280
pro review I did the 280 pro review
there are a hundred dollars and I read
you the comments of every video as they
come out and one person was like dude 82
80s or trashed you gotta get the HD 300s
so I did in there back there and after
I’m done with this review oh no clean
everything up and then do if the HD 300
of you but that goes from one hundred to
two hundred dollars and then other
people were like those nah man those are
trash you got to get the MT fives so I
did I bought both well I read the
comments and if someone says no no no
and that person’s comment gets enough
obviously there’s some sort of
immunity around whatever headphone
they’re recommending and I should check
it out so I took time out of my busy
busy schedule to spend patreon money
said spend subscribes their money and
then listen now I was originally gonna
compare the 280 pros to the MT 5s
because they’re literally in the same
category of monitoring headphone studio
monitor headphone these do not claim as
much of like a sound dampening as the
280 pros do but they’re $20 apart and
they’re both pretty well known brands
and they both have a similar design
features as far as folding and
everything and that was gonna be the
review but i sat here and stock MT fives
versus stocks and I drew 20 pros the 280
pros win period end of thing I was gonna
change it to a zero to wallpaper because
you know good effort but you failed and
then it dawned on me
these hmm
oh okay these lose straight-up stock
pads these are the stock pads for the MT
5s they are squares I don’t hate them
stock pads I don’t hate the feel stock
I don’t even hate the sound stock pads
the problem comes when you compare them
directly to something like the 280 pros
and then you’re like oh that’s why those
and then those on a two were just at the
most fun you could have so like alright
so maybe the MT fives don’t win but you
know what in 40 exes they were [ _ ] losers – you were [ _ ] loser
and 50s was bad but em 40s was like wait
there’s something to this sound but they
still suck – where the pads for the m-40
axes of stock pads were horrendous so I
went on that journey I didn’t have much
to journey today the journey is more
journey phille I have way more pads and
I’m like okay I put these big these are
the zmf oval cowhides
and from 2016 to 2020 for this sort of
pads shape what do I pull out well i
plot the zmf oval
skins because those are the cowhides and
these which are these EMF oval Suede’s
because I want I wanted to try to make
em 40 X’s at least compete with
something for in a long time still a
long time that’s fine
that’s always fun when things go but
dude you’re doing Dordogne wallet well
I’m doing things now you sleep so
sitting here stock pads – BAM – BAM
solid state this that that just those
for fun and I even tried these giant XL
gels just because the brainwaves XL pads
are more readily available in those
e-m-f ones and way cheaper didn’t do it
for me didn’t do it for me and then I
started listening to the m-40 X’s that’s
when I brought them down off the wall
and I’m like okay let’s see if these
hold on [ _ ] yes they hold up you can consider this review a review of the Yamaha mt5 but a rear view of the m-40 X’s because I am sitting here and I am just swapping back and forth between amps and tubes and Dax and wondering it’s a time to take you off the wall man oh but I don’t know how to headphones can be so similar in their design and purpose both studio monitors both use like 40 millimeter drivers are not full 50s both the exact same price $80 have AB been forever and when I go and I put them on the same amp with the same music music backup some music I have these much Yamaha’s on I’m like oh these are the [ _ ] clear winner clear winner
use the clear winner I had Billy Joel’s
last play at Shea huge lives Stadium I
was at the last play at Shea by the way
the third day so the actual last play of
Shea and the crowd was bossing I was
like wall with a detail and these
sounded a little bit too close and not
as you know not as fun and aggressive
I’d fun and unaggressive and wide just
these are a little more focuses these
were more laid-back and I’m like that’s
then I switch to another song and it’s a
lounge singer or something and it’s it’s
much clearer vocals on the 4d X’s and on
these it sort of sounds a little bit
pulled away oh and the reason I went
with a suede versus the lambskin which
would have been more direct competition
was the bass got so insane with the
lambskin on these Yamahas like the bass
is solid on the m-40 axes with a cowhide
solid but it’s never in your face it’s
never gets in the way of the music with
the solid pads a more space adding that
much volume we were too much so that’s
what you go with a more airy more less
visceral pad more viscous pad I don’t
know speak in words speak it just look
at the wallpaper when you get bored
which is fine move that for you so I’ll
put these back on we’re now back to
solid state versus solid state the tubes
can sit there for a second like that
that that a de AI da celesta a de I got
to know why his name’s in it let’s back
that up to the exact same moment I’ll
put this on we have the exact same amps
in the exact same DAC or the exact same
power levels too
and it sounds more artificial with these
now that could be because it’s using a
solid pad versus it’s open pad but I
know when I played with this and I know
if I swapped it it was lack this has
just the right amount of base with these
pads you need these pads and this needs
just the right amount the base with
these pads these feds so we are
officially matched this is a [ _ ] fight for the ages because you’re looking at sub 100 L headphones that if you changed the wire in case you didn’t guess by the way this is not the wire the Yamaha comes with this is a Perry apt cable one of the original ones that they sent me I will link to periapsis comm or Perry apt cables comm this is probably worth as much as the headphones just saying but have good reason for not using the stock cable here’s the bag of the cons of the Yamaha and here is a stock cable completely unopened because I was like [ _ ] you the Jencks will be
endless my day will be gent and our
sadness will be eternal it’s not a
terrible cable on the ends like it uses
the two and a half millimeter lock and
this has got a nice flared bit so you
guys should pull it out I don’t know why
more quarter-inch I keep doing this to
this plugin I keep yanking on the spring
it just slides off why would you taper
down taper up this is a great idea it’s
a great idea to taper up your plug
everybody taper up your plugs and you
notice that strain relief and the wire
doesn’t feel so bad although it’s a
little bit janked here and it’s not even
part of this [ _ ] bundle so no I knew when I took these out of the box and the unboxing that I just went nope nope that’s that’s wrap that [ _ ] up shove
the throw down the floor we’re never
using that again I have Perry out cables
that’ll fit this so a boom beautiful
bellissimo yeah vibrate all you want
your [ _ ] alright now that said that these sound better with 808 a big open Italian singer in a chamber and now this still man crybaby her baton I mean I’m noticing a little leg liking this one better still ok postmodern jukebox anaconda doesn’t sound bad on these female vocals now it’s clearer on this clearer foot closer and this just has this little bit of like a nasal nough stew it I think that pads are just so big that it’s it’s adding like a reverb effect inside the headphone so what that means is I don’t know which one I like more and that’s the point of this review I can now recommend either m40 X’s which have stood the test of [ _ ] time even metal 571 metal hasn’t
done reviews in a while but even my
first five seven one of these gone back
when he came here to visit knew that the
m-40 x’s existed he had tried them
previously they sucked I made him wear
them and he put them up and went my god
man what did you do and I’m just like
pads oh my god oh my god like you oh my
god at the m-40 X as I say on my wall
it’s a reason they’re on my wall but
it’s 2020 and it’s time to start looking
at my wall and really assessing there
will be by the way people have requested
it there will be a video about my wall
and the updates that have happened in
the past I think it’s been over a year
because there are new additions and
there might be some subtractions I don’t
know or it might just add a third shelf
and say [ _ ] it because there’s ugly parts of the wall and that’s the best way to clean it up is just add another shelf add another shelf do you see us well I’m getting another shelf so these are able to talk about them with the stock pads I’m gonna talk about them with the stock pairs I’m gonna talk about them with the stock pads there an average set of studio monitors they’re not as bad as em 50s they don’t hurt they probably don’t show as much potential and sound as the m-40 X’s did they’re very clean very cleanly very neutral they’re a little bit boring they’re little bit stuffy and it was like it took me like literally 27 seconds to go god I want to be like with different pads but I avoided that I kept using them I used him I was put him against c2 280 pros and I was like those are better if you’re doing actual monitoring the Yamahas are more comfortable than the Sennheiser’s because they have a much better build I should probably look at the actual headphone for a bit so one piece solid design there you have a crazy shaped pad but it’s a normal slot this is your folding mechanisms here and here and obviously these pads are gigantic metal slide here doesn’t click we have an exposed cable that goes to the left to the right on both sides or from the right to the left depending on how you’re looking at it the headband says Yamaha Yamaha and it’s got a very thick padding here very thick padding actually and they feel like all these better built than the the audio Technica’s but they’re not [ _ ] all
made of metal but like this here this is
rubber to cover whatever the screw
design that is used to hold this there’s
an aluminum circle on the front the
hinge system goes through as a rubber
cap over the back it says made in Taiwan
where you made I forget where you’re
made Taiwan holy [ _ ] it’s a tie when you stand off so they just slide up and down you got your exposed wires these are nothing to laugh at either these do fold flat however like that these will go that way and these will not they will just twist like that and it twists happen here you see the metal insert so I mean these are gonna fold this way these gonna fold this way or this way so that’s one point for the audio-technica I think I gave it to them but this padding up here is pretty lackluster like it’s you could see this stitched move it can do that too it could just fall down like it’s a broken dead I wouldn’t bet that pad and a broke dick dog this is not the best as far as padding goes it looks real thick this is all solid or the padding is on top forgetting for some [ _ ] reason stop
doing whatever it’s doing is bad cease
there we go
it’s been a while since I’ve had these
off the block and actually had to
manipulate it with my hand
because you don’t really like at my
current stage of headphone obsession and
forty exes don’t really like grab me to
like pull them off the wall but I’m glad
I had to for this I’m glad I had to
compare them because there are still
some things where these just [ _ ] shine that’s I’m gonna try to find them now too bright weird al’ oh my god Oh to a superhero which is the exact same opening as Billy Joel so alright definitely more mid-tones midbass in the Yamahas whereas i feel like these are a bit sharper just overall especially in the vocals male vocals here I’m getting well it’s almost a little bit of this a little bit of this I’m not I’m trying to prepare you in case you get this exact combo you know if I push them in a little bit if I squeeze the pads down doesn’t really affect the vocal tone allottee wowthat’s didn’t even I don’t remember him doing a Billy Joel parody I love Billy Joel and I love Weird Al and pasta hates what happened she’s not really popular Billy Joel but I mean this is if you haven’t heard Weird Al’s ode to a superhero please whip that [ _ ] out I
don’t know I don’t know which one I
prefer this is it there are some
variations there’s some songs that I
could just tell this is like this is not
what it’s supposed to do
this headphones on suppose we’re doing
this and there’s some songs on these
that knowing what I know now about the
Civic about six and the MH 75 ones I
know there are other alternatives that
may not be as wide because again we’re
adding [ _ ] monster pads to these which have remained as stiff as they have ever been which was the reason I put them on was to add just physical with in some 80s hair metal with some Lian Lian never surrender yeah from the Wraiths soundtrack ah [ _ ] I am I’m
enjoying the Yamahas more for a lot of
these things are we witnessing the death
of the m-40 exes I don’t want to do this
because there’s so many be I was a can
Jim literally yesterday and people were
shaking my hand told me how much money I
crossed them which is apparently a
universal trend that everyone seems to
enjoy like oh you cost me so much money
like and then the like can’t wait for
your next review like just go away
leave I don’t want to cause poverty
don’t do not do not to make me cause
poverty but on the same hand many people
literally said the m-40 exes is what got
them into me so the fact that I’m
sitting here that wallpaper and you
could see these just like look at them
and go oh those look interesting I
should show you under the pad even
though it’s a pan of the dick to put
these pants back on
a 40-millimeter draw I’m assuming it’s
for you I literally didn’t look up the
specs but I’ve done this for a while so
I’m looking at a 40 I don’t know what
these pieces of foam or four I don’t
know if there’s something underneath
them we’ve got two little felt inserts
there three holes there three holes
there we’ve got the driver not just on
an angle back but on an angle up and
back which I’ve not seen and then
another piece of felt for bleeding sound
from the back side of the driver forward
and you just boom boom here’s what they
look like with the normal ones right
before this review I sort of I sort of
had the itch I’m I’m I’m a guy that we
gets an itchy scratches it alright even
in public even if it’s disgusting
ignore me ignore me am i scratching so I
want to look it up on Amazon to make
sure I had you know the price right and
terrible reviews I’d like to peruse them
for what anything that might break in
the future and a notice that the MT
fives are the bottom of the line which
makes sense they’re 80 bucks you can’t
really get much cheaper than that audio
[ _ ] Technica hey audio technica why does the 30 and the 20 exist how cheap you going literally I bought the audio technica m30 X and the m20 X and I threw them away I didn’t even return them I had them I used them I tried to pad saw to my left and said the thing the the return window expired and then I threw them in the garbage so you’re the forties magical once you change the pads 50s go check out my review of the 50s if you’re a new subscriber you don’t know about the the controversy that made me popular it was me [ _ ] on the m50x em 60s the
little on ears praise the hell out of
them em 70s knives just [ _ ] knives in your ears no so I mean Yamaha comes out with the MT 10 MTO MT fives and I’m like oh they also apparently came in white or black and I chose black out of just because I didn’t read but you get on white or black and now they also have the MT 7 and the MT 8 now the mt 7 in black is 150 bucks but i’m Zeos and if I’m gonna try the version up from this to see if it’s great I’m gonna get the white ones because I want to get some style 170 dollars as you can see you purchase this item on February 17th 2020 which is today which it should be hitting the patreon and subscribe star on the 18th and then going public sometime next week that’s how this works by the way if you want to support this channel patreon and subscribe star gets you to see the videos early if there’s a rush there’s only like three of those left in stock how many of the fives and they apparently the eights don’t come in white which is [ _ ] and also they
using the same picture of the fives like
at least the difference between the 5s
and 7s it goes from this oval to a giant
looking bad like like there’s there’s s7
sway NASA the sevens there that’s the
seventh I’m interested you’ve got my
okay take this now make it that big and
then I can put the like the big pads on
it if I I’m trying I want to love these
by default and I had to do this pad swap
to love them and then you go to the
eights and the eights look exactly like
thus fives like to the letter like the
fives except this headband piece is
slightly different to three sections
instead of two so I mean depending on
how amazing the sevens turn out I might
purchase the eights as well because this
is what that’s what the support of this
channel is for it so you go to you
patreon you go to subscribe star you
your join up I take that money and I
shovel it back out there oh I probably
should mention I haven’t worked out all
the details but I’ve had those higher in
tears fifteen thirty I think there’s
like a hundred there’s $150 chair which
I might just jump straight to that but
those tears are going to have benefits
soon that everyone’s gonna be very
interested in especially people who want
to try a lot of headphones so I’ll just
keep an eye or ear out I’ll be tweeting
and instagramming I’ll make a whole
video what I announce it finally I got
to work out some details Oh details an
accident I think I like these more than
the m-40 X’s with this Pat mob the cable
obviously doesn’t really make a
difference I’m not a believer in that
though this cables got silver core 8a
air filled you know magnesium magnet
course I don’t care I just want a nice
cable it’s the one thing you’re gonna
interact with with your headphones your
headphones go on your head you don’t see
them you feel them but you don’t really
see them the cable has to sort of like
get from somewhere to somewhere and if
it’s [ _ ] you’re gonna know it like this is that the stock M 4 DX cable and this was like a twelve dollar cable on Amazon and this actual cable will work I think it’s the exact same connector that’s uh oh god I’m doing things yep there you go wait gotta lock it boom so we could swap this around give the old Betty here so I mean they were both made in Taiwan they both use the same thing did I miss something does audio technica own Yamaha is that a thing or the old Gibson brand or what I don’t get it but I will say this these are still remarkable headphones and I understand everyone who’s gotten them and it opened your world to new things about 2020 starting in 2020 if someone says hey I have this much money and I want a headphone and don’t mind modding it a little bit of spending a little more as an under $200 rule for fun for fun monitoring stop looking at these for monitoring for actual work and go to the 280 pros if you’ve got a tube amp this does not benefit from a tube amp I’ve tried this is not better from a tube amp this is not benefit from a tube amp to any pros are actually the better buy all around because you get better sound quality by default because no I’m enjoying the Sennheiser family and they judge [ _ ] this will fix your [ _ ] boom and also tube joy but I would not change the pads into any pros they are a very specific build with very specific reasons that cut everything out and once you put tubes in then you don’t need the wider sound size of your physicality my next review like literally I’m going clean SS up and in 24 minutes from this moment doing the 300 review where I compare the 280 to the 300 where I basically say the 3 hundreds better than the 280 but it’s double the price so it makes sense we’ll get to it right now I’m telling you if you have in your shopping cart this is worth this is the only time it matters if you already own m4 TX’s you’re fine don’t worry don’t concern yourself they’re still great but if you haven’t bought them yet and you’re thinking about it MT fives with you know $70 pets I don’t even know what these pads cost um you could also not buy these pads a lot of times who were buying those and couldn’t get the zmf ovals they were just by brainwaves you can get I will link in the description if I can find them brainwave is oval pads because you need an oval pad because it’s [ _ ] square and
ovals are close to squares and circles
and you could put these on your head and
you could just go oh this is nice that’s
all I want these are these are I’m
looking for the good cheap moddable
down-to-earth one hundred and fifty
dollar or less headphone that’s it
that’s it now they’re still good but
it’s 2020 and I think I like a lot of
things that’s do better it’s more it’s
more base more warmth more relaxation
salt and that’s it so like I said
patreon subscribe start support this
channel wallpapers available in every
description if you go to the description
to the video of the audio technica the
description of that video has got the
wallpaper if you want to get all the
wallpapers I’ve ever used since the
beginning of this channel patreon the
SUBSCRIBE star both have access to that
when you join them links to sound demo
for this which is completed on the stock
pads I want to point out because I did
the sound em already
um because I wanted to compare it
directly to the 280 pros so you’re gonna
have to just take my [ _ ] word on it that when you put the pads on it it does get bigger wider base here it’s I know it’s tough it’s a piece of [ _ ] but I’ve
already to the sound em I’m not redoing
it if enough people beg on patreon or
subscribe to star for me to redo the
sound of it with the bigger pads I’ll do
it what else I had a link talk about
hi-fi guides – guides oh how about
exponent I’m gonna start advertising it
slowly and then I’ll probably do another
dedicated video I have been asked with
DMS to do the budget audio file room at
exponent this year which is only two
months away from like this moment or a
month and a half away and we’re not
gonna do a GoFundMe they’ve actually
comped us the room
which is nice but they have not comped
us the flights and they have not comped
us all the equipment have to put in all
the work so there might be a bunch of
things to sell like companies have
offered us things that might give us
and we just either all either yarns sell
them and put the money towards exponents
flight stop or we’ll sell them in the
room for people who are there but yeah
there’ll be a whole video announcing
that and just spurting it out here every
goes I’m actually hot that’s [ __ ]
February why am i hot well that’s why I
just figured it out
anyway that’s it for today sound demo
consider these over these but if you’re
have these ready you basically we’re
just forgetting another flavor of them I

Yamaha Headphones

The search for the best Yamaha headphones can be daunting. What are the different types, how do they compare in quality and how do you know which one is the best for you? What if there was only one type of headphone for guitar players? There isn’t and yet you would find yourself with an expensive tool. What are the different types of headphones?

First we start with the simple headphones. What do they offer over other brand name headphones? They offer basic noise cancellation, so you can still hear other external sources without interference. What else do they offer?

Simple studio headphones, without any additional features. Some of these include the Bose, Sony and JBL. These will provide you with simple monitoring headphones and also isolate you from external noises and also other sounds in the studio. A simple set up is all that is required to have these headphones working. There is not a lot to these headphones.

Yamaha hi-fi headphones offer another choice. The difference between the simple studio headphones and the hi fi headphones is the additional feature that is added to them; the microphone input signal driver. The driver allows you to use other recording devices such as microphones, virtual keyboards, and interface devices with your computer. This means that if you need additional sound effects or recording software for your new tracks, you can connect these to your computer and transfer your tracks through this connection. The driver size of these headphones is a little larger than normal, however all in all this is just minor.

Perhaps the most popular form of Yamaha headphones is the flat cable. With a flat cable, all the wires are in a straight line and are also able to deliver great sound quality. The reason why Yamaha is normally regarded as the industry leader when it comes to headphones is because they offer one of the highest quality headphones available in the market. The other main selling point of the flat cable is that there are no tangles, no excessive noises, and also no problems with cable noise.

If you are looking for something to fit into your lifestyle, then the above three forms of Yamaha headphones should definitely be considered. If you like to listen to your music loud then maybe even the extended bass option would work well for you. For the rest of us a high quality sound source combined with a comfortable padded headband is the best headphones for sound quality and comfortable listening.

Last update on 2021-06-25 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.