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Monoprice Indio Cali DLX Quilted Maple Top Electric Guitar - Blue Aqua Burst With Heavy-Duty Gig Bag
Monoprice Indio Retro DLX Flamed Top Electric Guitar - Trans Green With Heavy-Duty Gig Bag, Built For Performance
Monoprice Indio 66 Classic Electric Guitar - Silver Burst, With Gig Bag (610366)
Monoprice Indio Cali Classic Electric Guitar - Wine Red, With Gig Bag
Monoprice Indio 66 Classic Electric Guitar - White, With Gig Bag
Monoprice Indio Cali DLX Quilted Maple Top Electric Guitar
Monoprice Indio Retro DLX Flamed Top Electric Guitar
Monoprice Indio 66 Classic Electric Guitar, Silver Burst
Monoprice Indio Cali Classic Electric Guitar
Monoprice Indio 66 Classic Electric Guitar, White
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Monoprice Indio Cali DLX Quilted Maple Top Electric Guitar - Blue Aqua Burst With Heavy-Duty Gig Bag
Monoprice Indio Cali DLX Quilted Maple Top Electric Guitar
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Monoprice Indio Retro DLX Flamed Top Electric Guitar - Trans Green With Heavy-Duty Gig Bag, Built For Performance
Monoprice Indio Retro DLX Flamed Top Electric Guitar
Prime Benefits
Price not available
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Monoprice Indio 66 Classic Electric Guitar - Silver Burst, With Gig Bag (610366)
Monoprice Indio 66 Classic Electric Guitar, Silver Burst
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Monoprice Indio Cali Classic Electric Guitar - Wine Red, With Gig Bag
Monoprice Indio Cali Classic Electric Guitar
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Monoprice Indio 66 Classic Electric Guitar - White, With Gig Bag
Monoprice Indio 66 Classic Electric Guitar, White
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Monoprice Indio 66 Guitar Demo Video

hey guys Chris here again today we have
monoprice Indio 66 so I know what you’re
thinking why would you buy that horrible
guitar I do have a reason I’ll tell you
in a minute but the very first reason is
I got an email from monoprice with a
coupon saying this guitar is now 65
bucks so whatever how bad could it be
right so 65 bucks thought a gamble I
obviously didn’t expect much and I
didn’t get much so fair deal this is
basically this cheapest guitars get I
suspect when you get around this level
they’re all pretty much identical of
course made in China
I bet it’s very similar to other 50 $60
Chinese guitars but mana price is a
little more legitimate than say some
eBay seller or something so I thought I
would see what they’re giving away for
60 bucks originally based on the website
this guitar is 129 and then was on sale
for 99 and then the coupon brought it
down to write it was like 67 dollars
shipped so that’s very cheap it’s kind
of typical feature set it’s got twenty
five and a half inch neck 22 frets nine
and a half inch radius stuffs alright
the tuners of course as always every
time with these guitars they just can’t
get them right they don’t work at least
two of these are i’d say working at
about 50% efficacy and after playing it
for a couple of minutes it’s definitely
gonna be out of tune that said they are
better than some of the horrible Chinese
tuners I’ve seen but I again think
they’re probably all the same so maybe
it’s just luck of the draw
but I bet if we could take these apart
and like Harley Benton tuners and
whatever fret light I bet they’re all
pretty much the same it’s got a decent
maple neck on it it’s a
see maybe a little on the thinner side
it’s not super thin and it’s got a light
satin finish on it I’ll call it that it
might be a little generous but it’s got
a little something on there it’s a scarf
joint and could be worse right the fret
work on this kinda reminds me of like
the fret light or something they feel
weird they’re a little sharp on the
edges they’ve kind of curled up a little
bit so the edges can catch your fingers
if you’re not careful and it’s not very
good and also they’re they’re scratchy
you can hear them as you as you move the
strings so not not great Plus cheap
strings probably a bad mix but uh did
not replace these strings they feel very
small I kind of wonder if some of these
Chinese guitars I think they might come
with aids or some of the measurement is
actually finished all right it could be
as usual pretty forgettable humbuckers
in this these I thought were maybe a
little better than some of those other
horrible guitars I’ve played but they
would definitely be coming out if you
were gonna keep this guitar
the body is apparently basswood but that
is based only on a comment on their
website so I don’t know if that’s true
I’d say it feels true it’s kind of a
classic single cut shape but they
actually put this little kind of bevel
here but then don’t put the lip on there
so I actually don’t mind this it kind of
looks like a carve top but it doesn’t
chew up your arm so I actually do not
mind what they’ve done with the body
it’s pretty comfortable and it’s very
lightweight we have a tune Matic style
bridge with a kind of cool string
through body thing it’s kind of premium
considering I mean I’ve seen much less
elegant examples of that so it could be
they unlike fret light managed to get
all the little grommet things in there
so it’s good the pots actually don’t
feel that bad which is interesting they
have a decent amount of resistance and
they’re pretty smooth but the tone knob
towards the end get a really good sound
out of it listen this which though this
is so bad I don’t know if it’s defective
I think this one has to be defective
because it works but in the middle it’s
like just mush you can’t tell that it’s
like a ball is that all the way in the
middle and then down works and then back
to the middle is just kind of weird
Moshi feel to it and I noticed the whole
thing just kind of spins freely which I
think a lot of these do it feels pretty
bad it you can hear it scratching when
you use it too so
I don’t know maybe you just gotta beat
it up a little bit loosen it up yeah
it’s very weird it’s it’s a mix of stiff
and then the middle position gives you
no confidence and then a hard snap and
then nothing and then a hard snap so not
not good that would probably not work
for most people the jacks a little
scratchy as well so basically you’d be
looking at a full review on everything
here funny enough on their website that
is part of the selling point of this
guitar is quote make it yours replace
the pots redo all the knobs put new
pickups in it that’s pretty weird I
guess they’re aware of the kind of
people who buy something like this but I
mean come on
I guess what what can you ask for for 60
bucks but I think it’s strange that the
selling point is you’re gonna replace
all the hardware as soon as it shows up
for for 60 bucks it’s fine but if you’re
spending a little more and you’re and
you want to be serious about learning
guitar I would start with something like
a squire or just some kind of name-brand
I feel like the really rock bottom
Chinese guitars are not a great place to
start for your money
I know they’re cheap but you could
upgrade every single thing on this
guitar it’s still gonna feel like cheap
Chinese guitar so maybe maybe look
elsewhere and find a better starting
point even if you have to spend double
or triple the 60 bucks for this thing it
also gave me the gig bag it’s it’s the
lightest weight gig bag I’ve ever seen
but I mean it’s alright it
it beats nothing I guess I’ve seen lots
of guitars in this price range to show
up thrown in a box so I guess that’s
cool that said however the gig back
didn’t totally protect it arrived with a
couple big things
it could have been from the factory I
don’t know so if this guitar is a piece
of junk and replacing the hardware is
pointless why did I buy it that’s
because I’m gonna give you stainless
steel frets I’ve been dying to do a fret
replacement on a guitar but I suspect it
will be fatal I don’t give myself that
good a chance to get this done right on
the first time so I will be installing
stainless steel frets on this guy and
we’ll see if it survives and I also
thought this would be a great chance to
do some of the other modifications I’ve
been talking about such as the Jaypee
six arm scoop this guy’s getting it and
we’ll see if it’s not totally ruined by
then maybe we’ll see what else we can do
I bought some other like epoxy and weird
stuff maybe they’ll put some like inlaid
junk on it see those boutique guitars
that have like dioramas inlaid in epoxy
well this might might be getting that
this isn’t really a review this guitar
is pretty poor it is exactly what I
would expect at 60 bucks
I guess the gig bag was a surprise but
mediocre fretwork bad pickups crappy
knobs crappy tuners the neck is straight
it’s playable it appears to be rosewood
I’m not sure what it is but one weird
thing it did notice is it almost looks
bound and I don’t know what that is
it’s either bound in plastic I think
it’s bound in plastic and it’s black so
it’s kind of hard to see but you can
tell kinda at the base of the neck see
the dotter it’s painted that might be
another thing I’ll look at when I take
it apart so monoprice Indio mmm
not really a guitar I would say
it is a toilet that looks like a guitar
it functions as a guitar but if you
really serious about learning guitar you
should not start with something like
this and fit and finish wise is a bunch
of little stuff like it I can’t tell if
this is just a filled there’s something
weird going on the fret board where
they’ve like filled a gouge in the wood
and there’s there’s all sorts of dings
and dents all over and it’s just I mean
what do you want 60 bucks it’s a piece
of crap of course it is
and that’s why
unlike the agile review I said hey agile
is a great place to start you can
replace everything and it’ll be awesome
I don’t think that’s the case with this
thing it’s never gonna be awesome
because it’s cheap junk so I am going to
use this as my guinea pig for any of the
kind of tech work I’ve been curious
about but not willing to destroy my
other guitars with so stainless steel
frets is first I’ll make a video
depending on how successful that
experiment is and we’ll see what becomes
of this poor Indio 66 so that’s all for
now don’t buy one of these unless you’re
just gonna destroy it like I am and I’ll
see you next time

Bestseller No. 1
Monoprice Indio Retro Classic Electric Guitar - Sunburst, With Gig Bag (610263)
  • Easy to Play: Indio Classic guitars are perfect for beginners or for players that need a practice or back-up axe. They feature easy-to-play, "fast" satin necks and quiet, full sounding pick-ups.
  • Industry Standard Features: Indio Classic guitars boast industry standard features and sizes, just like the big name guitar companies, but at a fraction of the price. The Cali Classic features 22 frets, a 25.5" scale, and a 9.5" radius.
  • Make it Your Own: Change the pick-ups or change the pots to make this Indio guitar your own. The large open cavity allows for complete customization. It is a great way to experiment with tone and aftermarket hardware, without destroying your primary piece.
  • We've partnered with to give you 1 month of free online guitar lessons when you purchase a Monoprice guitar!
  • Monoprice not only stands behind every product we sell with a 1 year replacement warranty, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee as well! If the product you purchase does not satisfy your needs, send it back for a full refund.

Indio Guitar Review

If you’re looking for a really special piece of equipment for your music, then consider buying an Indio guitar. This is the perfect place to be, as you’ll find one of the best collections of instruments available to you in the entire world.

The first thing that you should think about is where you can find it, which is pretty simple, as the internet and local music stores are great places to start. But if all else fails, then check out some of the online auction sites like eBay. Here you can find everything from rare collector’s items to used instruments that are still in great shape and condition.

There are many other options for getting an Indio guitar, as well. You can try looking at some of the classifieds in the newspaper, or even look online. With so many different types of guitars to choose from, there’s bound to be one that fits your needs just right.

If you can’t seem to find anything on the web, you can always call up some of the big retail stores in Indio and ask them for recommendations. They may be able to tell you about places they’ve visited to see some of the instruments in person, or they may know of some that they feel you should consider buying for yourself.

The good news is that there are plenty of places to find Indio guitars to buy. If you are feeling really lucky, you can even find a great deal at an auction site like eBay. Even though you will probably pay more than you would at a retail store, chances are good that you’ll find a beautiful instrument for a great price. Just remember, though, that you may have to do a bit of extra work to get this type of guitar in good condition.

If you are the type who is more into the sound of the guitar itself, then you may want to check out some of the online shops that sell used guitars. These are often great places to get a really good bargain and a very nice instrument. You might even find some really rare collectible guitars that were once owned by some of the biggest names in rock history, such as Paul McCartney and the Beatles.

If none of these options appeal to you, then you may want to consider shopping at one of the large music stores in Indio. There you will be able to find all of the same options that you can find at the larger retail stores, but you will also be able to sit down with the staff and discuss exactly what you are looking for. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can always let them know and then you’ll likely find something else that you may want to buy. In general, music stores have more variety and are easier to shop around.

No matter what your reasons are, you should never be shy about asking someone at any of these stores what kind of guitar they recommend. After all, when you know how to play a certain guitar, it’s easier to know what to look for in an instrument as well.

Last update on 2020-10-31 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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