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Ibanez Talman TMB100 MGR 2015 Mint Green Electric Bass Guitar
Ibanez 5 String Bass Guitar, Right, Walnut (GSR205BWNF)
Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Gray (GSR200SMNGT)
Ibanez GSR 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Walnut Flat (GSR200BWNF)
Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar
Ibanez Talman TMB100 MGR 2015 Mint Green Electric Bass Guitar
Ibanez 5-String Bass Guitar, Right, Walnut
Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar, Right Handed
Ibanez GSR 4-String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Walnut Flat
Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar
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Product Page
Ibanez Talman TMB100 MGR 2015 Mint Green Electric Bass Guitar
Ibanez Talman TMB100 MGR 2015 Mint Green Electric Bass Guitar
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Ibanez 5 String Bass Guitar, Right, Walnut (GSR205BWNF)
Ibanez 5-String Bass Guitar, Right, Walnut
Prime Benefits
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Ibanez 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Gray (GSR200SMNGT)
Ibanez 4-String Bass Guitar, Right Handed
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Ibanez GSR 4 String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Walnut Flat (GSR200BWNF)
Ibanez GSR 4-String Bass Guitar, Right Handed, Walnut Flat
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Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar
Ibanez PCBE12MHOPN 4-String Acoustic Bass Guitar
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Ibanez SR500 Series Electric Bass Guitar

hello welcome to all about the base that
June was do I do by the amazing Stevie
Wonder and it’s worth taking a little
bit of time just to mention that because
we always talk about great sort of bass
riffs and great bass lines and the guy
that plays on this tune is a guy called
Nate what’s Nathan watts he’s been with
Stevie Wonder since the 70s he’s playing
loads of great records and if you don’t
know this track check it out because
it’s not just a great bass line the
whole song is just an amazing
performance and it’s just just really
really special and yeah so if you don’t
know the track go and check it out
anyway why are we here today well we’re
looking at a new range of Ibanez bases
very nice nice they are – of course as
we come to expect from Evan is here we
are I’m flanked on either side of other
beauties the first one up is this which
is the MIT so 32 MIT so what’s that all
well that’s Italian for medium and
that’s because it’s a medium scale bass
so normally standard length scale before
I basically 34 inches this one’s 32 so
you know we’ve talked a lot on this show
about short scale bases and this is
kinda comes between the two and it’s a
very nice compromise because it doesn’t
really feel too short but it’s it’s
really it’s a really comfortable length
you know if you’re maybe a younger
player and your arms aren’t as long your
hands aren’t big or maybe your guitar
player isn’t used to that great stretch
of a bass then this might be exactly
what you’re looking for because it’s
very comfortable to play the neck is is
is beautifully narrow actually so if you
have got small hands it would be
absolutely perfect it comes in this
rather fetching color too in that
beautiful we’ve got to pick up wise
we’ve got this sort of PJ combination
which is precious and jazz what we call
it because the precision bass has just
got that pickup and then the Jazz Bass
has got
two of these so we call this the
precision Jones because it’s gone with a
nice combination of the two maple neck
popular body 22 frets all pretty
standard stuff their control wise we’ve
got volume we’ve got a pickup balance so
it’s a just a rotary dial that goes all
the way between the back one and then
you can blend it and then in the middle
you’ve got both and then all the way to
the front you just got this one and then
we’ve got a nine volt active preamp
which we’ve got bags of output I
realized when I plugged it in and that
just has a treble and a bass cut and
boost so what does it sound like you
so volume up back pickup sounds a bit
like this
yeah so you’ve got your P bass pickup me
jazz bass pickup I’ll let you hear what
the jazz bass pick up sounds like with
the EQ on flat I’ll let you hear what
the PB s– pickup sounds like on flat
and now both pickups at the same time
okay pretty cool let’s have a little
listen to the EQ if I start fiddling
around with the treble or put turn that
up well I see I’m going to cut it first
and see how much it cuts so you lose all
that harshness straightaway bank pick up
no treble
front pickup no treble okay let’s turn
the trouble up now I’ve shown how in
increments so it doesn’t get too harsh
got loads of boost on the treble let’s
do the same with the bass we can cut it
out a bit why would you want to cut the
bass on the bass guitar
pointless let’s put it on so bangs have
cut boost on the EQ I have to say it’s
you know this is a really really nice
bass and when you realize that it only
costs two hundred and forty nine pounds
then it’s an absolute bargain you know
yeah that’s what is a lovely thing right
we’ll move on what’s next okay moving
right on we’ve got this little beauty
now this is the enough to read this very
carefully because it’s very complicated
this is the s are four hundred e MQM mmm
doesn’t that just roll off the tongue
next time you want to order one you go
yeah a lot order hang on a minute so we
worked out we think that s our 400 is
the model will leave the e for a bit the
M is because it’s got a mahogany slab on
the body and QM quilted maple quilted
maple for the top you see so there you
people in Hampton and this one is
obviously a four-string version this one
that I was playing at the beginning is
the five-string the specs the same for
both of these so you know really
whatever I say about this one applies
for this one to this one sunrise red
burst as I said mahogany body quilted
maple top five piece of maple and walnut
neck look at that very nice
my fretboard a cue cast a bridge cause
my black hardware to power span Jue coil
pickups which you will hear in a moment
yeah how active bass of course as you’d
expect one of these controls do here
we’ve got master volume pickup balancer
and then we’ve got 3 band EQ and then a
little 3-way switch which just tells you
if the pickups are running in single or
humbucker or they’ve got the single
power tap which is very exciting
so back pickup sounds a bit like this
back pick up humbucker mode there’s a
fatter fatter bigger sound let’s try the
front pick up single coil mode front
pick up humbucker mode fatness and
slightly more brighter cool both pickups
at the same time single coil
both pickups in the humbucker mode now
built this power tap mode sounds
exciting doesn’t it she was here with
Atlas I think it’s a boost effectively I
think it gives you a lot about 30% of a
boost on the level and EQ wise I’ll run
you through that very quickly in trouble
at the back I’ll cut it I’ll boost it
mid-range cut it boost it
that’s nice but an instant Jack over
there sound playing bass cut this has we
discussed my 10-inch cabinet is not
enjoying that but that’s good because it
means it works so we’ve got loads of
cutting boost on the EQ there yeah and
that is the SRM 400 EMQ and DBC our SPG
thing whatnot yeah very nice lovely
basis now I hear you asking how much is
one of these going to cost me
and what unbelievably only 349 pounds
what yes I know how do they do it I
don’t know how urban ice urban is Ibanez
make such great bases because it really
is a great base so I mean it really is
beautifully built I think these are made
in Indonesia
it feels great plays great it sounds
349 pounds it’s a steal
yeah really is and if you want the five
string version that will set you back
merely another 50 pounds all right so
yeah there you go 399 at a bargain if
you want a really call it the five
string electric bass look no further
than that that’s a lovely thing right
that leaves me with one the elephant in
the room
quite literally with its trunk hanging
out over there let’s check it out
okay so look at this delightful thing
how about this it’s always great to see
something a bit different all that the
bass and this is certainly that it’s got
a really nice different body shape and
headstock of course with all the
evidence guitars it’s really nice to
play it sounds great and it’s really
well built it’s called the AFR for a
firmer right okay and it’s been designed
designed by a German or a Rolf spooler
and now he’s been around designer bases
since the early 80s and still has got
his own phone if you go and check them
out on Google you can see you still
making bases and you can see this is
obviously his his trademark sort of body
shape because a lot of his guitars look
like this Ibanez obviously took up and
bored and thought oh yes nice wheeler
will make something like that specs wise
a flame maple top maple back three-piece
maple neck it’s a M&E fingerboard with
abalone inlays now electrics wise this
is this is kind of out there as well as
it’s very different because you think
they own when he’s got one pickup
interesting a little channel there as
well and put your thumb in the other or
you could store things in order so sweet
one pickup hmm what’s that all about
well now actually it’s got two pickups
and you can’t see the other one because
it’s under the bridge and it’s a piezo
pickup more of a lock on acoustic
so that gives you a lot of different
tones that you wouldn’t normally get
from just two regular magnetic pickups
how do you mean you say well I’ll shown
you right so your front pickup your
magnetic one it’s controlled Buddhist
and sounds like this
and that has its own dedicated EQ treble
and bass cut and boost as you’d expect
nine volt active preamp I’ll just play
with the EQ a little bit on that treble
off travel up boost the bass of it very
nice too
now this other pickup has its own
dedicated volume control that’s here so
this is the piezo pickup that’s under
this bridge and that also has its own
tone control too so let’s have a little
listen to that
gotta get a feel of that kind of
acoustic bass you sort of thing going on
and then you can obviously have both on
its own time and that sounds like we’ve
got approximately twenty two and
three-quarter frets and you say you’ve
got a little dusty and feature up there
which is very nice if you ever in the
mood to do anything sort of
you might not be in the mood to do that
you got the option C get up there
dusting off of it so there you go that
is the afirma that’s a really special
base you a little bit different I like
that on the back there you can adjust
the volume of each piezo string because
sometimes they can be a bit funny piezo
is when you’re restoring an instrument
suddenly you get one string that much
later than the rest so you’ve got
individual gain for each one then yeah
that’s a really sweet but that’s a
really nice thing you know they’re very
different comes with a case the guns of
the knife Ibanez case which is cutting
out the right shape for this which of
course you’ve got to bear that in mind
you know you want a decent case for it
when you get one and how much is this
gonna cost this is the last you
1149 pounds okay which i think is
perfectly affordable for a really
special place like this right okay well
there you go that’s a given as is sort
of fresh range of bases for 2020 and
we’ll keep you updated as they bring
more stuff out as of course they will
they’re all really nice bases great
value for money I mean you know this is
this is great you know if your student
or whatever let him come and check this
out yeah that’s it it’s been all about
the bass I hope you’ve enjoyed it if you
have we’ll see you next time thank you
very much bye-bye

Ibanez Bass Guitars

If you’re looking for a high quality bass guitar that will allow you to express yourself with extreme confidence, Ibanez is the bass guitar for you. Thumping, thunderous sounds. Ibanez basses are also more than just great for their growling and thumping sound, they are also made of heavy duty construction. With their eight-foot neck length, and six pounds for the body, they can be quite heavy. But this does not mean the Ibanez is an ugly bass guitar.

Ibanez basses are known for their powerful sound and unrivaled sustain. With an incredible neck system that is coupled with a quality bass speaker, the Ibanez bass guitar can give you all the tone you will need for any type of musical experience. Ibanez basses are also the tool of choice for some of today’s most influential and popular bassists, who use them in their performances and recording. These fine examples of musical instrument come equipped with locking whammy bar adjustments to offer a consistent tonal quality and are accompanied by a nine-string acoustic guitar featuring a cutaway body allowing the player to adjust the tone from the front to the back of the guitar.

The top of the line model from Ibanez is their Star model, which has a whammy bar, locking tremolo and is equipped with a rosewood body. The Star Ibanez bass guitar has a maple neck that is extremely comfortable for the musician to play due to its contoured shape. This frets are highly coveted by professional musicians because of their rich, dark tone that is very close to playing music through a full sized instrument. They have slightly higher marks on the fingerboard than other models, but that is about it for the lack of whammy bar.

Another model from Ibanez is their Diablos basses, which are similar to the Star, but feature a tuning fork which adds another tuning steel string to the mix. The tuning fork allows the guitar player to change the neck of the instrument without removing the bridge or the whammy bar, making these frets perfect for aspiring bass players who want to create a unique sound on every recording. On the other end of the size spectrum, there are Ibanez mini-basses, which are made for those musicians who do not want to spend hours upon hours of practice just to get that perfect sound. These instruments are made with a standard double cutaway body, and a standard five-string bass. There are single cutaway models that allow the player to adjust the frets without accessing the bridge, and a standard tuning head made of nickel and fiberglass. There are two pickups located on each side of the pickup switch, one pickup located in the” Tune” position, and one in the “tone” position.

While the bass guitars have a standard neck design and a standard tuning system, the Diablos offer several more options. For example, there are models that come with a cutaway body and tuning heads that are equipped with active humbucker pickups. There are models that come with a dual humbucker at the bridge and one single coil on the neck. There are even models that come with Diablos’ new “Pro EQ” humbucker pickups.

The good news for all electric bass guitar owners is that the company does not intend to discontinue producing its popular styles anytime soon. They continue to improve their products so that each one of their users will be able to get the kind of sound he wants. One such improvement that they are making to their basses is to make them sturdier and more durable. This is especially important for heavy use as many users of Ibanez electric bass guitar may attest to the fact that the guitars’ necks get damaged quickly when they are being used on some sort of aggressive music. To combat this problem, the company is making some rather significant changes to the way it manufactures its electric bass guitars.

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