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COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone
AILIHEN C8 Headphones with Microphone
Vogek On Ear Headphones with Mic
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COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Deep Bass Wireless Headphones Over Ear, Comfortable Protein Earpads, 30 Hours Playtime for Travel/Work, Black
COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone
Prime Benefits
AILIHEN C8 Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control Folding Lightweight Headset for Cellphones Tablets Smartphones Laptop Computer PC Mp3/4 (Grey/Mint)
AILIHEN C8 Headphones with Microphone
Prime Benefits
Vogek On Ear Headphones with Mic, Lightweight Portable Fold-Flat Stereo Bass Headphones with 1.5M Tangle Free Cord and Microphone-Black
Vogek On Ear Headphones with Mic
Prime Benefits

New ModMic 5 Review! 2-in-1 Detachable Gaming Microphone

what’s up guys I’m random Frank P today
we’re gonna be checking out the new mod
Mike 5 from antlion
the mod Mike is already a very popular
product it’s probably the best sounding
most affordable detachable microphone
you can put on any pair of headphones to
essentially make it a gaming headset I
have it here my pair of Audio Technica
headphones that’s just what’s so great
about you can put it on any pair of cans
you already have and it is a great
sounding mic the new 5.0 version has a
ton of great improvements over previous
units like the fact that it has two
built-in mics with it being
omnidirectional and also you need
directional if you need that we’ll go
over the features and improvements do a
mic test for you guys so you hear how it
sounds but first message from today’s
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perfect gift so back to the mod Mike 5
we’ll do a quick unboxing because inside
the box you have the carrying case this
is great if you want to bring it back
and forth to a friend’s house or
something like that or it’s like a LAN
or something it keeps everything in
place and you have some great protection
inside the box you have the mod Mike 5
microphone itself it looks pretty much
exactly the same over previous versions
except now on the end of the microphone
you have that switch to switch between
unidirectional and omnidirectional
we also have the included antlion mute
switch module which you can include to
the cables so you can have this little
inline control here from using your mic
we have both a 1 meter and 2 meter cable
these you’re going to have that 3.5 jack
at the end and inside the case or a few
extra things you get some clips for your
cables some 3m adhesives and extra clips
for attaching the mic to your headphones
and also in the Box they include this
cable management wrap while this is
completely optional I am definitely not
a fan of it it’s meant to keep the cable
from your mod mic and your headphones
into one sort of rap I guess but this
rap once you cut it it phrased very
easily and it was really a pain to get
both the cables in there nicely
literally took me like ten minutes just
to put this on it’s a nice gesture but I
would not recommend using this to stick
with the original cable management clips
but back to the mic itself again very
similar to previous models it’s overall
just very thin and lightweight which is
great because you’re putting it on the
side of your headphones you’re not going
to want something big and bulky if
you’re streaming or something on camps
isn’t going to be obnoxious or anything
the boom arm for the mic is still
flexible but it is definitely more
sturdy over previous years so when you
bend it in the orientation you want in
front of your mouth it’s not going to
slowly like flop down over time it’s
just very sturdy and rugged and I like
that and like I said earlier on the
microphone is where you have the switch
so you can pick between either having an
omnidirectional mic or a uni directional
mic so what’s different in this version
over last year’s version is now that you
have the mic mute switch that is its own
module and it’s not attached as like an
inline control so you’re gonna have to
kind of build it up and decide if you
want to use that or not it is on the
bulkier side so if you don’t need it you
don’t have to use it you can just then
connect your cable so it is one unit now
what makes this so popular and appealing
is the fact that you can use this with
any pair of headphones you have I have
my mass trap and Sennheiser HD 6 xx
headphones and these are open back and
yes you could still use this on an open
back you can use these on closed back as
well as on your headphones that are
whatever shape round triangular anything
they work on all sides or all shaped
pair of headphones and that’s due to in
part the 3m sticky tape on the back of
the magnetic clip here it all just works
flawlessly together you attach it then
and with this with the little tape there
BAM it’s on and just what is so great is
you’re not limited to using a crappy
gaming headset that you’re spending a
hundred to two hundred dollars on and
the mic and the end is gonna suck
because most gaming headsets have really
crappy mics here if you had a high-end
pair of headphones or your favorite pair
of headphones which obviously doesn’t
have a mic use this and now your
favorite headphones are now a great
gaming headset I know you want to hear a
mic test so we’re gonna head over to the
gaming setup and I’ll boot up OBS you
could hear how it’s going to sound
when I’m streaming and stuff on twitch
alright so this is the segment for the
mic test on the mod mic 5 and right now
it’s just plug into my PC so there’s no
editing whatsoever this is all raw audio
there’s zero noise gain there is zero
noise filters on this it’s just plugged
in booted up in OBS like I would be
using it for streaming on twitch right
now the mic is on the uni-directional
option so it’s pretty much picking up my
vocal pattern the best which is mainly
picking up the audio coming out of my
mouth and in this general area right now
I’m doing some clicking and typing on
the keyboard so you can see that it does
a pretty good job of eliminating the
background noise right now I just switch
to omnidirectional which is going to be
picking up a more full pattern of things
going on around me I’m necessarily
blocking out the background audio and
against free comparison I’ll do some
typing and clicking on the keyboard so
you can see if it picks it up and then
back to uni-directional
again this mic for the price
unparalleled on the market you can’t
find something this good and it’s just a
really great option I think so in the
end for 70 bucks you’re still getting a
lot of value here with the mod mic 5 and
having those two built-in mics with the
omnidirectional and unidirectional
something that has not been done before
on a great-sounding detachable mic like
they have here that’s gonna be awesome
if you need it if not I would say go
with something like the mod mic 4 which
is around 50 bucks and just gonna have
you know one pick up pattern instead but
either way the quality here is better
than most desktop microphones or USB
microphones for this price point so mod
mic is still just killing it there are
the two cons I wanted to mention I
talked about earlier but this cable
management rap is just disgusting it’s
horrible the nice gesture I guess but I
would not recommend using this at all it
just adds unnecessary bulk to it it
starts to fray it was impossible to even
get it to you know fit in nicely so I
wouldn’t recommend this and secondly now
we have the the mute switch on its own
sort of like separate module here where
you have to attach it to the inline 3.5
millimeter headphone jack if you want to
use it or if not you’ll need to have it
on there but on the 4.0 it was more
discreet it added less bulk overall it
was a smaller module
this thing is kind of bigger get not
only a big deal if I would have liked to
had it just automatically integrated
instead of having the option to include
it or not that’s pretty much it that’s
the to really only cons I can think of
for this you’re still getting
outstanding value all across the board
there is nothing like this on the market
that can come close to the quality you
get from them it’s just overall a very
nice detachable mic that you can put on
any pair of headphones and I’ve been a
fan of mod mic Nant Lian for a while now
and they are still just putting out
great stuff so I’ll do it for my kind of
first looking review of the mod like 5.0
hope you enjoyed I’ll put the link in
the description down below so you can
check it out you feel free to follow me
on twitter at random Frank P alas if you
haven’t already hit that subscribe
want random Frank P hope you enjoyed
have a good day

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