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Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion, Ergonomic Backrest and Fold Out Guitar Stand; Holds both Acoustic and Electric Guitars (GFW-GTR-SEAT)
Gibson Premium Playing Stool, 24" Swivel
Quick Lok Musician Seat (Dx749)
On-Stage DT7500 Guitarist Stool with Footrest
Fender BLACKK 24" barstool
Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion
Gibson Premium Playing Guitar Stool
Quic-Lok Guitar Seat
OnStage DT7500 Guitarist Stool with Footrest
Fender Blackout Barstool 24" Guitar Tools
Gator Frameworks
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Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion, Ergonomic Backrest and Fold Out Guitar Stand; Holds both Acoustic and Electric Guitars (GFW-GTR-SEAT)
Gator Frameworks Guitar Seat with Padded Cushion
Gator Frameworks
Prime Benefits
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Gibson Premium Playing Stool, 24" Swivel
Gibson Premium Playing Guitar Stool
Prime Benefits
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Quick Lok Musician Seat (Dx749)
Quic-Lok Guitar Seat
Prime Benefits
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On-Stage DT7500 Guitarist Stool with Footrest
OnStage DT7500 Guitarist Stool with Footrest
Prime Benefits
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Fender BLACKK 24" barstool
Fender Blackout Barstool 24" Guitar Tools
Prime Benefits

Proel KGST10 Musician’s / Guitarist Stool Overview

hi there hi snakes here giving you a
review of a new stool that I just
purchased I was playing the gig a couple
of weeks ago and wanted to take a stool
with me just in case where I was playing
didn’t have any accommodations or
there’s lots of seats that have arms
that get in the way of guitar playing
and frankly my stool that currently have
me by another manufacturer is very heavy
at least 20 pounds and fairly difficult
to set up so I was trolling online for a
better unit and found this unit made in
Italy available mostly throughout Europe
New Zealand and Australia there’s only a
few distributors here in the USA or in
North America but I did find one person
who bought this probably internationally
perhaps they don’t like it and was
selling a single unit online so I picked
it up it was in like new condition and I
just don’t pick up the box and I haven’t
pulled it out yet but I do want to show
you something that some of the user
forums have picked up it says a keyboard
and drum stool and clearly you can see
that there’s a footrest which is typical
of a guitar or somebody playing bass
would use or even a another acoustic
player like a fiddle player or mandolin
player it’s from a group called troll in
Italy and a sickie GS t10 let’s take a
look I work with this yes when I did
read the instructions I don’t know if it
was the seller and eBay sending me the
unit but there is no packing material no
styrofoam in this unit which I find
I usually eBay people in terms of their
liabilities are shipping liability but
right now I can tell you it will be meet
my needs in terms of portability and
lightness because I read the spec
suspects are in metric you know I can’t
recall what the weight was but I think
it was in the 15 to 18 pound range and
the seat height which was one of the
attractive features of this unit goes
all the way up to 39 inches so let’s
take it for a spin and typical of these
type of stools you’ll find a pullout leg
like that it’s fairly stiff right now
but you want a bit of stiffness you’ll
see that the footrest
goes up and down now the unit that I
have my bigger unit has grooves in a pin
that’s on the the footrest itself but
prole if that’s the way we pronounce it
has a friction unit so it will stay on
and anywhere on this this bar here and
all you got to do is clamp it down and
it feels pretty sturdy
in fact the steel is pretty a pretty
much high quality steel you’ll see the
welds are pretty good so for 55 or $60
for this unit already I like what I see
now one of the things that I typically
do with one of these units and you can
see it here are these rubber ends ease
friction down units kind of can come off
so I’d like to put like a silicone glue
on that or something to keep them still
still because I do not want to lose one
of these and then be cockeyed during a
performance that’s a bummer the way this
my unit is supposed to go learning in
the directions is I’m supposed to
release the friction
screw or bolt here and there’s a pin
there’s a spring activated app in there
and it allows you to tick off the entire
unit or it has one two there’s three
holes for different heights so I’m a
taller person I’m six foot two and so
I’ll be probably interested in one of
the taller myself torque that down this
is an adjustable seat and I don’t know
if you can see it from this deck
direction but let me show you what we
got here we’ve got a a bolt with wing
nuts on either side and there’s washers

  • I’m not crazy about that type of setup
    so I’ll probably end up getting like a
    half inch stainless pin or some type of
    pin with tukana pins on the end or
    something to make that removal a little
    easier to do you also notice there’s
    three holes in here now the interesting
    thing is okay you put the bolt in it and
    you do that for storage and then there’s
    this position here let’s try it out whoo
    I’m God’s green earth would want a
    position that is like 45 degrees it sort
    of doesn’t make sense but the real
    position that I want to play with is
    perfectly perpendicular or parallel to
    the ground I guess so let’s work this
    already I don’t like this setup but I
    don’t like this part but you know maybe
    I won’t be adjusting this on the fly
    maybe I’ll just leave it in my car
    setup but if this unit I could tell you
    is light enough it’s a lot lighter than
    some of the other units out there I
    think the weight limits if I recall the
    spec correctly is 250 pounds now this is
    interesting I don’t know if you can see
    this but at this whole level there’s
    just a scope of an angle almost like a
    five degree angle I’m wondering if they
    did that on purpose because it sometimes
    it is more comfortable to have a little
    bit of a lean I don’t know if it’s on
    you’ll notice that there’s vinyl on the
    outside there’s a nylon elects left
    nylon so you’re not gonna slip off of
    this very easily with you know nylon
    running pants for example it’s feels to
    be a quality seat that was added about a
    half-inch type of ward on the very
    bottom so without further weight
    although before I get on it the hole
    diameter is slightly larger than the
    bolt diameter so you I’m getting a
    little bit of this tip here probably
    about a five degree give this is the the
    lowest it would go probably about a five
    percent decline and actually this looks
    like a it’s still declined by about one
    or two degrees
    I’ll try to torque it down so it doesn’t
    on me and give it a whack okay
    so the foot rest works well it’s at a
    good height when I use this hike for a
    gig I think I what I think this is
    probably the 39 inch hiked that I’ve
    heard about through their specs and
    through their website this gets me a
    little leverage to work foot pedals if
    I’m using like a looper or a boost I can
    feel the seat rock just a little
    probably about the exit of five degrees
    but it’s not too bad and I like the
    rounded shape one of the things that
    attracted me to this unit was the
    rounded shape of the chair you don’t
    want something that I don’t think you
    you don’t want square I think a rounded
    or a fitted like saddle I’ve seen one
    high-end German company make the the
    leather saddle that looks very
    comfortable too but this is nice I like
    so if you have any questions about the
    road yes kgs tea tent let them know just
    how the curiosity I’m gonna put it down
    one notch and see if it’s comfortable
    there again
    I can see throwing this in the back of
    the car this town and Holly and a
    waiting just like this this is not a big
    deal it’s a lot lighter a lot more
    maneuverable than some of the unit’s out
    there currently
    so can I use this unit even if the
    lawyer said city I think I could I don’t
    have as much leverage on my pedals as I
    do up higher but I’m going to have to
    experiment so I’ll probably post
    something and another six or twelve
    months after giving this unit a try if
    you liked my video please like it
    towards the end you can answer any
    questions that you have over the next
    several months but all in all I’m happy
    with this purchase I like it I could see
    it being very functional and I
    appreciate you watching
    I snakes up have a good one

Guitar Stool Review

Guitar stools are the perfect accessories for guitarists. The only real difference is their design characteristics which are specifically adapted for guitar players. For the most part, all guitar stool models share the same general DNA – A well-poured and highly padded seat with a covering that will swivel vertically to provide the guitar player maximum leverage. This allows for a comfortable and stable seating position that will not cause any back or shoulder strain while performing. Additionally, a guitar stool is designed with large enough feet for optimum posture, allowing the user to reach high frets with ease.

Most importantly, all guitar stools are engineered with height adjustable parts. These allow users to change the height of the seat to adapt to different heights throughout the day and night. If you are someone who tends to be on your feet for most of the time, then this feature is absolutely critical. Likewise, those who like to sit at the piano or keyboard can benefit from the ability to adjust the height of their guitar stool to conform to their preferred height. The perfect amount of height adjustment is dependent upon several factors including, but not limited to, the length of your arms, your body type and how you are typing on the computer.

In addition to being ergonomic in design, a guitar stool should also be sturdy in nature. One way to ensure this is by finding a chair that has an armrest. While it may seem trivial, an additional shoulder rest will ensure that the entire seat is stable. Unfortunately, many models do not come with arms, which means you will have to settle for either a cheap plastic model or an aftermarket model that you must put up yourself.

Many guitar stools employ what is known as an extension system. An extension system is exactly what it sounds like. It is a series of rails (usually six) that extend from the bottom of the seat all the way to the top of the backrest. These rails will then fit snugly into each corner of the seat. As you can imagine, this makes the seat much more comfortable to sit in.

Of course, some people prefer to have a guitar stool is the only option. For these individuals, it is important to ensure that the stool and its accompanying chair are comfortable. Aesthetics play a big factor and for this reason, a person may want to purchase a model that blends seamlessly into his or her bedroom. Fortunately, many manufacturers are able to create a stool that fits into virtually any existing furniture. In fact, some companies have created a guitar stool that fits right into the side of a standard bed.

If you are on the lookout for a quality guitar stool, then you will definitely want to take a look at some of the available models on the market today. Keep in mind that there are many different styles available. Some of the most popular include models that feature padded seats, those that feature arms that are adjustable, and ones that have an extremely high back. The final decision you make should ultimately be based on personal preference, but make sure to keep in mind the size and height of your guitar seat as well as your budget.

Last update on 2021-06-15 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.