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Enacfire Future TWS Earbuds Demo Video

you guys I don’t know if you guys can
hear my ways she’s in the shower and in
the other room and she’s singing singing
I think she’s calmed down a little bit
but it’s kind of funny
we got headphones headphones I got the
low voice today because it’s early a
little sleepy but I wanted to get this
done for you guys today because busy day
ahead of me today gotta make this so you
guys can know if these are any good so
that’s coming up right away all right
another pair of headphones which is
always fantastic I love seeing these you
know and we get a lot of headphones that
come through here and hopefully it’s of
some use to you guys to know if these
are headphones that you want to purchase
these ones here and I’m gonna use this
probably on the upper price point of
some of the headphones that we review so
they actually come in around the 99
dollar mark now I don’t want you guys to
think that these are expensive by any
means hundred dollar headphones for me
right on the mark for you know value and
what I would pay for headphones if the
quality is good we see so many
headphones now coming out on the super
high-end where we’re at 2 3 4 or $500
marks for me you know they would have to
be doing something super special for me
that pay that but these $99 so these are
the enact fire neck fire future a neck
fire future let’s say that nice box
right nice box we have a couple things
on the side it’s this light gray on
blacks a little hard to read but we’re
looking at four hours what does it say
here up to four hours of talk time up to
four hours of music time up to 70 hours
of standby time and 15 to 20 meters a
wireless range so distant it is
bluetooth 5.0 so that’s kind of cool
anything else on this side no on the
back though waterproof IP x5 so again I
think it’s five don’t go swimming with
it it’s great for working out get some
we get some rain or sweating on
there that’s okay stable signal so again
because we’re using bluetooth five
should be good designed to live in your
ears most times we don’t want anything
living in your ears
no nothing living in your ears but these
are designed to do it comfort is what
they’re talking about they are designed
to stay in your ears for long periods of
time and not hurt is what I’m guessing
ergonomic let’s use that word ergonomic
500 milliamp battery so 500 milliamp
battery goes on and on so you’re looking
at about a grand total so four hours per
charge on the headsets you’re looking at
with the charging case you’re looking at
it getting a grand total of about they
advertise 18 hours so that’s cool 18
hours plenty for all day that only
leaves six hours of sleep and I don’t I
need way more than six hours of sleep
this this this needs this need rest
this needs rest to look like this you
get it I know you do
well there’s that ergonomic design so
they use it ergonomic design so that’s
looking on it let’s open it shall we
opening I need to open it so let’s do
I’m just gonna do that so that doesn’t
damage the Box at all and you like the
team I like what a company says hey
let’s let’s give you a nice box alright
cuz that’s nice it’s gonna sit on the
shelf probably might as well look nice I
like the black in that fire oh yeah I’m
trying to wake up all right so let’s
pull this out put that over there it’s
nice it’s good right here yep so you get
a little tiny I see a fairly sure size
actually little carry case you get your
extra ear hole sizers you get a quality
control past thingy you get lots nice
little card thanks for choosing an AK
fire oh that goal is hard to read three
months replacement or full refund twelve
months worry-free warranty so there you
go you got someone for you
to read hey what’s there though sorry
you get Oh are you feeling it or are you
yeah I don’t know I’ll tell you I’ll
tell you in a bit
is that the only thing it has on this Oh
No okay like that seems like a funny
card what is this it’s a pilot program
I’m pilot I’m a pilot I’m fly I’m pilot
I know I am a pilot
you got a drone certification that’s I’m
a pilot all right and your manual so
okay they did pretty good so you guys
all know that I’m a stickler for manuals
and font sizing and making sure that the
majority of us have the ability to
actually read it this is good right I
got out here you go so I don’t know if
you guys can see that
look that’s that’s readable such a good
size good on you guys
I appreciate that I appreciate that a
lot because this is a great manual a lot
of people a lot of companies they give
you this manual it’s six six pages long
it’s got like nine languages on it and
the font is how do you read that
might as well I’m not even giving me
manuals and that’s it bucks empty so I’m
gonna take I’ll take all this stuff here
that I’m not necessarily gonna use right
now put it back in the box because I did
that wrong already didn’t think you
could do that wrong I did it wrong yeah
I did yeah bye bud did I’m gonna leave
leave that stuff it enact fire good
stuff wait so let’s let’s let’s focus on
this guy so you get this little kind of
thing here like that little case that’s
I had another pair that were similar to
this in this design which was nice okay
so this opens nice little these are nice
come on now these are nice looking
nothing wrong with these 99 bucks I’m
gonna pause this right now because you
and I need to hook these into a phone so
I’m gonna bring these up close you guys
can see I just will bring up one okay so
here we go now it does have little
stickers on them so you have to peel
those off so that you can hear anything
this though it’s got a nice rubbery
button on it for pushing
I’m not gonna do it now I don’t want it
to turn on and start pairing but it’s
got a nice little button push the manual
and I’m not going to go through this but
the manual has all the push once for
this push twice for this push and hold
for that I’m going to connect these to
my phone and primarily I’m going to tell
you how they feel and how they sound and
that sound good
I think so okay pause we’re gonna be
back in just two seconds you get it hold
up well see I took remember I took that
one hit phone out and it’s already that
one side is bleep Lincoln telling me
it’s charging that one that’s me
data tough that one in that’s cool your
little charge indicator which is alright
key is here and I probably just shoulda
looked at the manual is that I don’t
know which one of these is the dominant
because one of them always is dominant
take the sticker off Greg take it off
all right how do these feel ready so I
like you see a lot of these it’s it’s
fairly want to see thick there’s the
outside very thick they’re not gonna be
obnoxious I don’t think so let’s see how
you just come in oh no those fitting
good yeah that’s nice that’s not that
and I’m using them just standard or
those seal really good actually although
it’s got a really good seal right that’s
one was perfect for my ear you could
tell right when you put ladies in that
the outside sound just kind of goes blah
and you’re only hearing your own voice
like through your own head you know that
sound when you plug your ears with your
fingers you all do it right just me
all right no okay let’s let’s figure
this out I gotta go to my settings here
you’re going not necessarily gonna see
this but you understand what I’m doing
bluetooth and we’re gonna look to see if
we can find a set of these so you cannot
fire future do that real fast under that
gets to see it disappeared but there it
is see it here all right let’s take a
look quick listen shall we
because that’s important for us to see
what see what it’s important for us to
hear what these sound like okay so
connected enact fire future I have to
say I like the name for your future
that’s what Oh and so here you go
shows you how many much
shows you how its power was left on the
charging case so I’ve got two lights out
of the three I’m somewhere around fifty
to sixty percent blue team I guess let’s
listen to some tunes
it’s really weird talking to you guys
and listening through here it’s just you
hear your inner voice
I guess alright I get I gotta listen to
music you guys get to stare at me while
that’s just happen it cuz it’s enjoyable
for you I guess and I don’t want to
copyrights trick don’t really play my
sleigh my song play my jam crank that up
what those are loud
it’s what I miss in June
okay so they’re okay no no those are
good hold up turn them up power off yeah
those are all right so is your super
I like the hose I’ll be the first to say
it I might be the second the sander
third I’m gonna be the first to say it
here pretty much said of all the
headphones what I really liked honors
are certain then you go at full volume
plenty loud at least for me if you want
to go louder you’re honestly you just
you just cause and deafness you’re just
hurting your ears so don’t do that
there’s that charging right see it this
is cool yeah plenty plenty loud great
sound isolation inside it I have to say
that because you can I really try to
listen to that more so before I start
actually listening to music because I
want to be able to see here if I can
hear any outside sounds and I really I
couldn’t because you can always tell if
there’s other things not sealing well in
there right cuz you’re like nope that’s
not gonna give me a good sound cuz I can
it’s not it’s not fitting good and
you’re constantly like shifting them a
little bit I didn’t have that with these
at all right in there and I didn’t have
to change because normally I’m a medium
which is usually what comes with the
sometimes I’ll switch to the large for
certain ones but you know 99 bucks
that’s not bad
bluetooth five cool about three to four
hours per charge on the headsets
themselves so that’s nice they are 18
hours of combined time with the battery
out of the charging case again super
cool right that’s super cool a super
nice little case not obnoxiously big
it’s a little larger but if you were to
put it up against say in air pods
I’d say it’s actually very similar when
you sit it like this normally of course
we’re gonna sit it like that but when we
sit it like this very similar in size
maybe a little tiny bit wider but not
horrible I love that they’re black I
think it’s great that they got this
black color and let’s be honest I love
the fact that they’re called an AK fire
future yeah had you future that’s
awesome all right guys I don’t put a
link down below because I think these
are super cool 9 bucks a Canadian I’m
not 100% sure with the air us or
anything I’ll look to see if I can find
links for them in all the different
his own channels that I that I can’t
links will be down below for you guys
pick these up cuz they’re super awesome
and like comment share and subscribe do
all the good stuff I’m sure we will have
more headphones coming up in the future
cuz hey angry not super happy I’m waking
up now which is excellent find a way can
I alright guys like comment share
subscribe get all that good stuff go on
down there do it up and I will see you
guys in actually later my friends

Enacfire Earbuds

If you’re looking to buy a pair of earbuds, but aren’t sure which ones to get, Enacfire earbuds might be for you. They’re a brand that has been around for a while and has consistently made high quality headphones, especially if you compare them with some of the other brands out there. There are a few things you should know about this company before you decide to buy any of their products.

When I first started searching for an earbud, I was concerned that they were just going to be a generic knock off, but the truth is that they’re not. The headphones from Enacfire are built very well and designed to be very comfortable to wear. They also have the advantage of being easy to store, since they’re all very compact and easy to store in a small bag or pocket. I think these are some of the best headphones I’ve ever had.

One thing that I’ve noticed in Enacfire headphones is that they seem to have an even deeper bass than others I’ve tried. This is probably due to the fact that the drivers are much bigger than others. Overall, these are some of the best earbuds I’ve ever had.

Another thing that I like about these headphones is the fact that they come with a good warranty and offer good customer service. This is a very important feature when it comes to headphones, especially since many people don’t really want to take the time to deal with warranty problems. They simply want to purchase headphones that work and don’t want to waste money on something that won’t work.

The Enacfire earbuds are also extremely reasonably priced, even though they are extremely high quality. There’s really not much reason for you to pay more than a hundred dollars for one pair of these headphones. The fact that they’re affordable also makes it easy for people to replace them whenever they need to.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an earbud that’s high quality and easy to use, the Enacfire earbud might be right for you. You can buy these online, and in many retail stores around the country. These headphones are certainly worth the money and definitely will be a good investment for you.

Last update on 2021-07-28 / Disclaimer: as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.