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With Buku Fest Announcement 2013 Tour Rumors Are Fever Pitch For STS9 Fans

With Buku Fest Announcement 2013 Tour Rumors Are Fever Pitch For STS9 Fans

Lots of chatter has been coming from the STS9 fan-base about the potential for upcoming tour dates.

During an online conversation today, a member of STS9′s management team posted a photo (see below) of an orange peel.

To most, this would be odd and confusing, but not for the dedicated Tribe kids reading the message they new it was a sign of things to come.

(For those still scratching their heads; there is a concert venue in Asheville, NC called The Orange Peel)

This little hint got the fans going and after calling various venues, checking event listings and more fanatic style tactics a list of potential cities/venues/dates was put together.

Update: STS9 has now released/confirmed all Winter 2013 Tour Dates.

2/28 – Montebleu Resort – Tahoe, NV
3/7 – Caines Ballroom – Tulsa, OK
3/8 – Buku Fest – New Orleans, LA
3/9 – Buku Fest – New Orleans, LA
3/14 – The Pageant – St. Louis, MO
3/20 – Georgia Theater – Athens, GA
3/21 – Georgia Theater – Athens, GA
TBA – Crystal Ballroom – Portland, OR
TBA – The Orange Peel- Asheville, NC

Again, these are just rumors- nothing confirmed. We will update this article when an official announcement hits.

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