Okay okay, so the article title is a bit tongue-in-cheek considering that Jam Cruise took place during the first half of January but you get what we are saying: Jam Cruise Rules!

Trading a tent for a cabin and a shadeless grassy field for a lounger next to a poolside stage, Jam Cruise offers a festival experience on a whole other level.

Our friend Molly Garder made the trek aboard the boat and came back singing the praises of all things JC.

Molly compiled a list of Top Ten Highlights from her 6 days at sea for us to share with our readers.

1) Walking into an elevator and getting to request any song and have two members of Hot Buttered Rum play it for you. I chose “Tiny Dancer” & the whole elevator sang along, which then turned into a jam session of everyone stomping their feet and screaming and whistling. When we hit our floor I had never wanted to stay on an elevator so bad…

2) The Jam Room! It was rocking until 7 am every night/morning. Hosts of the Jam Room included Karl Denson, Dan Lebowitz, Brian J, Mike Dillon and Joey Porter. Members from all the bands on the ship would come up and jam as they pleased for 6 hours plus each night.

3) Starting a 30 person sing along of Biz Markie’s “You Got What I Need” on the back deck while watching the sunrise over the ocean.

4) The fact that we stopped at two tropical islands. Both totally felt like Paradise. Drank rum with locals, limboed on the beach, saw sea turtles, manta rays, and all within 5 hours!

5) 24 hour bars and hot tubs.

6) The Zebra Room. Everything is funky and zebra themed plus there was a Photo Booth….

7) The energies of everyone on the boat being absolutely incredible- made friends that will last a lifetime!

8) The Motet playing their ‘Funk is Dead’ set- absolutely perfect!

9) A room to sleep, shower and rejuvenate in. Which meant everyone had more energy to party!

10) The fact that as soon as I got off I wanted to get back on the boat. 50 more weeks….