The TreeThugger crew didn’t make it to Chillicothe, IL this past weekend so we took to Twitter to get the scoop on the festivities at Summer Camp 2013.

Most of the tweets we read pretty much said the same thing: it rained a lot and that sucked but the music was amazing and it made up for the ill weather.

Scroll down to read some of our favorite tweets about #SCAMP. Leave a comment below telling us about your Summer Camp 2013 experience.

best surprise of Summer Camp was @sweatercosby. they killed both sets, and they’re from Indy! So Fresh So Clean and Get Lucky we’re dope!

— Nick Gray (@gicknray) May 28, 2013

I miss summer camp despite the weather it still rocked #winning

— Mary Claire Clemons (@maryclaireclem) May 28, 2013

Yeah that’s not supposed to be a pond… #rainraingoaway #summercampfestival #mud #whenitrainsitpours

— McCarley Prichard (@macprich) May 28, 2013

Summer Camp 2013:: the year of the rain #summercampfest #rain #monsoon #mud

— brooke barnett (@cbrookeb) May 28, 2013

Every SINGLE DJ that was at the #SummerCampFestival was dopee AF but #ZedIsDead was my favorite

— #TrippyMane [DGE]™ (@KingDopee) May 27, 2013

@diplobis destroying a #RaginCrowd in the rain at #SummerCampFest

— Hy-Tekk Productions (@Hy_Tekk) May 26, 2013

Ian Neville (@chopsley) @rooseveltthedr & dude from @papadosio guitar seminar @summercampfest #rightNOW #summercampfest

— Margaret Willard (@margiburniwilli) May 24, 2013

Slept in the car last night, running the heat ever so often…..yeah, it’s been that chilly at night. #summercampfest #scamp13

— Roger (@phishycarpenter) May 25, 2013

Where better to sun yourself on a spring afternoon? #sunnydays #summercampfest #scamp2013

— Meredith Krupa (@randommsugirl) April 5, 2013

Festival TAB > Regular show TAB. Killing it with sick jams on all songs, very short set in song #. Really a great cap to #scamp13

— PhanArt Pete (@PhanArt) May 27, 2013

. @zmickmusic is playing now at the Campfire Stage and Jaik Willis just released a dozen doves from the stage! #scamp13

— Summer Camp Festival (@SummerCampFest) May 26, 2013<

Incredible “Faker” from moe., they brought Allie up towards the end to fiddle it out. Now a Allie solo, just classical violin! #scamp13

— PhanArt Pete (@PhanArt) May 26, 2013

@bigboi you were killin’ it at #scamp13 before you got hurt #getwellsoon

— sherman edwards (@shermanedwards) May 28, 2013

If I loved @eotomusic before, I love them even more now after their sick set and light show at @summercampfest #scamp13 #eoto #scamp

— Penny Lane (@PLURanimal) May 28, 2013

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