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SCI Keyboardist, Kyle Hollingsworth, Announces Run For 2016 Presidency

SCI Keyboardist, Kyle Hollingsworth, Announces Run For 2016 Presidency

Boulder, Colorado resident and keyboardist extraordinaire, Kyle Hollingsworth has just announced his run for the Presidency of the United States of America for the 2016 election.

Wearing what resembles an American Flag patterned throw blanket, Kyle promises that if he wins we would live as “…One Nation Under Funk!”

As a father, a home-brewer and a man who understands musical diversity as varied as bluegrass & dubstep, Hollingsworth seems to respect the individual choices of Americans.

Watch: Official 2016 President Hollingsworth Announcement Video

Though we see this as a bit of satire and a reminder for fans to get out and vote today, we will keep this article updated with any further developments on the Hollingsworth campaign.

In quasi-related news, Presidential Candidate Hollingsworth will be holding his first campaign rally at Broomfield, Colorado’s 1st Bank Center late this December.

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