Once upon a time the fans of STS9 new that the name Saxton was more than a reference to the band’s lighting designer.

Saxton Waller also was also on everyone’s radar because his involvement as beat-maker and emcee for the group Sacred Science.

In collaboration with Scottrohedron, Sacred Science played live from 2001 – 2008 and has found themselves on a hiatus since. Though, in 2008 Scottie did make an appearance on stage with STS9 doing some flow over the top of EBwith memorable lines like “Peaceblastin’ with my Nine”

From the get go, the rhymes that Sacred Science used on stage were always full of positive intent. Sometimes scripted, sometimes on the fly, the flows were filled with lots of intergalactic consciousness messages and mixed with a sense of soul cleansing openness. The lyrics really made you think. It was a wonderful era that a lot of us were sad to see fizzle out.

But alas, it seems as though that Sacred Science is back!

A few hours ago Saxton posted a new instrumental mix along with the promise of a full lyrical version coming soon. Also, it looks like Scottie and Saxton are looking to get some shows booked for 2012. We are beyond excited by this news and hope to do some more coverage on this development as it unfolds.

Listen to the new instrumental mix by Sacred Science  and Download it here.

Take a peek back at Sacred Science sitting in with STS9 in 2003