Embracing the powers of social media, Umphrey’s McGee bass player, Ryan Stasik, has issued an apology to a recent concert-goer.

Some unsuspecting fan in Madison, Wisconsin purchased a signed poster from the band’s merch booth that was missing Stasik’s scribble but instead replaced by a “beautifully drawn black sharpie penis”.

See the post below and if you are the fan who received said phallic poster, make sure you send Ryan Stasik a message!

Is this a series post from Stasik? Probably. Is it beyond funny either way? Absolutely.

If the situation in question is legitimate he sure didn’t have to make it public. But he did. And for this Ryan Stasik just earned +4 awesome points from us.

If you bought a poster from your favorite band and it came with a penis drawing instead of signatures, how would you react? Leave a comment below!