Back in October we were able to sit down with our old friend Jason Hann and spend some time chatting.

Luckily for our fans, we recorded the interview and are presenting it to you in two parts. Did you miss Part One? Read it here.

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TreeThugger: EOTO has a few big shows scheduled toward the end of the year and one of those is a Halloween gig in Lawrence, Kansas. You have been playing Lawrence for years, can you tell us about that connection?

Jason: I wanna say we’ve done five Halloween shows straight in Kansas. We’ve been together six years and it just kinda makes sense. I think we started at the Bottleneck the first one, and then we went to, we did a few at The Granada and then moved down to Liberty Hall.

TT: I think I caught one of those gigs at The Jackpot Saloon back in 2007.

Jason: Oh my god, yes, that’s right. And I think when we did it, I don’t think we knew at the time how great a town like Lawrence was for a Halloween town. I mean, it’s so cool to roll into that city really early the day of Halloween, and that whole strip, I don’t know if it’s Massachusetts, or, I forgot the name.

TT: It is, yeah.

Jason: Yeah, the main street down there is like, you know, every business down that strip is super family-friendly and kids go trick-or-treating down there. It just feels like the whole town is about it from the morning til night, that’s it’s like, “Okay, these businesses are gonna super cater to the costume people, young and old.” And then at nighttime, everyone puts the kids to bed, and now it’s time for the grown-ups and college kids to throw down. We are really happy that we can be there on a yearly basis.

TT: We now have a few questions from our site readers and social media followers

Jason: Very cool, what were they wanting to know?

TT: How did the Lotus Stage come about? Did you seek it out or was it presented to you?

Jason: Before we toured with just a protection screen background, and that was cool, we had lots of really trippy psychedelic things going on there. And towards the end of the last year our management approached us about stepping up the presentation and keeping up with things going on in the scene, so we needed to make something that stands out. And it definitely made sense to us and I personally have always been into projection mapping so I really wanted at some point to do a whole projection mapping of a String Cheese show at Red Rocks. And there were some things about it that were very difficult to make happen a few years back, and so when we’re thinking about the new EOTO production, I was thinking that every other band or producer has been touring those LED walls. For a while it was just seeming like your production value was measured by how many LEDs you could get on stage, and the thing for me is the projection mapping was, you know, when I’d see it on a building or when I’d see it on a bridge or something like that, it has the ability to make the object turn into liquid, you know, if you have the right angle, and there weren’t too many light rigs around you could totally transform objects into something else.

So we had this super exciting idea and we started aiming in that direction and well, then I came up with a stage design originally of having me and my own sort of lotus flower, and Travis and his own lotus flower, and then we would projection map both of those. Then Travis drew another version where we’re both inside a lotus flower all together, and we stand really close together anyway when we play, so that made a lot more sense. Then we were able to take that idea to one of Zebbler’s friends out in Boston, and he has drawn up all kinds of things for Burning Man, so he’s used to building things different and rugged, and he started designing the Lotus Stage structure.

And then for the animations we looked online and one of the people that works for our management company found a Hungarian animation team that mapped out the Brooklyn Bridge and had done some 270-degree projection mapping in rooms and what they had don just seemed really amazing. So we got in touch with them, and they worked on about 70% of the visual content for us.

But after the summer Zebbler started getting his own animation team together, and I think there were about four other animation people and they started coming up with a bunch of additional content for this tour. So that’s sort of the evolution of the whole thing.

We’re really happy to have our shape-shifting, space traveling Lotus flower taking the audience through space or water or wherever we’re going.

TT: Thanks for sharing that with us Jason. We really appreciate you taking the time to chat with us today. Best of luck on the tour and see you at the Fillmore!

/End Part 2

Did you miss Part One? Read it here.

Tickets for the 12/08 EOTO show w/ Alex Grey, VibeSquaD & NiT GriT are still available for the time being.