Last month we were able to sit down with our old friend Jason Hann and spend some time chatting.

Luckily for our fans, we recorded the interview and are presenting it to you in two parts over the next week.

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TreeThugger: covers the overlap of the jamband and EDM worlds. This trend of genre blending has been happening for a long time. But over the last couple years, we really feel like it’s kicked up to a whole different level.

Jason: Absolutely.

TT: I like that you hit on the topic of festivals, I think Wakarusa does a really good job of balancing that. What do you think of that? You guys have played there often.

Jason: Yeah, ever since we’ve been a band, since we got together in 2006, we played at Wakarusa. And we’ve seen that evolution at the festival, especially with the move to their new property in Arkansas. There’s a guy in Lawrence, Kansas named John Gallup who was a big part of Wakarusa for the last few years, he was the first guy to bring Bassnectar to Kansas, and you know, he was one of the first promoters to kind of help blow up some of the regional Burning Man scenes in that area. And Brett Mosiman has been keeping that vibe up at Wakarusa with bands like us and other live electronic acts like STS9 and the big late-night DJ scene has had VibeSquaD and Tipper and others, so there’s a really nice balance. Now, most of those are on a little bit smaller stages but I know the EDM influence makes its way to the mainstage at Wakarusa as well. Didn’t Pretty Lights play last year ?

TT: Yup, Pretty Lights played this last summer, and Wakarusa even had Skrillex play there a couple years ago, which you know, is kind of the pinnacle of mainstream EDM.

Jason: Right. Definitely. He definitely is in the US for sure. And that was probably, if it was a couple years ago, it was probably when he just started. Skrillex is so gigantically blown up right now. But yeah, it’s a thing thats happening and Wakarusa is a good example of finding the balance with jamband and EDM- it’s just part of the evolution of what people listen to.

TT: There has always been a lot of chatter around the band’s name. Can you tell us where the name EOTO came from & what it means.

Jason: Yeah, so when we were ready to do our first show, it was for Sonic Bloom and Jamie Janover was like, “You guys gotta come up with a name.” I was like, “Oh, dang, I didn’t think about that part.” And I think I remember the earliest sonic Bloom flyers, it’s got a different name for us, I forgot which name that it used. But by the time they were going to go do flyers again, Travis had come up with ‘End Of Time Observatory’, and so that’s the official name, and we both really vibed on that phrase.

Quickly the name became a bit cumbersome. It was so ambiguous we would spend all of our time talking about what the name meant and stuff like that. So without thinking much else of it, really, we just started using the first four letters of that phrase and we kind of became known as ‘Ee-Oh-Tee-Oh’, then after a while we realized it kind of just looked like its own word and we started saying EOTO. After a while of using EOTO some Japanese fans came up and told us that EOTO means “good sound” in Japanese, and we were like, “Wow, that was meant to happen!”

And then we had some people from the Philippines that said, I think the word is in the Tagalog langueage, that said it means “good love” in the Philippines. So EOTO is just kind of like this word that’s out there. At least how it sounds, it has different meanings and is spelled I think quite differently, but just when you say the word “EOTO”,  it brings up all these other connotations.

And it’s easier to say, so we just kind of dove right into it. So yeah, EOTO has been what we put up everywhere and its what has stuck.

End Part One – Stay tuned for Part Two soon!