If you know a Phish fan then I am sure you saw something in your Facebook feed today about the announcement of 2014 Phish Tour Dates. If you didn’t well then go back to that last sentence and click the link and make sure you watch the video!

So now that we are all on the same page… the video is strange, right? I mean, the videos are usually strange (ie; Fishman as a body builder) but the fact that we didn’t see any band members and most text/speech was in Chinese. Strange, even for Phish. Luckily for us, Chinese people love Phish fans and helped translate (ish) the words that appeared on the screen. The text mentions author James A. Michener‘s novel ‘Hawaii‘ in a very odd context.

Call me crazy but here is my theory… since Phish neglected to announce any gigs west of Colorado this year  they will be hosting their 10th festival in Hawaii! So many other bands in the jam scene have been holding destination style events (Mayan Holidaze, String and Sols, etc) with great success so I think it makes a lot of sense for Phish to jump into this trend. Also, being the 10th festival it would make sense to go big for this one. Right? Comment below with your thoughts.

Now of course, there are arguments that could be made against this theory but with Phish you just never know…