Late last week we joined STS9 drummer, Zach Velmer, at the ranch that he is working on outside of Durango, Colorado.

Over a few ice-cold lemonades in the unseasonably warm spring sunshine, Zach answered a few questions for us on a wide range of topics. The meeting was short as Velmer’s seasonal employer, Colorado Trails Ranch, has him working 12+ hour days in preparation for the upcoming tourists season; but the conversation was great.

Read the Q/A session below and leave a comment with your thoughts at the end of the article.

Well Zach, I must say that I was pretty surprised when your PR company told me that our interview would be taking place alongside cattle, chicken and barbed wire fences.

Yeah its pretty wild huh? This place is amazing though- I’m really grateful for the opportunity to come out here and work during the STS9 off-season. When I was in Denver doing the Great Cycle Spectacles shows a few months back, I picked up a brochure for this place at the Best Western that I was staying at and decided to give these folks a call about joining the crew as a Ranch Hand.

This is going to be the first summer in like eight years that STS9 hasn’t toured full-time so I knew that I needed to find myself something to do with my time. I’m just out here really doing some hard work putting up new fences, bailing hay and we are actually erecting a new barn in a couple of weeks too. Its a whole different life compared to getting shoulder massages, drinking Smart Water and pretty much owning Red Rocks. I love it!

No intensive STS9 tour but I do hear that you guys are working on a  new album. What can you tell us about that?
The rumors are true, we are working on an album right now. While the rest of the band is back out west in Cali putting in studio time together I have been able to come up with some really fresh drum beats and new fills during my nights alone here in my cabin. The old country influence out here is great ya know? No more drum and bass crazy fills from me man, I’ve found a new focus on simple 4/4 timing and a minimal use of cymbals.

I fell in love with the cowbell out here too- expect a lot more of that on the new album. The album concept is just starting to come together but we should have more info out on it after I’m done here on the ranch around June or July.

I know its a ways ahead but the big show at Mayan Holidaze really has people talking. How did that all come about?
Well you know that our guitar player, Hunter Brown, has a really strong connection with aliens right? Yeah, so we have always wanted to do this 12/21/2012 gig down at the Mayan ruins. Hunter has told us all about how the temples there are ancient landing zones for alien spacecraft and that at the end of our current Great Cycle, the alien overlords will come back to Earth to help us transcend into the next Cycle. So for the last 13 years or so we as a band have been waiting eagerly to get a front row spot for this mayan/alien action and figured that if we were there playing our spaced out grooves that we might get preferential treatment for the transcendence commencement.

Our manager Eric placed a few calls mid fall last year and got everything worked out with some festival organizer. Its going to be a hoot- hope you can make it!

Thats wild man. You guys really believe that stuff?

Nah man, not really. You know this whole interview is just an April Fools day joke right?

Happy April Fools Day! This interview never took place and I know you won’t believe this- but that photo is not real either. Sorry guys.

Pass the link around on Facebook and Twitter though, give your friends a good chuckle today!