Perennial electronic music producer Bluetech will hit the road this February on a three-week tour in support of his forthcoming EP Release, Spacehop Chronicles Vol 1.

The five track EP was funded entirely by the fans in less than a week on Kickstarter. The initial goal was to raise $7,250 but nearly 600 fans stepped up to pledge $18,670!

The campaign for the digital EP quickly rose to the top as the most popular of music project on the website, and continues to rank as the top electronic music project of 2014 at Kickstarter. While the fundraising campaign has come to a close, additional funds raised  will be used to create a visual storyboard, limited-edition vinyl and the on-going production of the yearlong multi-volume release.

Just one of 18 consecutive albums, Spacehop Chronicles Vol 1 captures the lost art of album production and was written to be listened to from end to end, carrying the listener along the way through a series of dreamlike visions, moving storylines and plenty of spirited dance ready tracks. The entire volume will be released throughout 2014 unveiling one storyline carrying a common thread.

Rife with emotional intent, and polyrhythmic percussion, Bluetech is revered for producing honest music that is as deep as it is moving. There’s no bravado, no boasting; just the gentle tendrils of careful composition stretching and seeking; awakening, inspiring, and delighting fans across the country and around the world.

The EP Release Tour will kick off this February in the mountain west and will include stops in the southwest, Texas and back to the Pacific Northwest for a tour finale in Seattle on February 16th. For more information about the upcoming Bluetech tour, check out his official website.