MartyParty is a man with a vision- and that vision involves you having Summer Sex.

Summer Sex is the newest release that Marty has “dripped” to the masses from his upcoming/ongoing release, MVP, and he wants you to have it for free!

Talking to Marty earlier this year, he explained the concept of “dripping”. Dripping is a new way of releasing music– in Marty’s vision the traditional way of creating and releasing a record does not fit the way that the EDM industry is going. Dripping involves releasing your album track by track and could even allow for songs to be updated as they grow and change over time.

Summer Sex is the third track that Marty has dripped- snag the others via his blog.

Marty says that the creation of Summer Sex “…started this summer tour at my hotel in Durango, Colorado as a feel good track and progressed to be a uplifting summer sexy backdrop.” And he wants you to “Use it to milk the last goodness from the air before it gets too cold outside… Turn it up, lay back, and enjoy.”

Give Summer Sex a spin below and then click the Download Now button to get this track in your playlist.