Railroad Earth has posted a “Direct Appeal” to their fans via Facebook to pre-order the band’s upcoming release ‘Last of the Outlaws’. Set to hit stores nationwide on January 14th, this will be the Stillwater, New Jersey band’s first studio release in three years!

CD Pre-Order: http://www.railroadearth.com/preorder

Digital Pre-Order: http://www.liverailroadearth.com/lastoftheoutlaws

Listen Now: Railroad Earth’s New Album – Last Of The Outlaws

The band took to social media to point out that less than 5% of their near 100,000 fans have placed pre-orders as of January 6th. Read a quote from their Facebook post below…

This will be Railroad Earth’s seventh album and is slated to be their most evocative and ambitious set of tracks to date. At once melancholic and joyous, often deep, yet always accessible, the album captures the band as they are now; twelve years in, wiser and worn and pondering how this life affects those around them. Every song has a story and every story has its meaning.

Dear RRE fans ~ We ask with the deepest sincerity and kindness that you support us in the release of our newest album, “Last of the Outlaws,” and pre-order your copy NOW for release next week, January 14th.

Railroad Earth is on tour! Get the dates and details here.