Colorado based Eufórquestra (pronounced: yoo • FOHR • keh • struh) returns with their fourth full-length studio album, Fire, set for release on March 25, 2014. ‘Fire’ was produced by Kyle Hollingsworth (The String Cheese Incident) and mastered by Dominick Maita, whose credits include Billy Joel and Herbie Hancock.

The album spans 14 funk-infused tracks featuring guest spots by roots vocalist Elliot Martin (John Brown’s Body), soul singer Kim Dawson, trumpeter Gabriel Mervine (The Motet), and keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth rounding out the stellar cast. Eufórquestra’s foundation may be smothered in funk, but their style also blends healthy doses of Afrobeat, Reggae, and Dub.

Eufórquestra spent the time between their last album ‘Soup’ heavily touring over 100 days per year and coming up with new songs. They finally laid down the new tracks at Scanhope Sound studios in late 2013. As opposed to their previous releases, this is the band’s first album using a producer. Mike Tallman, guitarist and vocalist of the group says,

“Working with Kyle was an honor.He really jumped in and made this his project as well. Kyle helped with pretty much every aspect shaping the songs for this record. He edited lyrics and song forms; he helped with bass lines, guitar parts, saxophone melodies, etc. He coached us through vocal performances and cutting solos. He also encouraged us to experiment, improvise and try new things.”

This new focus and experimentation in the studio has led to impressive tracks like “Fire,” a gritty, hard-driving funk anthem with a big gang vocal-hook and huge horn sound. It’s a heavy, nasty groove that rightfully earned its place as the title track for the record. “Take Me Dancing” is an upbeat dance tune featuring Kim Dawson on vocals. It’s a soul tune with massive energy, telling the story of a couple that need a night out dancing in order to shake off the troubles and stress of day-to-day life. The added bonus is that it also features a killer synth solo by Kyle Hollingsworth.

For more information on the new album and the band’s upcoming tour,  visit the official website.