Photo by Tobin Voggesser

[Update: 2/11 5:55pm] Event organizers have issued a statement stating that “Electric Forest 2014 is definitely still happening.” read here

Where is the Electric Forest Festival 2014 lineup? This is a question we get asked every day and sadly, we still do not have an answer. We did make a few lineup guesses a while back but that is nothing official.

With fans itching for an overdue announcement we have been getting worried. Yesterday our suspicions became a reality (kind of) when we learned that there was a legal fiasco surrounding this year’s event.

The quick and dirty: SFX Entertainment  (owned by Clear Channel) has been attempting to gain control of the festival’s property, the Double JJ Ranch, and the bank loans which control all operations pertaining to the event site. In an attempt to have more saying power, Madison House (SCI’s company) was bought by heavy hitter AEG Live so that AEG could go to bat for them. From our understanding, there are legal blockades being put up by both sides.

A full copy of the story can be found here.

Our guess: AEG will win. And no matter what, we don’t anticipate seeing any changes for this year. Even if SFX manages to take control we would bet that AEG would negotiate to at least finish off this year’s commitments.

“[AEG]… claims if it loses control of the lease it will have to refund the advance sale tickets and its reputation along with that of the resort as a concert destination will be damaged.”

As of this writing, tickets are still available for sale here.