Photo by Erin Leader – The 14th annual Summer Camp Music Festival took place this past weekend and TreeThugger’s newest contributor Emma has come back with a detailed report on her Top 10 Musical Moments from this year’s event.

We’ve made sure to link to every artist that made Emma’s cut so don’t hesitate; click the link & discover some new music! Did you attend SCAMP 2014? We know that personal preferences range widely so if your favorite set didn’t make the cut, let us know! Comment below!

#10 – Manic Focus (Vibe Tent)

Manic Focus has risen to popularity in the dance music scene over the past couple of years and is making waves all over the country. Manic Focus played a few sets over the weekend but my favorite one was the late night set in the Vibe Tent on Friday night. The tent during his set was packed and full of energy, and the crowd was loving Manic Focus’s performance which included special guests Matt Hill from The Floozies and Kevin Donohue from the Colorado based electro-funk trio, Sunsquabi: WATCH VIDEO.

#9 – The Motet

The Motet were at the top of my ‘Must See’ list for Friday night. Being a septet (that’s 7 people on the stage!) the band is filled with great energy and really bring a lively performance every time they hit the stage. They performed the final late night set on the Campfire Stage on Friday night and they had a massive crowd from start to finish. Most often times when the Motet is on the bill for a festival they play earlier in the day, so it was nice to see a late night set from them!

#8 – Dirt Monkey

The Vibe Tent was poppin’ all weekend long with a great mix of EDM acts but my favorite has to be Dirt Monkey‘s 3am set on Saturday night. (Sunday? Saturday? Same thing.) This set was for the dubstep heads and the crowd was incredibly energetic and fun. Dirt Monkey, hailing from Colorado, has made a name for himself in the dubstep scene and was a treat for the late night Summer Campers. Coming from Colorado myself, I love seeing a large Colorado crew representing at out of state festivals: WATCH VIDEO.

#7 – The Floozies

Over the past few years The Floozies duo have gone from an opening act at small club shows to a cross country headlining tour of their own. Brothers Matt (guitar) and Mark (drums) Hill have tapped into a unique sound that makes you want to get down and funky the instant they kick into a track. The Floozies were booked with a set on the Starshine Stage that took place during the beginning of the evening sunset- it surely was a treat for the eyes and ears of everyone near by: WATCH VIDEO.

#6 – EOTO (Red Barn Late Night)

EOTO, the “all live and improvised” duo consisting of Michael Travis and Jason Hann from The String Cheese Incident, kicked off the party by playing a late night set in Summer Camp’s famed Red Barn on the festival’s first night. Only festival-goers with early arrival tickets had the chance to catch this heater- it truly was an awesome way to end such an exciting day: WATCH VIDEO.

#5 – Umphrey’s McGee

Umphprey’s have been playing Summer Camp since 2003 and now as a co-host of the festival (along with Moe.), the band played multiple sets spanning across the entire weekend. Daytime sets, nighttime sets, and a Red Barn set to close out the festival on Sunday night- the vibe at each show had something special to offer each time. I really enjoyed the band’s Sunday afternoon set at the Sunshine Stage. There was something magical about listening to Umphrey’s while dancing in the hot sun on the last day of the festival that really made the experience memorable: WATCH VIDEO.

#4 – Yonder Mountain String Band

For anyone that likes bluegrass (like me!) it is always exciting to see Yonder on a festival lineup! YMSB performed a daytime set at the Moonshine Stage on Sunday during the peak of the heat – but that didn’t stop the masses from getting down. Though the band had just recently parted ways with longtime frontman Jeff Austin, the energy was radiating from the stage. Yonder’s performance also included a sit in from the Zac Brown Band: WATCH THE VIDEO.

#3 – Bassnectar

Bassnectar, the stage moniker for Lorin Ashton, has been building momentum in the EDM scene for the past decade and is currently at the top of his game! Sunday night at the Moonshine Stage saw nearly everyone at the festival (for real) stopping by his set to take in the big bass bangers. Bassnectar’s set ran the gamut from old school breaks tracks to fresh new cuts from his coming release “Noise vs Beauty”. (The album drops on June 24th!) It was a rowdy, it was crowded, it was incredible: WATCH VIDEO.

#2 – Zac Brown Band

The Grammy award winning country rock group Zac Brown Band graced Summer Camp with two full sets on Sunday afternoon. Their first set solely consisted of covers (including Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb w/ Jake from UM) and the second set saw the band perform a mix of old and new original tracks- from the fan favorite ‘Knee Deep’ to the new hot track ‘Let It Rain’: WATCH VIDEO.

#1 – Lotus

After talking to many people about their favorite sets from this year’s Summer Camp I found that Lotus was getting the most votes- and I have to agree! Though they played a smokin’ hot show on Friday night in The Red Barn, Lotus’ Saturday evening set on the Moonshine stage is what really did it for me. The sun was setting and the crowd was buzzing. Watching the sun set on another wonderful day of music while listening to Lotus perform was definitely one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Music and nature are two things that always seem to fit together quite perfectly: WATCH VIDEO.