Organizers of the SnowBall Music Festival have announced their plans to relocate the winter music festival from the town of Avon, which has housed the annual event for the last two years.

“While we have received strong local support from businesses, locals and visitors; we feel our event has outgrown its current location,” says SnowBall Co-Founder Scott Stoughton. “We understand it is in our best interest to focus on finding a long term area that will simplify many of the costly logistical challenges for us and our fans.”

Though a new location for the festival has yet to be disclosed, organizers of the event say that the decision on where to relocate has been narrowed down to four neighboring ski resorts, with a final decision to be revealed in the near future.

For the last two years, SnowBall has continued to provide a unique opportunity for the town of Avon in the way of visibility and tourism. “SnowBall has successfully shown that a music festival does not have to take place only in the summer,” says Richard Wheelock, owner of the Agave nightclub in Avon, “the quality of the musicians and the professionalism of the operation has put Avon on the map for tens of thousand of music fans. Avon has garnered huge value from the positive exposure as a quality vacation destination to a demographic not easily reached (25 to 30 year olds).”

Last year, SnowBall managed to generate more than 6 million dollars in revenue for the town of Avon, and organizers of the event show gratitude for their time spent with the town, but look forward to discovering a new opportunity with yet another amazing Rocky Mountain resort.

“We are very grateful to the town of Avon for taking a chance on us as we began this endeavor two years ago,” says SnowBall Founder Chad Donnelly. “It has been a pleasure working with all of the representatives of the town. While we will look back fondly on the memories that we made in Avon, we look forward to planning SnowBall 2013.”