Update: It seems as though even Bassnectar is pissed. See the below gallery for a screenshot.

Original Article: With the announcement of their 2012 Artist Schedule, the Electric Forest Festival is now one step closer to kicking off.

Most times when a festival releases their schedule most people are excited- you can start to envision what your days at the event are going to be like and you get a fresh reminder of all of the great music that you are about to see.

Of course, with each great festival some fans are let down. Who do you choose? This band or that band? Can I see part of their set then run over in time to catch the encore at that stage? These are normal festival goer problems.

But alas; the fans of jamtronica heavy-weights, STS9, are up in arms over the slated set times for their favorite band.

It seems as though STS9 fans love Bassnectar and Thievery Corporation just as much as they love Sound Tribe because they are sure venting online about how unfair these “schedule conflicts” are for them. Some fans have even started an online Petition to Rearrange the Electric Forest Schedule.

Of course, not all fans are upset- but there is some major complaining going on- see the screenshots below.

See the full festival Artist Schedule at the event’s website: http://electricforestfestival.com/set-times

We get it- You bought your ticket hoping that you were going to see the full sets from all of the acts; but you need to remember, this is part of the deal. You need to make sacrifices.

Also, STS9 is playing 2 sets- the festival is already acknowledging that STS9 has pull and the fans will need options.

Our opinion here at TreeThugger HQ: Deal with it. If you really are an STS9 fan, you’ll find a way to catch both shows at Sherwood Court.