Talk about a tease! Camp Bisco organizers have announced the schedule for this year’s event. Well, kind of…

Instead of letting us know exactly who is playing when- we know who is playing on what day.

Is this a smart move to keep the hype building?

Or, is it a precautionary measure to buy themselves time to double check the time slots so they dont suffer the backlash that Electric Forest Festival ran into yesterday?

Frankly, we think the move is genius- no matter what the real reason behind it is. What a great way to get people chatting and daydreaming about your  upcoming festival.

Taking place from July 12th – 14th, Camp Bisco Eleven has now become an 18+ event.

Also announced today is the Saturday-Only Ticket Option for $85. Buy Single Day Tickets Here.

3-Day Passes start at $170 and are available on the event website.

The festival is hosted by veteran jamtronica band, The Disco Biscuits and over the years has seen a heavier lean into the world of Electronic Dance Music.