With a whirlwind of controversy surrounding the ticket sales for this year’s Burning Man festival, the event hype has been bigger news than ever.

Tickets sold out fast and then lots of them popped up on the secondary market way over face-value. This scenario is normal for most other concerts and festiavls but to see this happen with such a fringe event like Burning Man, it has people up in arms.

Well, put all of that drama in the past because the festival is near and event officials have announced one final release of tickets.

To have the chance of purchasing a ticket, read these steps:

  • 1,000 tickets will be available at $390 each.
  • Tickets are limited to one (1) per person.
  • Tickets are held at Will Call (at the Box Office of the event), no exceptions.
  • Tickets are not eligible for name changes and are not transferrable
  • To access the limited sale you will need to sign up during a 12 hour window, beginning 10am (PST) Wednesday, August 1, and ending at 10pm (PST) the same day.
  • The link to sign up will be posted here Wednesday, August 1, at 10am (PST).
  • You do not need to provide any payment information during the sign up process.
  • You will be asked to provide your name, email address, and billing zip code.
  • your email address will be your personal key to enter the private sale on Friday, August 3 at 12pm noon (PST).
  • You will not be emailed a confirmation when you sign up – you will only see a confirmation page when you have successfully signed up.
  • The link to access the limited sale will be posted on the ticket page at 12pm noon (PST) Friday, August 3.
  • To read more about the decision to sell these tickets this way please see the official blog post about releasing more tickets.

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