Art Outside 2014, the tenth annual, is approaching – a gathering of many explorations- a creative, artistic, and forward thinking movement. An artistic expression of many fields.  Held in Apache Pass, TX45 minutes outside of Austin, TX, and soon taking place on October 24th – 27thArt Outside is the most creative live happening in the entire state of Texas.

Branching a universal bond of connections through creative collaborations of all fractal enlightenment are visible in open channels of sound, art, dance, and visual – an artistic wave of conscious communication. I was left inspired during last years gathering, a magic enlightenment – moments of truth and discovery. Art Outside features an array of technicolor adventures such as Art, Music, Performance, Comedy, Film, Workshops, & Camping.  Art Outside was my first press coverage a year ago, it was a gateway into creative clouds of imagination.  It led to triggers of inspiration which ignited life changing over comings, it’s a spiritual uplift of like-minded people who gather this weekend to live and learn.  Come join in on the fun along with 76 musical acts, 40 performers, 34 workshops, and 30 visual artists, as we are bound for a creative expansion.

The music lineup is stellar as it consists of fresh and diverse genre taste.  Eight headliners were revealed during the first and second wave artist announcements, which consist of Conspirator, Emancipator, Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, The Motet, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Papadosio, The Polish Ambassador, and Quixotic.  Electronic Live bands, Conscious Trip Hop, Funk Masters, Progressive Digital Rock, Acoustic Thump-Hop, it’s all there.  But wait, there’s way more to the most expansive Art Outside experience we have yet seen. Prominent national musicians ranging in all genre styles consist of Andreillien, Blue Sky Black Death, Cornmeal, D.V.S.*, Little People, The Malah, Marco Benevento, Mark Farina Mushroom Jazz,The Nth Power, Orchard Lounge, Orgone, Random Rab, Toubab Krewe, The Widdler, Wildlight, Zach Deputy, and more.  In addition to the headliners, there’s a multitude amount of creativity and conscious vibes adding to the magical bubble of Art Outside.  Conscious and creative outlets such as Street Ritual, Re:Evolution, Gravitas Recordings, Temporal Talent, and Majestic Entertainment are bringing the freshest electronic sounds of our time.  Artists as such include Thriftworks, Plantrae, Pumpkin, Desert Dwellers, Kaminanda, Somatoast, and Psymbionic.  I’m really looking forward to seeing talented local acts such as Boombaptist, Brede, Crash Alchemy, Dj Manny, Flying Balalaika Brothers, Funkotron, Happy Happy James, Henry + The Invisibles, and Spud Crowley.

Art Outside is an interactive environment, a learning experience, truth seen via the eyes and the hearts of both the instructors and the listeners.  Aside music, Art Outside offers a ton of interactive activities happening during day light hours.  Human interaction is a great way to explore and meet like-minded and forth-thinking individuals who will offer a learning experience to each other.  They will offer a helping hand to one another, connect, and share. With over 30 different kinds of workshops being provided, I can’t wait to dive into fields of explorations of authentic brain triggers.  Workshops vary and expand in multiple fields such as: Introduction to Wire-wrapping, Stress Relief & Aromatherapy, Food is Beautiful Medicine, Yoga on the Verge, Crystal Visions Vinyasa, Breathe Ecstatic, andKundalini Chakra Flow: The Earth Chakra, plus many many more.  A focus on cleansing and clearing the physical, mental, and spiritual chakra energies will occur and the act of shifting away from the old into new will be present.  Performers!  So many performers are performing at Art Outside!  A co-collaborative stage effect of many working hands.  Such performers include 999 EYES Freakshow & Surreal Sideshow, Baruzuland Show Theater, Ciara Blossom, Crash Alchemy, Erin Gillespie, Gina Greathouse, Guardian, Gypsy Eyes, Mirabai, Neon Emu, Pope, Quixtoic, Rose Movement, Sangre Del Sol, Sweetness and Zoetic.

I’m really really excited about the visual artists.  Creating live art while getting inspired by their surroundings of smiles, live music, art, and other creations is truly something inspiring to visually experience.  Art Outside is hosting over 25 visual artists from all over the nation such as Adam Psybe, Andy Reed, Bild, Chance Roberts, Chris Bohlin, Hannah Natali, Jonathan Solter, Lizard A Baggett, Michael Garfield, Molly Gardner, Topher Sipes, Tourmaline Todd, Tyler Ristow, Zander Lampkin, and many more  There was a breath-taking outdoor gallery by the main stage last year, I am really looking forward to this years creation as I spent a good time last year discovering new artists by exploring their styles, relating, understanding – taking it all in and reflecting.  I have so much respect and love for the visual artists at transformational festivals as such.  They truly display themselves in the present moment and engage in creating in collaborations, just being in sync, and sharing a part of their souls with us.  What’s really awesome about their appearances is that they bring numerous amounts of prints of their artistic creations with them at very low cost and reasonable prices, so be part of the support, I personally can’t wait to collect some new art – a remembrance.

Art Outside is in two weeks, the time is approaching, the time is now, so be sure to get your tickets, bring your hoops, creative tools, art, camping gear, and most importantly your higher self.  Bringing forth to reality some of the most electrifying musicians, visual artists, performers, and visionaries, the tenth annual Art Outside has revealed a unique experience waiting to happen.  Art Seen Alliance, the catalyst of Art Outside, have pulled a strong team together for 2014- a kaleidoscopic effect of aligning minds which has triggered a new world.  New World Change.  Art Outside is a creative and conscious movement of artistic expression of all sorts, this is us, this is our time to live.  Transformational festivals really draw to me, change is definitely triggered, removal of blockages will occur, an uplift will be visible, and memories will be treasured within us.  I have been left inspired, I share with you my story, I have experienced something incredible and forth-moving, authentic happiness, and I want you to experience a life changing gathering.  Come out to Apache Pass, Texas the weekend of October 24th-27th, the weather will be fresh and lively.